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  1. I've not heard much good about Snap's Moip but haven't used it, mostly because of what I've heard from other dealers I'm friends with. Just Add Power is solid and their Customer / Tech Support is the best I've ever experienced. We just had a small issue on a large install, called tech support who answered the phone without a wait time, remotely logged into the system, pulled the logs from receivers, found what looked like an issue and passed it on to the developer. Within 5 min the developer had confirmed the issue and pushed a patch to our project. They seriously are amazing, can't rav
  2. This is so blown out of proportion, this is a fairly regular occurrence and has happened to nearly every major internet player and will continue to happen until someone comes up with a hack proof security scheme. Which will never happen... How they handled it is also fairly common, its not unique or unusual. Use different strong passwords for every login, change them frequently, use 2FA with a yubikey or something similar. The cloud has made all of our lives easier, but it has put us all at a security disadvantage and our data at risk. Be careful with data you consider valuable.
  3. Good AV installers (Custom Integrators) for sure have the equipment to test CAT cable and HDMI/HDbaseT. Generally Cat6 will work, but if your running new cable I'd have Cat6a stp pulled and properly terminated. Its overkill but I generally think about that cable being in place for a very long time, so its a bit of future proof
  4. Agreed, the way to go is Just-Add-Power or AVpro MXnet for your video distribution needs.
  5. So have been having an issue with the IFTTT driver lately, everything will be working like a champ and then its not. We'll go 3-5 days with no issues, then I've got to re-enter the PushOver credentials and IFTTT key to get everything up and running again... Thoughts?
  6. I'm I correct that I'll need a custom button for the ios app vs the nice icon on the TS?
  7. Anyone tried controlling an Xfinity STB with the Bond Bridge or Bridge Pro? Have a project with a handful or two of the XiD boxes which to date can't be controlled via IP yet. I really hate IR and all the little IR cords, was just thinking that maybe the Bond devices could control them.
  8. Spotify moves from device to device so nicely the way you describe above because they basically force you to use their app. If you frequently move from one location to another and like to continue listening to the same thing at the same spot then I don't know if there is a better option. The only things I ever need or want to continue to listen to from my home to my vehicle are my podcasts and books. With that said I use itunes podcasts and audible, both of which I can easily pick-up where I left off. For me the bigger concern is how easily does my music integrate into Control4, how
  9. Skip the traditional matrix and go AV Pro Edge MXnet
  10. Agreed, most of the Unifi WAPs max out around 50ish connections. The HD, XG and Basestation XG can indeed handle the 300-400 range, of course these units really have no place in a residential install outside of maybe the Basestation for a huge, and open, multiple acre backyard. Also agree Ruckus, if its in the price range, for the win.
  11. Hyundai has the Genesis which is a nicer then a standard hyundai and is supposed to compete with the European cars. So lets call the Araknis the Genesis, google is the hyundai, and netgear maybe competes with Araknis. I own several of the European cars, a ford and a jeep. The American brands are no where near the same fit and finish, no where near the buying or service experience. If I want service on my jeep, I call and schedule a day, when I show up I may have 20 people in front of me checking in and I wait. When the european cars need service, I call, schedule a specific time, arr
  12. Everyone has an opinion for sure! 'd love to see Crosstalk Solutions or Lawrence Systems do a head to head of the two. I'm might propose it actually and flip the bill for the Araknis AP's. If you're going to spend the money on Pakedge I would just commit and make the jump to Ruckus gear. Comparing Rukus to Araknis is like comparing a BMW M series to a Hyundai. They are both cars but built for very different pourposes. The rukus and araknis pieces are both wap's but serve very different communities, one is enterprise the other rents cars from enterprise.
  13. Many dealers are going to have a rude awakening as network requirements get more complex, which they are and will continue to do so. They'll need to get educated, bring on network engineers, or rely on companies like Access Networks to get the set-up and maintained.
  14. Yeah, completely opposite of my experience with Araknis so much so we've moved to no using it at all. We will do Ubiquiti, Access Networks, or Ruckus Unleashed. I do however understand everyones mileage may vary.
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