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  1. I am feeling really stupid right now as I cant see it anywhere? I expected to see it in one of the dropdown boxes on the Properties page but it doesn't seem to be there so I must need to look somewhere else?
  2. Just looking at the driver notes and I have just seen that just over a year ago there is reference to fixing press and hold for IRUSB. I cant for the life of me get press and hold to work, is there a command or something special I need to do? As soon as I press select it activates the APP rather than opening the menu - my kludgy work around at the moment is to have the Shield remote handy.
  3. Installed Kodi 17.6, it was good advice - much easier than messing around with external players.
  4. Intuitively I don't much like the idea of going back to KODI 17.6 but may be I should just get over that.
  5. Yes that does make sense, presume I would need a "media windows centre" driver installed. And then I could programme that if say I hit pause on the remote whilst I have the Kodi device selected that it also sends a pause IR command to the WMC driver? Is another way that when I select play on KODI C4 changes the device to the media centre and then changes back to KODI when I hit stop? Ironically I had a big clean up this time last year and put some old MCE remotes etc I had around in the e-recycle. Presumably a FLIRC would do the trick as well? Thank you
  6. I currently use KODI with the Chowsoft driver, and am experimenting with using external video players (specifically MPC with using MADVR to do HDR Tone Mapping). However one problem is that of course as soon as you pass control to an external player if you want to pause etc I have to resort to using a keyboard. Ideally I would like to be able to still use the C4 remote. Anyone have any smart ideas of how I might be able to do this?
  7. Same here too. Driver says drawing zero watts even though it had switched on. Still functional but getting notifications for when I test whether it's actually on. Kasa App is showing the correct power draw Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  8. I cant talk to specifics of the fan either but in this case the installer of the fan had suggested putting it on a manual dimmer (I originally just assumed it would be an on / off function) but but I also wanted it incorporated in C4 and spoke to the C4 dealer and they said in same situation they had successfully used these wireless pucks. I suspect in reality its going to largely be on / off but we shall see.
  9. Fan speed varies with the dimmer. If you wanted to have set speeds would need to program them off the keypad (or experience buttons for touchscreens etc)
  10. Could try a wireless dimmer puck. That is what has been recommended to me and I have installed and just waiting to have the can installed. Only downside is it's a light proxy so have a light rather than a fan icon etc. Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk
  11. Yes. I have it working on two shields, windows and a Vero 4k+. Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk
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