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  1. Hello. Didn’t get it. But sent you a PM with mine too.
  2. Hey Barry!!! wondering if you were still interested?!? My new baby boy is home, and healthy. And we are in a rhythm since the weekend has passed. If you’re still interested, I am looking to make it work for you if you want it.
  3. I’m in. I’m actually having a baby today.. won’t be home until Thursday. I can ship Friday. If you want it. I can take pics on Thursday/Friday too.
  4. I have one that I pair to a Niles Amp 12 channel.... send me an offer I can’t refuse. Lol
  5. Did some major cleaning up of the garage this weekend I pulled a bunch of stuff out... all testing.. and all working.. all signs of normal wear and tear. Shipping from 77389 - Make me the right offer for any or all of it.. this stuff is just sitting. 1 - 6 Button Keypad (White or Black) 1 - 3 Button Keypad (White or Black) 2 - 2 Button Keypad (White) 1 - Black Table Top Kit Control 4 Audio Matrix (no amp) - C4-16S2-E-B ---- Was paired with Niles SI1230 12Ch Amp (also for sale, but haven't tested every channel) HC200V2 - one on 2.9.1 and another on 2.7.2 HC250
  6. PM’d Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Messaged you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. PM’d Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hello. Looking for the ZWave Module. Shipped to 77389
  10. PM’d - most of it with a few subtractions
  11. Does anyone have HC800 rack ears for sale thats they are willing to let go of? Also looking for Furman Elite 15 PFI Rack Ears if they are laying around.
  12. Bump Anyone help me with the color change kits? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Interested in just the hc250. Shipped to 77386?
  14. White blank would work.... I would like the engraved, however, I don’t think I’ve decided what exactly I want programming scenes to look like. I start getting into “chicken before the egg” conversation when it comes to programming and buttons. 3 button requests - on, off, unlock, fan, upstairs, downstairs, arm, panic 6 button requests - all off, all on, lights, lights off, unlock, arm, panic, watch
  15. Hello - I am in need of some Legacy color change kits. Quite the oddball list here, however just some stuff to button up my latest move from a condo to a home. (1) 2-button keypad (3) 3-button keypad (1) 6-button keypad (1) Switch (8) Dimmers
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