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  1. Thanks so much, looking forward to trying it! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Backlight colors are across the entire keypad. The LED's can be programmed to have different colors per button, but backlight is a per keypad setting if I remember correctly
  3. I am currently running a Luxul ABR-4400 with 2 Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Pro's and they work great. Pulled my existing Luxul AP's out and switched to the AC-Pro's and couldn't be happier. Went from about 24-26 Mbps with the Luxul's to 65Mbps with the Ubiquiti's. Agreed that a cloud key needs to be installed, if nothing else for ease of configuration and remote access.
  4. Was going to play with this but I am getting the same error. Any word as to what's going on? Thanks
  5. I have spliced Ir into a coax cable before when in a pinch. Definitely wouldn't recommend it, but it does work. Neither situation was a very far run though.
  6. Question


    DS2 to release door strike.  Strike is wired to the EA3 directly

    I am able to program in codes under properties but when I enter the code on the DS2 I can not get the door lock to release.  I have set up programming as Ii and execute the command from composer.  Are there any additional steps that have to be done on the DS2?

    1. mfloydhdmedia


      Aside from setting the user code in the properties page of the DS2 itself, the programming should look similar to the screenshot below.  The "gate" here is connected directly to the relay on the DS2 in this situation but wouldn't be any different connected to an EA3 as long as the door strike is bound to EA3 in composer.  I have the gate "open" and then "close" because this particular gate stays open for 30 seconds after being told to open.  I "close" the gate relay after 2 seconds to make sure it is in the correct state to trigger again after it physically closes.

      Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 11.36.23 AM.png

  7. Had this same problem, my issue was the my home pc app was outdated. Updated the app and thermostats showed back up
  8. On properties page in Composer pro for DS2 there is an option that says "Show Advanced Config". Change this to yes and then user code 1-12 will be exposed.
  9. No, the only way to currently utilize the URL is by the dealer actually going into the LUA tab of the amazon music mini driver (or Sonos driver,don't remember which one) and copy and past that URL into a web browser. I tried like you many times to type it in to no avail. After I opened up composer pro and copied the URL straight from the LUA tab everything has been working great from there. If you do no have composer, then you will need your dealer to do this for you.
  10. Have also used Foscam in the past for my daughters room. Going on 4.5 years now and never any problem with it being wireless. Also, there a driver on the forums here somewhere for Foscam as well that I have been using. I have used this camera for my Twin boys room just this week. http://www.clarecontrols.com/product/1-3mp-budget-mini-dome-camera/ Dont know if your dealer can get it or not being that it is Clare Controls. Cheap camera and works great. I have also created a driver for this camera that I have tested thoroughly and works great, should work for any fixed Clare Controls camera
  11. We just installed 3 of the Lilin ZLI-LR6122EX3.6 yesterday and I was quite happy with the integration features built into Control4. Also, the streaming quality on the C4 app was better and more fluid than most I have installed in the past. My only complaint for the cameras was the size as they are quite large.
  12. I have been seeing this exact same issue. Every time I issue a command through the web events driver, by director does a really quick reboot. It is not a full reboot as things are back up in about 30 seconds, but it does crash something every time.
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