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  1. Ok, let me clarify... This is an open ceiling basement, not outdoor area, and everything is being sprayed black. Recessed lights are being sunk in between the floor joist and I'd like to place numerous dual voice coil speakers in the same manner.
  2. Lots of experience here, working on a project at my home and have a large space that will be open ceiling. Curious what speakers and mounts you've used to get speakers tucked up, securely, into the joist spaces?
  3. This thread is comical with all the insiders and SEC Lawyers... To the insiders... "Silence is Golden" To the SEC Lawyer wannabes... "Don't quit your day job" Nothing to see here folks, lets all move on and talk about all the geeky things we are doing with our control systems and get back to being the quirky and strange folks we all really are.
  4. The key words in my post is "It is possible", which does not = "it is the problem"... With that said try adjusting the frame rate to 15 and the bit rate to 4096Kbps It may or may not help but its a start
  5. It is possible its a bandwidth issue, how many cameras do you have and how many channels is your NVR? The NVR also new firmware as of 4/4
  6. Dollarstore, 100%! Also don't get me wrong, I make jest and secretly use Snap for some stuff. They don't make a bad budget product but Episode speakers do not = Triad for quality, sound, etc.
  7. SnapAV's letter specifically mentions Regulators, may just be a small step... Passing shareholders may also be a small bump or it may be a bigger one depending on what folks think of SnapAV, the Walmart of the a/v integrator world.
  8. No and the stock, Pre-market, is +6.76 (39.49%) to 23.88 the sale also must still approved by shareholders and regulators.
  9. Very interesting indeed, just got my letter from SnapAV with the announcement. Many here have stated they have always been a takeover prospect but honestly didn't see it being SnapAV... Shall be interesting to see how the stock reacts. Good for everyone involved, hopefully!
  10. Comparing SVS and MonoPrice is like comparing a Gremlin to an Corvette... If your on a budget you can find lightly used SVS subs, I sold one last year for a few hundred bucks.
  11. We went no monitoring a long time ago, the statistics just don't support the cost. Alarms do not stop thief's, they know they can get in and out before your monitoring company can contact the local police and their eventual arrival. Fire is different but with the advent of IP based detectors like nest and FirstAlert you also don't need to pay for security system monitoring. As for monitoring being an insurance policy, thats why we have good home owners insurance and an umbrella policy on top of it. Its actually insurance that we know works, paying for monitoring may or may not actually do anything outside of cost you money.
  12. cdepaola


  13. Selling an otherwise New Panamax VT-4315-Pro - $250 + Shipping or local pickup (Naperville, Il) New - This VT4315-pro was opened to be used on a customer project but decided to go in a different direction. Unit will be shipped in original packaging. The VT4315-PRO is a full featured power conditioner providing protection and filtration for maximum longevity and performance of connected equipment. BlueBOLT® enabled, the VT4315-PRO allows remote reboot of 12 outlets in 8 individually controlled banks, as well as the ability to monitor energy use, set alerts, program scheduled commands, and much more. • BlueBOLT® enabled for remote control and monitoring • 12 protected and filtered outlets in 8 controllable outlet banks • Outlets widely spaced to accommodate bulky “wall warts” • 4K ready, high-bandwidth coaxial protection • Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet protection • 12V trigger • Indicator lights for Voltage, Power, Protection OK, and BlueBOLT® Connectivity • Mounting brackets (included) provide flexible mounting options • Insulation gaskets for mounting brackets provide ground insulation • 37 inch length fits into most racks 20 RU and above
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