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  1. Two quick questions... Do you know what firmware they’re on? And, why are you selling them? I lost a couple Rx during a blackout but not sure I can replace them easily remotely so I’m partly thinking about abandoning the rest in favor of TiVo minis. If the firmware matches, I think it’s plug and play. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I have an Orbi router and hardwired satellite on my system. No issues at all and a bit easier to config compared to the Ubiquiti router I replaced it with.
  3. Got it, thx again. Not so sure what I was doing wrong the first time, but I had the wrong DeviceID somehow when I tried to get the underlying temp variable. Appreciate it!
  4. OK, I think I understand what I need to do. For my specific example where I want to report on / record the temperature, I need to create a new variable, Temperature, then set this value based upon the value from the motion/temp sensor in Composer. I can do this on a Schedule. Then, identify the DeviceID and owneriditem for the newly created variable and pass that in thru the IFTTT driver. Is this correct? Or is there a simpler way to do this? I guess I thought I'd be able to address the variable directly, but maybe I'm missing something obvious here. Thanks!
  5. @Haveitall Did you figure out how to address system variables? I have an Axxess motion/humidity/temp sensor and I'm trying to push the value into a Google Sheet. Right now, I am getting Push Notifications through Control4 just fine. In Composer HE, I'm successfully addressing the variable as ${Living::Hall Motion Sensor::Temperature} but in the drop down for Value 1, Value 2 or Value 3 in the IFTTT driver, this isn't available. Typing it in direct doesn't seem to work, either. Below is the code that I tried when testing it w/ a simple email. It works fine, but it doesn't pass through the variable value -- just the literal string which isn't too helpful. @alanchow, I assume you know... Thanks! (Otherwise, I got this to work pretty easily once it was installed. Lots of possibilities w/ this driver.)
  6. I have a few items for sale after some upgrades: 6-Button Keypad (Brown) 6-Button Keypad (White) Four (4) 3-Button Keypads (White) SR-250 Remote (Works fine, but the battery cover is a little loose. The little tab on the battery cover broke off.) Keypads do not have cover plates. Reasonable offers considered.
  7. I need some help w/ my JAP setup to update the firmware and reset the EDIDs. I am unable to pass through the 5.1 from the transmitters to the receivers reliably. I'm a very knowledgeable end user and can have two networks setup -- one to the internet and one to the switch to facilitate remote troubleshooting. Rough set up: Dedicated Cisco SG300 switch, isolated from the rest of my network 4 2G transmitters (3 DVRs, 1 Apple TV4) 4 2G receivers 1 2G+ receiver
  8. I upgraded to 2.7 and it seemed to have been bricked during the upgrade. (Gotta love it!) Should be fine for spare parts. Best offer + shipping from NYC.
  9. Try the Niles ABS-1. I use this to switch speakers between rears on my Marantz and a Sonos Zone Amp. No programming necessary. Works great. I have it set to override the Sonos as soon as it detects a signal from the Marantz. http://www.nilesaudio.com/product.php?prodID=ABS-1&recordID=Automated%20Switching%20Systems&categoryID=Switching%20Systems&catcdID=&prdcdID=FG00271 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I just saw a review of an 8-port Wi-Fi and Ethernet connected surge strip on AnandTech. Anyone ever hear of these things? Likely not given they're so new: http://www.ubnt.com/mfi#m-Power I'd like to get an inexpensive connected surge strip to remotely reboot devices. But it kills me to spend hundreds of dollars on something like this. The mPower 8 port strip is only $100. Any initial guesses on how hard it may be to integrate this into Control4 to selectively address outlets to power cycle? And, suggestions on who can make this possible? Thanks!
  11. That's what I thought until I had some serious issues swapping out a switch earlier this year. I had some major conflicts with Sonos and the Spanning Tree Protocol. Everything was working fine w/ my old (but very loud) 48 port Dell switch w/ Sonos. But then we tried swapping it out and all hell broke loose. I eventually found it easiest to go w/ an unmanaged switch to avoid the conflicts. To this day I'm still confused as to what happened, why it happened and what I could have done to prevent it. But the managed switches from Netgear and Planet simply didn't work.
  12. My gut was telling me the same. Go with a dedicated 10 port switch for the JAP (4 inputs/transmitters; 5 outputs/receivers) + a midspan for the 5 JAP receivers + 4 touchscreens + new regular 48 port gigabit switch. While it's a lot of coin to shell out, I sure hope it's quieter. Any tips on a quiet 48 port, non POE switch? Blackwire Kevin, any thoughts here?
  13. I currently have a 48 port Dell gigabit, POE switch for my JAP 4x4 video distribution. Everything is working fine. However, the switch is very, very loud. From what I understand, the loudness is due to 48 port switch with POE. I currently only have 8 ports that require POE (4 JAP receivers + 4 C4 7” touchscreens). Given the installation is in a tight NYC apartment, there are few options to reposition the switch to further isolate the noise. At night, you can hear it across the entire apartment despite a solid core door and some rubber weather stripping around the door for additional acoustical insulation. I am now adding another TV and JAP receiver to my setup, providing a 4 source x 5 display “matrix”. Since I am having my dealer come out and redo a bunch of other things as part of this, I’m considering alternatives, largely to address the noise issue. I feel like I have the following options: a) Suck it up, deal with the noise and buy another JAP receiver. This is by far the “easy road”. Incremental cost: ~$800 for JAP receiver + labor; No noise reduction Purchase a smaller POE switch (say a 10 port one) just for JAP and the touchscreens and replace the current 48 port switch with a non POE switch. Incremental cost: $800 for JAP + $400 for 10 port switch POE switch + $400 for add’l switch. c) Purchase the 52 port Cisco SG300 non POE switch and use POE injectors. Incremental cost: $800 for JAP + $900 for switch + $400 for inectors d) Scrap JAP and go w/ Atlona or equiv 8x8? I recognize this is largely subjective, but any advice on what might be the quietest solution would be very helpful. Whether or not it’s worth the money is a separate discussion. Thanks!
  14. Do you mean "almost" ready or "already ready"? I went to your site and only saw the v2 driver available. I just replaced my ATV v2 w/ an ATV v3. Does this require the ATV to be jail broken?
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