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  1. Have a look in the post below, I have designed a RGB LED driver that works with the EV Artnet drivers, any chance you would want to work together and have my LED hardware support your driver? I have just finished up design on a WiFi version based on a ESP8266 chip that has brought my cost down significantly. If there is a interest, I could offer some up for sale.
  2. Yeah, I do.. I have another board designed that instead of mosfets, it drives a RS485 chip that I can then drive true DMX with.
  3. I have designed and built a ARNET LED strip driver that uses the Extra Vegtables Artnet driver. This board can handle 3 channels of PWM dimming. I set it up where the driver has ethernet or I have a wireless option where there is a 2.4Gig transmitter that hooks to the network and sends the data to the driver wirelessly. Here is a video I did several years ago where I was controlling LED strips using Alexa and this same driver board.
  4. The original video posted is mine. It is native control4 control, not through hue. I used the following https://github.com/zachfeldman/alexa-home with some custom scripting to allow it to send commands to control4. It works pretty good but not bullet proof enough that I would install in a customers home. Cheers, -Eric here is my control4 module for the alexa-home scripts require 'net/http'require 'open-uri'require './helpers'class AlexaControl4 def initialize env_control4_ip = ENV['C4_IP'] if ENV['C4_IP'] @ip = env_control4_ip && !env_control4_ip .nil? ? env_control4_ip : `ifconfig -L en0`.scan(/inet.*/)[1].split(" ")[1] end def wake_words ["movie", "lamp", "room", "good"] end def process_command(command) if command_present?(command, "good") if command_present?(command, "night") good_night elsif command_present?(command, "evening") good_evening elsif command_present?(command, "morning") good_morning end elsif command_present?(command, "movie") if command_present?(command, "on") tv_on elsif command_present?(command, "off") tv_off end elsif command_present?(command, "room") if command_present?(command, "on") room_on elsif command_present?(command, "off") room_off elsif command_present?(command, "red") room_red elsif command_present?(command, "green") room_green elsif command_present?(command, "blue") room_blue end elsif command_present?(command, "lamp") if command_present?(command, "on") lamp_on elsif command_present?(command, "off") lamp_off end end end private def run_command(command) uri = URI.parse("http://#{@ip}:8080/#{command}") Net::HTTP.get(uri) end def good_night run_command("NIGHT") end def good_evening run_command("EVENING") end def good_morning run_command("MORNING") end def tv_on run_command("TVOn") end def tv_off run_command("TVOff") end def lamp_on run_command("HOME") end def lamp_off run_command("AWAY") end def room_on run_command("ROOMON") end def room_off run_command("ROOMOFF") end def room_red run_command("ROOMRED") end def room_blue run_command("ROOMBLUE") end def room_green run_command("ROOMGREEN") endendMODULE_INSTANCES.push(AlexaControl4.new)
  5. I would love to test this driver as well. I am looking to see if I can use this to integrate a Amazon Echo for control
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