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  1. Just have to ask.... Do you make any distinction between a "DIY-wannabe" versus DIY's?
  2. Many thanks to all of the members who took time to reply and engage with me. I was able to get an excellent deal on exactly what I was looking for, and less than 24 hours after I posted. Thanks again!
  3. Primary differences I note are: v2 doesn't have integrated WiFi - have to use USB dongle Audio circuitry improvements in v2 intended to address "popping" issues experienced by small percentage of v1 users v2 replaces older flash storage with SSD Minimum supported OS on v2 is 2.10.2 versus 2.8.1 on v1. ID button on v2 also has an LED Same CPU, RAM, etc.
  4. Unless my eyes deceive me and I'm grossly misinformed, there is. The differences between the two, quite honestly, are immaterial to me based on being only a prothusiast with a moderately sized home and project. I've attached C4's data sheet detailing the comparison between the two.
  5. Looking to replace my HC250 with an EA5v2. Anybody want to sell me one? Updated 7/27/19 - Thanks to several members who have kindly reached out to me. I'm going to modify my topic heading to specify v1 or v2, as either will suit my needs, and I'm not necessarily looking for brand new. Thanks to this community for being so responsive to my WTB here!
  6. I'd like it. For how much would you sell it? Thanks! Dave
  7. Very interested in this application, and am a software quality engineer by trade. Running a 1.8.2 system in my home.
  8. They're probably all IOS fanboys. Whoa... I was being sarcastic' date=' but I think I was actually onto something... [img']http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m98/migbham/Burgmans/Capture.jpg
  9. Interested in the 6-buttons (depending on firmware version and model numbers). Please PM me if still available.
  10. Greetings, Last week, I purchased a Control4 HC-300C-E-B as an upgrade to my existing system, which is under the exclusive control of an older HC300. My network is 1.8.2 and I don't have plans of upgrading for reasons I probably don't have to explain here. My plans of demoting my older HC-300 to slave and making the HC300C-EB my master Director were foiled when I discovered that the HC300C-E-B isn't downgradable to versions below 2.0. The HC300C-E-B is like new, including the original box, packing materials and manuals/documentation. It works perfectly (assuming that you don't want it to be a primary controller on a pre-2.x network), and is currently online in my bedroom, where it is torturing me with its beautiful, yet useless to me, flash Navigator on my flat-screen on the wall. It does not include a remote. If anyone has an older controller that will run 1.8.2 sitting around that you are interested in trading for my HC-300C-E-B, I would be very interested. I would consider an even trade, especially if the older controller also came with a remote capable of running Zigbee Pro, though that's not a deal-breaker. Otherwise, the HC-300C-E-B is for sale. I will accept the first reasonable offer and ship immediately. Thanks, Dave
  11. Would you be interested in an even trade of one of your HC300B's and remote for an almost new HC300C running 2.0.1? I purchased last week (in box with manuals) not realizing that I can't downgrade it to work with my 1.8.2 network. Thanks, Dave
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