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  1. I have a HDMI matrix and an audio matrix. I currently have a bathroom speaker that is hardwired into a receiver in my master bedroom. This is for extending the audio playing in the bedroom to the bathroom. I just purchased a sound bar and I'm removing the Zone 2 wiring. I'm going to wire the bathroom to the audio matrix and have the output to the bathroom follow the bedroom. I know this is relatively simple programming.. but can someone suggest a simple script to follow the bedrooms media scene? And have it echo in the bathroom? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the reply. However, depending on the float switch, the NO or NC operation may differ. Using the invert sensor in the properties tab allows the programmer have some flexibility in mounting physical devices. This float switch is normally closed while it is in the down, or resting position. So, when the water level raises, the switch is opened, and alarms. This allows a continuity in the wiring/contact for the circuit; i.e., if the wiring/switch opens, either from a HIGH water level or failure in the switch, the circuit would alarm. It acts kind of like a fail-safe in instrumentation engineering. I could physically invert the float switch with some minor adjustments to the switch yoke and then reprogram C4. This would allow the checked "invert sensor" box to be unchecked. This should"bypass" the bug. But its still a little frustrating. Thanks again for the responses guys. I love reading the forum. Their are some really smart contributors here. I'll mark the topic as answered soon for others to reference as needed.
  3. So, could this be a bug with contacts/sensors that have the "invert" check box -checked?
  4. On the control4 app, one of my contacts shows an incorrect state (i.e., it show it "open" not "closed"). I know which state it should indicate, and it was displaying it correct for a while. Here is the background: Composer Pro 2.9.0 HC800 Apple app v- 2.9.1 I have a float switch on my sump. It is used as a HIGH level for alarming if water is nearing the top (I know ... duh). I have it programmed as a contact driver bound to a physical contact on a Control4 IO Extender. I also had to check the box for invert sensor on the properties tab to get the correct action. Along with the usual binding, I have programming that sends a Push notification to my iPhone and has a do-while to repeat it while the float is "HIGH/OPEN". And it was tested and working for months. I haven't changed anything before when I noticed one night the the contact's display on my iPhone's app showed it "open". I went to the sump and it wasn't high. I lifted the float and notifications started, as it would in this state. Once I released it, the notifications stopped and the contact state on the iPhone app corrected. And stayed corrected until I change the iPhone's orientation from portrait to landscape. Weird, and this is repeatable. I have changed IO contacts and deleted the driver, reprogrammed. Still does it. I know the state indication on the iPhone app is incorrect, otherwise I would get the notifications. Thanks in advance.
  5. Solved... DRIVERS Need to upgrade to newer Composer version (2.6 in my case) then upgrade the OS (2.6 in my case). Then the drivers were available. REPLACING DIMMER There is a setting for replace "Legacy Control4 Device"; this will copy over programming and such... Just took a little reading--
  6. I figured... Side note-- I am trying to swap out an old 3-button to the new KD, is there an easy way to do this or would i have to go in and rework anything programmed with it? I have a couple of new Adapt dimmers so I can add some LEDs and this keypad issue. I slowly thinking I have a journey ahead of me. Unless there are short cuts.
  7. Just how I updated. I just verified on the ,About Composer' and that was correct.
  8. Does anyone know the version on Comp Pro that has the driver for the new keypad dimmers? Or how i can download w/o updating Comp Pro? Pro 2.3.0 Direct 2.5.2 Thanks in advance!
  9. Hopefully this isn't a redundant question but after searching around the forum (on my phone) I couldn't verify this before I make another purchase. I have a few Kwikset Zigbee locks already and would like to add some more. I noticed Amazon Prime has a next day delivery for some Kwikset Z-Wave locks available. Are they compatible or do I need special hardware and/or drivers? Thanks--
  10. Wingzz-- I was trying to "kill 2 birds 1 stone" with the Sensor/HC-500 wiring... now I know. Thanks for your knowledge and patience...
  11. Thanks for the speedy response Wingzz... However, clear as mud... Are you explaining that the: N.C Relay contact wires (Green & White) would connect to the HC-500's +12V & SIG? (The sensor is a DRY CONTACT)and the 12VDC Power wires (Red & Black) would connect to the HC-500's +12V & GND?Therefore, the sensor's Green & Red wires sharing the +12VDC node? *see attached HC-500 diagram and Visonic excerpt...
  12. Question regarding wiring a Visonic PIR 4-Wire motion sensor to an HC-500... I have a couple of these motion sensor I would like to wire into one of my controllers. I read somewhere in the past where RyanE (I believe) mentioned wiring in the wrong wire would damage the sensor or C4 contact. And, of course, I can't find it now. The sensor wires consist of the 12VDC power leads and the two N.C. relay leads. (See the attached picture) Thanks in advance...
  13. Today my access codes (scheduled) for my kwikset Control4 locks stopped working. The others are fine. Even though the schedules were working fine for months...now they won't work now. I went in to Composer to view the programming and it was not modified. I removed the restrictions and they started working again. But when I try to apply a schedule they stop... Even with valid times. I logged and viewed in Lua and it stamps "Door Alarm: Invalid schedule" when I try to use the schedule Time/Date restricted code. This is the same for two locks. I even applied the action "Sync Lock Dat/Time". Any ideas?
  14. I ran into the same issue after updating my MyHome app on my iPhone. Here was the fix... From my memory... I was away from my house while i did this so i wasn't on my wifi. I uninstalled the app, downloaded it again, connected to my VPN, opened the app again and put in my credentials, it errors while trying to connect (something like "not on local wifi") choose the trouble-shooting option, select use this as a local network (I can't remember what it said exactly but you only have a couple options and its pretty self explanatory), and the app connected again. This will work. You my run into an issue but if you double click the home button and shut down the app and connect to your VPN and re-launch the app...it will work. I had to do this later in the day for some reason. Let me know if this resolves your issue. It work on mine and a half a dozen others I know.
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