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  1. I really, really like the idea of RoomMe. The problem is its huge! Can't wait for them to come up with a version that can install flush in the wall/ceiling or very downsized. Interested though in your review.
  2. If your going to compare remotes and would people pay more might as well compare the new Crestron Remotes to the new C4 remote... https://www.crestron.com/Products/Featured-Solutions/Crestron-Remotes No plan to get the neeo but would immediately purchase something like the Crestron version.
  3. This seems excessive... BUT without knowing what you started with and what you've been upgrading its hard to say... Often times we want to upgrade to the latest and greatest when what we have would work just fine. At some point you have to be OK with the cost of upgrading OR be ok with holding on to what you have for longer period of time. Both have pros and cons.
  4. I disagree that its a slap in the face... Most dealers in my area don't give a rats a$$ about the client once the initial install is done, UNLESS they are doing a large upgrade. This attitude could change if the housing market takes a dump, my closest dealers whom I'm friends with are so busy on new home construction installs they want nothing to do maintenance or small adds like single dimmers, adding a Roku, etc. I've long thought Control4 should offer another dealer/partner level, lets call it Programming and Tech Support. Your not a dealer but your an independent programmer and can offer maintenance contracts, etc. You are still licensed through Control4, still have to attend/pass training, etc. Maybe this costs $5000 or some other number... I know this is different that what was originally discussed/asked for, sorry.
  5. Just double checked my system and all my remotes with AppleTV SR250 - WORKS SR260 - WORKS Iphone 11 Pro with Control4 App - WORKS Everything is as expected, they work, they work instantly, and without issue.
  6. I don't care what operating system your on, reboots are occasional required...
  7. Also agreed, Triad or James, with James being my new favorite option. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. The app itself loads super fast, its only very specific elements that are slow to load
  9. I believe EA series only, but don't quote me Also not every song in their library is high-res, nor is there anyway to pull up a list of only high-res songs that I've found. That would be a great Playlist though for them to make.
  10. Occasionally, some elements of the app. are very slow to load. Not the app as a whole, but specific elements... An example would be the now playing bar, on very rare occasions it doesn't load at all and I have to restart the app. This isn't limited to the now playing bar though, I've see it with other sections. It has however gotten much better then the original release of the new app and in my opinion is still the best and fastest the app has ever been.
  11. I've had little to no problem with ios 13, there are been small issues but compared to previous beta's this is one of the best. I more often then not have issues with app's that don't yet support the new ios. Example being Control4 0S 3, has a few quirks but the latest app update has fixed most of those. I'd go so far as to say, outside one small issue I continue to see, this may be the best Control4 App version I've had the pleasure of using
  12. For some that’s what matters, for others they want picture quality AND audio. Myself I just bought an 85” 950g, wanted a master class but the quality to cost ratio is way off. Buy from a small local dealer and you should get a good price and way better service if/when needed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Typically its distributors you're already working with... All of mine, such as Avad, Allnet, and some of the buying groups, carry at least one of the major brands. I have some redundancy with Samsung as all of the distributors carry them, then Sony, LG, etc may be at one and not another. If your just starting to secure distributors then be prepared to provide business and re-seller licenses to them with your applications.
  14. Are you an approved dealer of the TV you were quoting? It should be fairly easy to get a price on any TV your need if your an approved dealer, generally takes me about a 30 second phone call to get my current price.
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