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  1. you have heos - install the mini drivers and you will see the experience.
  2. I use the heos bars optical to the TV as IP controlled sound bars - i don't actually use any of the heos features the heos links is pretty useless to me now that I have native Amazon and spotify connect - so it should get unplugged the heos 1 is in my gym and I generally spotify to it. If you had a heos speakers in many rooms you can join audio between heos and yes have the heos mini apps installed to control the heos services. it looks exactly the same as native - i am not sure how you would expect it to look on the remote?
  3. I'm not replying except to say that I have 3 heos sound bars, heos link and heos 1. The biggest thing I stressed to you when we first talked was pick one eco system and stick with it. all heos, all Sonos, or all control4 audio. But when you try to mix them and pass audio between them you're never going to be successful
  4. Correct. The paid Roku tv driver. The only thing it doesn't have is 2 way audio levels. But Control is perfect
  5. For the Roku Hisense TV yes. I use it in my house and it's awesome
  6. That is the app version not the control4 system version. What is your system version?
  7. There is no os 2.10.12. 2.10.6 is latest
  8. But that isn't using the native Control4 music services. That is using heos. Yes heos has mini drivers and yes heos has nice integration with Control4 but for example still no Apple music. And still only Spotify connect.
  9. Spotify works w Android. I use the app daily
  10. We have talked about this like 4 times. You can't. If you want to use native Control4 music services you need to you like a triad one.
  11. You can do it with native Amazon integration
  12. I am also going to assume you are on OS 2? Some changes were made to the latest release of the OS 2 mobile app that caused that. IDK if that was on purpose or not
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