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  1. same problem after upgrade to 3.2. Network is set to private. Drop down menu cannot select audio files - no problems prior to upgrade. Any advice or fix much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. forgotten how to link actions to the three custom buttons (- -- ---) on the remote, can anyone advise please?
  3. Brilliant! this works a treat - thanks for you fast and accurate solution Cyknight
  4. thanks matt I too started by trying to edit three of the existing samsung BD drivers - all to no avail - please could you let me know exactly which driver worked for you? that would be amazing if you could do that - that you!
  5. hey everyone, Excited to finally have a true 4K UHD blu ray player connected to my system. samsung UBD K8500 Only problem is I'm failing dismally to edit a c4 driver to accept IR commands. Never had problems editing drivers before, but this time even though i've tried capturing the codes through both my hc800 and hc250, i can't get the codes to operate the device. (tried downloading codes to a logitech harmony remote and that worked flawlessly) any help on capturing IR codes to edit a generic driver much appreciated. or if anyone knows of hex codes for this device eve
  6. hey everyone, I'd welcome any advice on how to integrate a new LG 65EG9600 TV into my C4 system. my understanding is that LG smart TV's running web OS2.0 use "magic remotes" which connect via RF bluetooth only. no IR. There's also no serial port access to the TV. logitech claim their universal remotes will connect via BT. I guess a network driver would be ideal but i can't find one. any ideas on how i can control or a workaround to force a harmony system to send controls ? many thanks alex los angeles
  7. Does anyone know a way to have the pool control icon on the top menu? tried creating a shortcut via favorites but the shortcut corrupts after a day or two and i get nonsense displayed instead of my pentair info. 7" touchscreen icon options for favorites also seem very limited. thanks alex
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