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  1. I am having the same issue with Ari's driver. Came back from a trip and no UP/SET/DOWN or ROUTINES commands are working, although Alexa responds that it was done. It only fires ON/OFF commands.
  2. Fixed after the update and a reboot. Thanks!
  3. Same issue for my system on 1.0.4. In the log it shows: Initializing iCloud session. Session initiated. Refreshing iCloud data. Unable to obtain location data, please check your username and password and try again. (100) Getting the name of the iCloud server Username and password have not changed. I tried to input again, but no success. Thanks for working on a fix.
  4. I am actually running Blue Iris on my 2011 iMac. 16GB Memory with the AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 2048MB of VRAM. The Blue Iris Database is on a Thunderbolt external 2TB drive. It is running in Parallels Desktop 10 on a Windows 7 virtual machine. I have Audio Obsessions Blue Iris Driver setup so I can see my cameras from any Control4 Interface (on screen, iPad, iPhone, etc). For a quick look at the cameras I typically use the Blue Iris App. It is easy to see who is at the door, especially with the Push Notifications that Blue Iris provides. I do not have the iMac setup to a matrix. One feature I am really excited about is the virtual keypad Audio Obsessions incorporated into their driver. I typically work from home and have the Control4 for PC and Mac Adobe Air program up all the time to see my cameras. Now, when someone is at the door I can quickly click on the image (virtual keypad) with my combination 1234 and unlock the door for them.
  5. I have that setup now that you suggested it. I am using the Request from web service in the Blue Iris software and Ryan E's Web Events Driver in C4. It is a very nice feature as someone approaches the front door -> BI senses motion and sends the command to C4 to activate the light. IF front door light is Off IF it is Night Time. Turn On front door light Delay 5minutes Turn Off front door light
  6. So far this driver is excellent. I have it setup on my 4 camera system and it works great. Programing the light to turn on when a camera is selected after dark is perfect. Will post back with more observations as I use it more.
  7. Phil, Just wanted to let you know that I was away this weekend, set it to zero and the driver woke itself up. Glad you found a way to fix this. I will await the update. Thanks!
  8. The Push notification is great. Is there anyway to add in the time of when the action was triggered? I had this when I had the programing set up to sent an email. "This event took place at time/date" Maybe I am overlooking something?
  9. One thing I would be interested in is setting a greater than and less than for the range variable. If greater than 5 miles set polling to every 20 minutes. If less than 5 miles set polling to every minute. Currently you can only set equals or does not equal.
  10. So far I love the driver. It has worked great and I now come home to a fully lit house at night with my favorite TV channel on. I have tweaked the location range to fit my needs. One thing I have noticed is that the driver is pulling all of my iDevices locations at the set (default 60 seconds) interval. Is there a way to limit it to just pull the one device I want to follow on my account? Another question I have is there a way to activate or deactivate the driver with a custom button or triple tap on a certain switch? This would be nice If you were going away for a long trip and did not want the driver to pull your location ever X seconds.
  11. My iPhone 5s has much higher battery drain. I am going to sent the interval to 5 or 10 minutes and see how that works. iPhone 5s iOS 7.0.4
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