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  1. Yeah, had we planned a bit better we would have set-up for mag locks and used the hardware we wanted.
  2. Oh, would also be amazing to get some of the Lever options in black...
  3. The obsidian in iron black is an option, honestly the only good option though I wish it wasn't a touch screen. Always prefer hard buttons over touch screens. With that said my original intent was more modern finish options like flat black, gun metal, brushed brass. I know level won't work with C4 but there stuff looks fantastic and is now compatible with one of the absolute best hardware manufacturers, Rock Mountain Hardware. Still haven't tried but curious if Level could be used in conjuction with the Home Bridge driver. In the end most likely will use the Kwikset Obsidian...
  4. No, to the best of my knowledge you'll need to use the AppleTV remote for those
  5. Yeah, they are all separate dealerships here... Folks around here don't want to look like they are buying a chevy, ewww.
  6. Unfortunately, at first glance, looks like Satin Nickle and Oil Rubbed Bronze are the only options... We really need black, the property has black doors and hinges, black trim, black windows, etc. I may also get a Level and use the Veritas HomeBridge driver to try and integrate. I do feel like C4 and or the lock manufactures need to up the game, buyers at the upper end care about design and the option right now look like they are out of early 2000's
  7. Any newer options for locks, the Yale, Kwikset, and Baldwin options are starting to be a bit outdated. Really trying to avoid August but as the only real option in Black, we may need to go this route. Also considering trying the Level Lock and just skipping C4 integration if we really need to.
  8. I'm curious what folks are doing with the Moen Driver that isn't already being done automatically or can't be done with the Moen app? I've found this device to be similar to a thermostat, they generally are set-it-and-forget-it type devices.
  9. We choose flow because our service is 1 1/2" and most of the others don't come in that size.
  10. Agreed with all of the above, Unifi Protect integrates just fine. We've been super happy deploying Unifi UNVR with G4 Bullets and C4.
  11. We don't watch enough TV to have the buttons memorized, I always look at least once a session.
  12. Have also seen this start on several devices in last 4 or 5 days. SR260 works perfectly fine but IOS displays the behavior described above when controlling volume via an Anthem MRX720 and on a Triad Matrix.
  13. Have had this issue in the past, don't know why, but a sync typically fixed it
  14. The differences in quality between these two TV's are going to be miniscule, it will be more about what brand you like better or what styling you like better. Personally I still prefer Sony over Samsung and have far less issues with things like IP control on the Sony vs Samsung. Right now it will also come down to which TV you can actually find, both have been on back order for months.
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