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  1. Hello, I'm working on updating the V2 driver to support the newer SAM module for the carrier infinity touch thermostats using the serial interface. As a developer, the efficiency of my development environment directly impacts the efficiency of my development. I'm typically OSX based and I was curious what some other developers have done for their c4 driver development environments? I have some tools which update version number and re-zip the driver up, and I'd love to automate replacing that driver in director? Discussion? thanks, -jr
  2. I agree IFTTT would likely be the easiest way to integrate since that is already available.
  3. Sorry, I really wasn't clear.. I was referring to the IoT button, which is customizable and programmable via the AMZ infrastructure. I realize that the actual Dash buttons tied to products aren't able to be integrated. https://aws.amazon.com/iotbutton/ This button, when pressed can run a Lambda process to do basically anything... -jr
  4. Has anyone played with the Amazon Dash buttons and integrated them into C4? I picked up a few of them to play with when they offered them for sale to developers. They are fairly amazing devices and I think could easily integrate with IFTTT or other services. -jr
  5. Hello, I am able to offer remote integration services for your control4 needs. If you need anything, please PM me and I'll be happy to help you out! I have been a C4 dealer since 2010 and would love to help others help achieve their SmartHome dreams using Control4. I am based in Central Florida, but can work remotely and travel if needed. thanks, -jr
  6. jr219


    If anyone is looking for a hc800 pls PM me.
  7. Yes, I am willing to help people as well. Just PM or email me. -jr
  8. Easy enough to figure out. Watch the network traffic from your controllers destined to anyplace other then your LAN.. I agree this should be transparently disclosed. I'm sure it is likely just diagnostic information, but what if it was what you were watching, listening to, etc? (like Tivo does.) This is potential valuable data to the right person.. It could be made anonymous, but even if made anonymous its never really anonymous. [1] -jr [1] - http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2009/09/your-secrets-live-online-in-databases-of-ruin.ars
  9. So, basically any RG59 mini coax and compression fittings should be fine.. http://www.techtoolsupply.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=HVS%2D1BL%2D250 http://www.techtoolsupply.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SLC1855%2DRCAFPU http://www.techtoolsupply.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SRR%2DR http://www.techtoolsupply.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SRR%2DW
  10. Thanks guys! Geoff -- you using the monster cable something like model 8506R? Would love to find something which doesn't have monster written on it and is just as good. :-) The cable isn't bad, but at $5 and end it adds up quick.. thanks, -jr
  11. What products are you using for these things? RCA connectors? Compression/solder? heat shrink? brand/model cable, etc. Would like to hear what some others are using to nicely terminate and setup a rack with interconnects. thanks! -jr
  12. which GD device you using? IRDT200? Who is writing the driver for this? Looks like a nice piece. -jr
  13. jr219

    18" rack?

    Really? Blowing out a wall and basically putting on a extension to a house for a rack is "Cheaper" I'd love to see your spreadsheet on that?
  14. jr219

    18" rack?

    Thanks Dan. Very Helpful. -jr
  15. jr219

    18" rack?

    Dan -- so you have a 20" rack or something deeper?
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