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  1. We went no monitoring a long time ago, the statistics just don't support the cost. Alarms do not stop thief's, they know they can get in and out before your monitoring company can contact the local police and their eventual arrival. Fire is different but with the advent of IP based detectors like nest and FirstAlert you also don't need to pay for security system monitoring. As for monitoring being an insurance policy, thats why we have good home owners insurance and an umbrella policy on top of it. Its actually insurance that we know works, paying for monitoring may or may not actually do anything outside of cost you money.
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  3. Selling an otherwise New Panamax VT-4315-Pro - $250 + Shipping or local pickup (Naperville, Il) New - This VT4315-pro was opened to be used on a customer project but decided to go in a different direction. Unit will be shipped in original packaging. The VT4315-PRO is a full featured power conditioner providing protection and filtration for maximum longevity and performance of connected equipment. BlueBOLT® enabled, the VT4315-PRO allows remote reboot of 12 outlets in 8 individually controlled banks, as well as the ability to monitor energy use, set alerts, program scheduled commands, and much more. • BlueBOLT® enabled for remote control and monitoring • 12 protected and filtered outlets in 8 controllable outlet banks • Outlets widely spaced to accommodate bulky “wall warts” • 4K ready, high-bandwidth coaxial protection • Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet protection • 12V trigger • Indicator lights for Voltage, Power, Protection OK, and BlueBOLT® Connectivity • Mounting brackets (included) provide flexible mounting options • Insulation gaskets for mounting brackets provide ground insulation • 37 inch length fits into most racks 20 RU and above
  4. Or you don't know much about the HVAC industry... Daikin, the mother ship of Amana/Goodman, is one of the largest producers of hvac systems in the world. Estimates are that 40% of all U.S. residential hvac systems are produced by Daikin/Goodman/Amana. Amana currently offers the industries best furnace and the only one with a lifetime warranty on its heat exchanger, which if it goes out they replace the entire furnace not just the exchanger.
  5. Nothing at all? The Amana/Goodman/Diken thermostat is basically a Honeywell Prestige IOQ programmed to work with Amana. It is RedLINK capable. I know there are RedLINK drivers just don’t know if the will work with Goodman/Amana. This is a fairly popular and one of the top brands for residential hvac. Has to be some Solution available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Triad Slim Subs and amps are fantastic and the color matched grills are a huge bonus. Episode are cheaper but don’t like them as much as the triads. None of them aren’t in-room subs so don’t expect that, unless you want to spend around 5k for a JL Audio in wall set-up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Having an Amana AMVM97 Modulating, Variable-Speed ECM Gas Furnace installed in a week or so. This unfortunately means I’ll need to ditch the Ecobee as it doesn’t support modulating variable speed setups. Anyone have an Amana ComfortNet thermostat integrated? Ultimately it’s not a big deal but the wife like as much in C4 as possible, she likes one interface. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. The Crestron remote blows the 260 away... I prefer voice remotes over something like an alexa or google home, I find they work far better and more reliably.
  9. And I've had one die at my house... Agreed those are the last to fail though, I've had 2 hc800's fail on me though.
  10. If any one of our devices break, especially a controller then we would be SOL just like if Sonos turned off their service. Control4 closes your stuff works for a relatively short period before it fails. So the loss isn't immediate, but its fairly rapid. Also without development or improvement how long are you going to keep a system which no longer is supported at all or in any way? There is also a perceived loss... If I lose my Sonos I'm out maybe $1500 at the very high end. If I lost Control4? Control4 from this standpoint is the bigger risk, not Sonos. Either way they both look stable at this point, thankfully because I love them both!
  11. Those financials really aren't that bad, indeed they are down but not so much that I'm worried. I was more worried when C4 stocks dipped into the single digits.
  12. Any dealers in the greater Naperville area active on this forum? Have a few projects I'd like to get done and would love to work with someone on this forum if there are any. Thanks
  13. I've also used HUGE bandwidth because of the way they work. It's amazing how much bandwidth gets used when your chromecast continues to stream music after you've left and didn't stop the stream.
  14. AND with everything TECH always try a reboot... Problem solved though it would have been nice to know what went wrong
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