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  1. I’m guessing this includes all of the other expenses a big box retailer has. My margins on a TV aren’t huge but they are more then 2% for sure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Costco even on a good day isn’t selling TV’s for what my distributors are. Is Costco sometimes very competitive when compared to bestbuy etc? yes... Can you get a better deal going to an independent shop, spending some time, and creating a relationship. 100%! I don’t do retail but a buddy of mine does have a showroom and if you walk in, ask questions and have some friendly conversation you will walk out with a considerably cheaper price then you will at almost any big box, unless your getting a demo model. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. I've been watching these for some time and had talked to them about the API several times. Apparently they had development stuff going on in the background... I really like the concept of these but think they really need to shrink the size down, make them flush mount, or hidden somehow. Right now they appear to be at least the size of a smoke detector if not slightly larger. Hopefully they come up with a more design friendly version soon.
  4. The new AppleTV driver is EA series only... So yup, I believe we are all on EA controllers
  5. Just upgraded to the newest AppleTV beta and Control4 integration is working without issue.
  6. Yes aware of this, thanks. Was hoping for something all in live to give a designer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Is there someplace we can see all the colors currently available for dimmers/switches/keypads?
  8. Has anyone else experienced a high percentage of broken buttons on their Aux Keypads? I don't have many, 4 total, but the buttons on all of them have broken and don't properly secure to the main body anymore.
  9. Doesn't look like you can buy Buoy at this time, the company was purchased. State Farm offers discounts on a lot of devices - https://www.statefarm.com/simple-insights/residence/water-leak-detection I really like FloLogic's product but it is by far the most expensive, water can be turned on and off remotely with their newest version.
  10. Yes, my basement and thanks! I cant wait for it to actually look like this, its gonna take me weeks to clean the dust from the rack and I've got it covered well.
  11. Basement Project, dance studio area, game area, and parties are the general use... I'm aware the AVR isn't the ideal set-up but I need one anyway so hard to justify $1500ish on an avr PLUS a new multizone amp. On top of that we don't use announcements at all... I like music and love quality speakers, some people like cars and watches, I like music.
  12. Yes, single speaker in each area and unfortunately will most likely be running off of a powered zone 2 on the AVR for the basement. While there is room on the matrix the multi-zone amp is maxed out, doesn't make a ton of sense to purchase a new amp for a single zone when we'll already need a new avr for the basement tv/speakers. The other option is to forego these speakers and just utilize the TV set-up, room is only about 1100 sqft.
  13. Do they make surface mountable dual-voice coil speakers? These are individual speakers located in very separate spaces
  14. Thanks... I can get similar from SnapAV as well, was looking for something of a bit higher quality but they might not exist. Triad has dual voice coil enclose speakers but the really need a sub... Can't find anything like a dual voice-coil from James...
  15. Working on a basement project with open joist ceilings and fairly short headroom at approximately 7.5' and looking for a nice dual voice coil speaker we can tuck up into the joist space. As its an open space we would like them to have an enclosure and not need a sub. Thoughts?
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