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  1. Thanks blokes that's what I'm after but can't get it to work. Device id is 1114 and variable label is TEMPERATURE_C Tried: ${1114::TEMPERATURE_C} -> just sends an empty message What is the go here?
  2. I have a Control4 wireless thermostat and can see it has a variable for current temperature (TEMPERATURE_C). Wanting to send the value of the variable via MQTT. I have it working by using conditionals (eg. when temperature changes -> if TEMPERATURE_C is x -> send mqtt topic/x) which means I have a list of conditionals. Wondering if I can just send the value of the variable somehow?
  3. Having an issue with the programming of the MQTT bridge not firing when a message is received. I can see the 'Last Message' being successfully received by the bridge in the 'Properties' tab. However my programming (under 'General Message Received') only works if I press the 'Execute' button at the top of the page in Composer. It does not fire when the MQTT bridge receives the message. Any clues appreciated!
  4. The issue I described has been happening on every version of the MyHome app I have had, which would date back at least 3 or 4 updates so rolling back definitely won't solve it. Like I said, the latest version has been doing it less frequently but I'm disappointed it's still happening. Having to re-update the project to get the channels back is very irritating. It means a minute or 2 wait before you can properly use your 'remote', which is far from ideal. Ben
  5. Anyone got one for sale? Ben
  6. Hi all, Has anyone else experienced a problem with the iPhone MyHome app where the 'channels' media fails to load and the circle just spins endlessly? I've had this problem for some time and it looked like the latest update of the MyHome app had fixed it (ran great for a week or so) but the problem has returned. I have to go and 'update' the project to get them back once this happens. It doesn't happen every time, just once in a while but is very annoying. I have an iPhone 4 but it is doing the same thing on my partner's iphone 3g and on my daughter's iPad. System is on 1.8.2 Ben
  7. I've given up and gone with ethernet. Found a thread in the troubleshooting where someone had the same problem and couldn't solve it either. I've spent WAY too much time on it already. I have decided despite the extra hassle I could have avoided if the wifi worked, I'm also not too keen on having to wind my security back to WEP. Thanks for your suggestions though! Much appreciated... Ben
  8. It's an AVG-RAA1-B. Still no luck with the wifi. All the config seems to go smoothly - it identifies with the system, ethernet is working fine. When I do the wifi config it connects successfully when i push the 'Test' button, but upon re-boot it fails to reconnect and is listed as 'Not Addressed' in the Network Tools. Really doing my head in to say the least! Ben
  9. It's an Asus rt-n16. I've updated the router firmware which has got me one small step further down the track. The speaker point now passes the connection test when I give it a static IP (otherwise it hangs at the acquiring IP stage). Oddly enough, when it hangs at the acquiring IP stage the router log is not showing a DHCP request even being received. Anyway, once it passes the test with the static IP and reboots with the new settings, it does not appear to attempt to reconnect via the wireless and remains offline. Prior to reboot, the router is showing the speakerpoint connected via both the
  10. Ok updated to 1.8.2 and it's now working properly over ethernet. Still having the issue with it being unable to connect over wifi. Have tried DHCP and static IP's but no luck. I'm guessing there may be a setting on my router that needs to be changed? If anyone has had a similar issue I'd love to hear from you! Ben
  11. Yeah that was gonna be my next move! I'm guessing my HC300 will update it? I was told it's already on 1.8.2 (same as my system) but wondering given the problems if it's still on 1.7. I thought a reset was where you hold the front button down for like 10 seconds but you get a factory restore if you hold for 30 seconds or so until all 3 lights flash? Thanks for the suggestions guys much appreciated. Ben
  12. I've tried a factory restore but same result. How does a USB restore work? It's a new unit so odd that it's not working. Ben
  13. Next chapter... The ethernet connection seems to be communicating (although what I posted above is still the case). If I toggle the 'local amp' setting I can get an iPod to play through the speaker point directly so definitely no issue with speaker hookup. If I turn the 'local amp' back off the sound turns off so there seems to be communication over the network. However if I fire Rhapsody up there is no sound from the Speaker Point. It is in a room by itself and the bindings are: A/V Inputs: Digital Audio Client [Connected To] Digital Media > Digital Audio A/V Outputs: Digital Audio Server
  14. I've just tried running it via ethernet but having issues with this too. All went smoothly with the config but no sound is coming out. When I check the 'Network Tools' tab in the Tools menu, it shows the IP address of the speaker point and the following are online: Audio Server Control Server Port Net USB However the last item in the list 'speaker point' is showing as offline. Is this normal or does this suggest a problem?
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