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  1. I've got one of your first devices and its been great. Recently it seems to have gotten a bit bound up, is there a way to reset the device? It won't take any updates... Thanks!
  2. Historically with the problem being described a controller reboot has worked, for me... YMMV
  3. Do we have any clue what type of data is being sent over that wire connection? Seems like we should be able to figure that out and via an RS232 send the same type of data to the motor... Honestly surprised this already hasn't been figured out
  4. We pay for all kinds of stuff as it is, whats one more thing. Honestly the garage door is one of the best integrations, I still use the MyQ driver with the IFFT driver to open the door as I approach the house, has worked like a champ. I'm sure its gonna break soon. Lots of others are jumping on board with LiftMaster to get integrated but not C4... I'll gladly pay to keep MyQ integrated and working on a geo fence.
  5. The STB and Router/Switch activity lights are active and blinking? To find mine I unplugged it from the lan then plugged it back in and looked for a device with only a min or so of uptime. You can also find the mac address on the box or in the setup menu where you turn on the IP control and try to match the MAC address... It took some time but the box finally stabilized on my network and has been working flawlessly again.
  6. I've been on the Xfinity IP driver since its release about 1.5 years ago... Its been rock solid stable and considerably faster then IR... Only reason I'm having any issue right now is I've got a new box and firmware seems to have a minor glitch that just makes it a bit confusing.
  7. Also been running Unifi gear for YEARS! This system through all iterations has been rock solid and C4 issues have never been a fault of the network. Dealers don't like unifi because dealer cost is for all intent and purpose MSRP, dealers want equipment they can make a minimum of 20% on and more realistically in the 50% range. Some dealers here will attempt to make unifi seems like DIY but this couldn't be further from the truth... Yes some non professionals use unifi, because its easy and relatively inexpensive however many a small to medium size IT companies sell, install and maintain Unifi systems in critical infrastructure.. Example my medium size municipality and fire department all use Unifi gear for a large and robust network, it was installed professionally and is maintained by same said professionals. Current Gear List includes (4000sqft home) DreamMachine Pro 24 port POE 2 - Nano HD 1 - InWall Pro 1 - UAP-Outdoor
  8. These boxes act very strange on the network... Originally my Unifi network was assigning the box a DHCP address, though as others have figured out that address wasn't showing up in the diagnostic/setup menu of the box. I was thus able to set-up a static address in my Unifi and the box eventually grabbed that address... Now the xg1v4 shows up and falls off the network all the time, though it continues to be controllable on the assigned IP address. The box will even show up in my unifi controller, without an IP address.
  9. Yes, thank you for that wonderful 1st post! Welcome to the community. If you read above you'll see that some of these boxes are doing weird things because of IPV6... My new XG1v4 is having the same issue as described above, I'll be digging into it a bit more today...
  10. A struggle I have is with wiring dimmers and switches in multi-gang box's. As an example right now I've got a switch and two dimmers going into a box in a bathroom and for the life of me getting the wiring to look clean and sit nicely is darn near impossible. Anyone have photos of how they have handled the situation, tips/tricks? Maybe have a good resource to look at, photos, videos, etc? Thanks!
  11. Top of the line equipment, 100% worth the money
  12. I really like that these don't have pig tails! Three gang boxes filled with switches/dimmers have always been a pita
  13. Agreed, for closets, garage, utility rooms, powder rooms, guest bathrooms, these will be a great option...
  14. Cheaper switches are very welcome indeed
  15. Yup, just a new Reward Program... Nothing to see here!
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