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  1. Would love to hear more about the programing you've done. Currently we're only using a variable to track if one of us have gone far enough away, not just on a walk, to start tracking for opening the garage door or not.
  2. In our market all of our generators are on Natural Gas, so running out isn't really a thing unless the the NG infrastructure is affected and then we all have a bigger problem. Would be nice to have a smart breaker box in the mix where you could cut whole circuits if needed.
  3. No huge advantage I can see, nor do we typically tie it into our automation systems. I will make one suggestion and that is to add a SurgeX Standalone UPS, minimum, at your rack. The UPS ensures the system stays on-line and it keeps the incoming power consistent once it makes the switch over. We typically will also add the SurgeX Branch Circuit onto the circuit covering the Rack. Keeps you well protected from surges, high/low power conditions, etc. Protects your investment!
  4. Somewhat important piece of information and an example of why Trouble Shooting via a Forum is difficult at best and why on-site support in this case is needed. We don't know your full set-up, how its configured, etc. As @msgreenfmentioned, move everything using those switch ports onto your Unifi switch. Also, your wife's situation is not unique, by any stretch of the imagination. If she's using multiple computers and devices for her secure communication in the home then they obviously aren't that important. Clients and friends I've got that need this level of security typically ha
  5. I don't think this is necessarily true anymore... Within the newest stable version Broadcast Blocking is managed by Auto-Optimization if enabled. I'm currently using Auto-Optimize within my environment and have zero C4 network issues. Granted completely understanding this specific issue is not my strong suite, I just generally know I run a fairly stock Unifi set-up and have no C4 issues or network issues in general. I would however agree that the behavior exhibited in the video appears to be network, driver, or device related.
  6. If this is a new home and a new install then your dealer should be much more involved in fixing these issues as on-site work is obviously needed. If they can't figure it out they can then get C4 involved. I understand wanting to get this figured out and seeing this forum as a source however what you're describing needs someone on-site.
  7. Do you have one or two pushover accounts? In my set-up each of us have our own, the error makes me think thats your issue.
  8. I think we all have preferences and in the end even if Apple makes changes to allow for direct app launch it won't change opinions. The polarity we see with our electronics is just a reflection of our society, ultra polarized for no good reason... I'm device agnostic, I have both Roku and AppleTV in my racks and each serves a purpose. Roku is the better choice for simplicity at this point however.
  9. Correct on the reason for a rack mounted sub-amp, all of our subs are in-wall. Its understood that some performance is sacrificed with in-wall, though I'd argue with the correct equipment that sacrifice is much less then many folks think. We've got several James Power Pipe subs with their 1000 watt amps and they sound amazing. We're also using multiple of the Triad Slim-Sub in most TV rooms and they too sound fantastic. EJN1 are you running the Fathom in-wall's? I really wanted to do these in our basement media room but couldn't get an audition of them. I love Triad but have h
  10. Had a RackAmp 700 take a dump on me, was repaired once already and is out of warranty. With that said I now need a new sub-amp and curious if anyone has experience with the AudioControl RS500 or any of the AudioControl amps in general? Just very disappointed in lifespan of the previous Triad and considering moving...
  11. I went with the Moen Flo and haven't looked back, its been great!
  12. I'm currently playing with IAQ sensors, air purifier, erv, and Control4... I'll report how it goes.
  13. Generally 6500k and a high CRI is what's recommended... Additionally here is some good info on brightness levels. https://www.biaslighting.com/pages/reference-pattern
  14. The Early Access stuff can be fun but since they started charging a small premium to purchase early I’ve personally stopped and advised other to do the same unless it’s for a test system.
  15. They have RC, it’s what I’m currently running.
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