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  1. Starting a basement project shortly and concerned about my av, network, and control4 equipment rack. How have you protected your equipment during construction? Removing it from the basement is obviously not an option
  2. This very well may be true. However lets remember that just because we don't personally like something doesn't make that something any less of a viable option for someone else. I think folks just get frustrated sometimes... The higher the cost of something the more frustration there is with planed obsolesces. Yes I understand that technology moves on and not everything can be supported by everything. The facts don't make it any less frustrating. For me personally I'm super fed up with all of it, phones, computers, etc. Its why I like audio so much, a good amp and or speakers are still a good amp and or speakers 5, 10, 15, 20+ years later, if taken care of.
  3. Not had a single issue with CloudKey 1st or 2nd gen... We've had power failures and I've unplugged them without fail. The Gen2 CloudKey also has a built in battery for soft shutdowns in case of power failures.
  4. It absolutely handles, "handoofs" if you configure it to do so. The Unifi Controller does as good of a job if not better then many others I've used/installed such as Meraki. In fact we've moved a bunch of municipal clients off of Meraki systems over to full Unifi ones with great success.
  5. Are we talking about a playlist you've made from your own music, ie music on a NAS, or a streaming service playlist? If I'm playing my Spotify playlist and switch to my wifes it stops playing mine and starts playing hers, there is no mixing what so ever.
  6. Many, and I'll go as far as to say most, Control4 dealers don't care about service after the install... Their focus is on installs, plain and simple... I would love to open up a new business doing just Control4 service and programming to consumers or as a contractor for these dealers that simply don't have the staff to do installs and service... Could make a fortune...
  7. Calling an Apple store a "compute repair shop" isn't really accurate. They are retail locations that also do repairs as a means of getting you to come in and buy more stuff. Show me a windows based computer repair store, don't quote GeekSquad... They are few and far between, most are mom and pop shops and most don't make it more then several years. There are a TON of people who fix their own furniture and appliances, to the tune of millions. I've repairs my oven main circuit board, my washer and dryer on several occasions, as well as replaced capacitors in my TV and central AC unit. I have saved thousands of dollars at this point by doing these easy repairs. Fixing a washer/dryer isn't rocket science and there are lots of resources to help you do so as well as get you parts. People have been working on their own vehicles since they were first made... Yes some folks hire this work out, many do not because they can't afford to do so, others don't because they enjoy it. In the residential AV / integration world "Pro" does not mean you know what your doing or that you are knowledgeable. You are just someone who opened a business, thats it. I live in a very saturated and large market, the vast majority of "Pro" residential AV / integrator I've meet or personally know aren't exactly the folks I would want designing or working on my stuff. The PRO residential segment is not as refined or educated as the real PRO AV market where the majority of folks have technical degrees in engineering, electronics, computers, etc. Just to clarify, I do believe there are excellent professionals out there who do know the art of their business. Do I believe its the majority, nope at least not in my experience. YMMV
  8. As long as my light switches/dimmers continue to work we are all good. If I was forced to upgrade them for some reason I would no longer be a C4 user, those things are the most expensive part of the system after buying 100+.
  9. Hate Roku always have, just a personal preference. nvidia Shield don’t know enough about it but I don’t personally know a single person with one. FireTV has had some issues lately, love my AppleTV Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. In your business 40-50% growth would scare the s-h-i-t out of me and I would continue as if I had 10% so when the housing market and or stock market takes a down turn I haven't built myself up to be too big to sustain anymore. I'm not envious of those that choose the residential market and its why my business focuses on municipal and small business. While they too can have problems they never stop building firehouse, police stations, etc. Lots of amazing A/V, automation, opportunities that are just a bit safer. But congrats on what sounds like an amazing year!
  11. Its interesting that 70 other suitors looked at Control4 and not a single one even put in a low ball bid, this is somewhat telling. SnapAV and Control4 will be an interesting synergy and one I think has to be kept completely separate entities as they each sell to very different segments. SnapAV is the "cheap" brand while C4 is the luxury brand. Homeowners in the ultra high end market aren't putting in SnapAV speakers or networking gear. Control4 should have just stuck to what it knew and stayed private, instead they though they could grow by going public but not adapting. To grow they needed to get product prices down or offer a line of products that were cheaper and diy. This goes against what they want to do, which is a perfectly good choice, BUT, its also a growth limiting factor.
  12. Ok... Generally I've been fairly quiet for the last year and mostly just reading the threads watching for new C4 stuff or other interesting 3rd party items, and or ideas. But I had to pop in and post before slinking back into the shadows... Are you always this nasty to people and are you yourself a dealer, hopefully not mine if you are... I ask because many of your posts trend towards not so nice. The OP said he just upgraded, didn't say he did it and didn't say he didn't do it. I think most of us assumed he upgraded via his dealer who didn't inform him of possible issues, conflicts, or loss of functionality. Believe it or not, not every dealer is amazing and covers these things. Sometimes a client calls and says they want to upgrade and so the dealer upgrades them, no questions asked. Yes you can read this thread and come to possible conclusions but why? What purpose does it serve outside of trolling someone. I'm sure I'll get accused of doing the same thing but if you look at my past posts you'll see that my MO is generally the same. There is no reason to be mean, nasty, ignorant, or otherwise to people. With that said, back to the shadows and maybe someday I'll just learn to keep my mouth shut.
  13. Figured it out, thanks for checking! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. Considerably slower then previous, somewhat frustrating and it feels like loading web pages... Sometime the wallpaper loads and then I have an additional second or two before content appears. I've also noticed that sometimes all of the content doesn't load and I basically have to open a different page and then go back. This happens most often when opening the zone volume area.
  15. I should have been more clear and have altered my question and topic to specify os 3.0
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