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  1. So - I have an HC800 and an EA3 I have 6 SR250's (TV Remotes). To update to the latest software when it comes out - Can my EA-3 handle everything and I just drop off the HC800? of can I reconfigure? Will I need to update the SR250's? ALL of mine only control TVs - nothing else - Interested in knowing what changes I need to make to remain current... Thanks in advance for any information that someone may have that they can share. Bill
  2. There is also a Blue Iris driver for Control 4 as well. I saw it recently.
  3. It is said that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. I read that to mean that forcing everything into Control 4 just for the sake of it is not rational. If control4 gives an advantage great! I once had a client that wanted their software to keep track of how many times their staff got on the phone. (I do pharmacy software - it is not connected to the phone) I said - we can charge you a lot of money or you can simply put a pad of paper by the phone and when your staff pick up the phone make a tick mark and at the end of the day count the tick marks. Go with the best , fastest, most easily supported method of what you are needing. Control 4 does not offer me any advantages that I am aware of - I am willing to hear however. Bill
  4. I use Blue Iris and Not Control 4 for all of my cameras and I have 15. Here is why - 1. it is less than $50.00 2. it works with all IP cameras that expose their IP address. 3. you can see all cameras easily on your phone as well as your monitor 4. easily configured 5. you can get emails 6. watch real time any time 7. supports all features of the cameras Now - When I tried to get this into Control 4 - 1. interface issues 2. only certain cameras supported 3. cannot see anything immediately - the TV has to come on and warm up - if you are watching TV this can be irritating as well I would be interested in hearing why someone feels that putting cameras into Control 4 is a good or helpful idea? Thanks Bill
  5. I would be remiss if I did not post a follow-up. lippavisual indeed knows his stuff. He worked with me to get the driver installed and the Engineering Solutions hardware installed and it works a treat. I am looking forward to making these lights dance. Thank you lippavisual! Very much. I highly recommend using this business as they really know their stuff. Remember that he is in the Boston area and I am in Texas - so proximity is not required. Bill
  6. There are ten wall washers - yes There is an upper and lower turret AND there is a three color rope light all the way around the house as well. (I forgot to tell you about that one.) Do you see it in the mix? Bill
  7. I have five IO Extenders. I am SURE that I have a spare Rs232 port. The Engineering Solutions box and driver should be here tomorrow. And yes - I have ten wall washers and an upper and lower turret. Are you optimistic that we can figure this out? I have the ability to share my screen. I see that you are in Boston - I grew up in Woburn and Stoneham. Went to school undergrad and grad school in Boston. Bill
  8. lippavisual - In a prior message you said: The box in question is from here: http://response-box.com/gear/2010/04/rs-232-driven-dmx-engine/ Your dealer can also purchase the driver and the box from the Blackwire Store, here: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/advanced-dmx-for-control4/ I have the Engineering Solutions box you referenced above ordered. I have the driver from Blackwire ordered and should be here on Thursday afternoon. I am attaching an XML file for all my DMX lighting. It should indicate the universe and the addresses of all my lights. With this information would you be able to help me to get this working? TexasBillHome 2018.MaxxyzPatch.xml
  9. OK - Amazon has the ENTTEC and it is coming Thursday. My dealer has ordered the driver. I should be good to go shortly - Does the driver "discover" all the possible lights that are hooked up? or do I need to tell it? HOW do I tell it - what do I need to know about my current setup? What variables: Universe? Addresses? I will probably need a little help on this come Thursday evening <grin> Bill
  10. I have a variable called party mode - Party mode resets the timers on all motion detections to longer so that lights don't keep going off. It leaves the outside lights on longer announces to the person arriving to the front door "welcome to the party". It disarms all door opening announcements. Multi-functional. Bill
  11. I installed the ChowMain driver for LIFX last evening and it works great so far. The lights are a 9 foot run in my kitchen. Several questions/issues: 1. the only way I can turn the lights off is by setting the brightness to ZERO. That has been mentioned and there seems to be no other work around. 2. I have several ways that the kitchen lights are turned on: a. voice command - three levels of lighting by voice b. motion sensor/movement c. time of day (scheduler) each of these have always been done using the advanced lighting so it has been no issue. Now I have to go to each place and manually enter what I want to happen. Is there a better way? This also means that I have to set the color that I want in each of these scenes and level. The application has much more control on my phone that control4 has over the lights. I must not see the "vision" yet for how to do this really nicely. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Bill
  12. OK - I am interested - Can you refer me to the Engineering solutions Response Box and the driver that I need please? Thanks, Bill
  13. No - I want to make Control 4 be the be all and end all control for my house and get rid of this extra computer and software. I think that you are the guy that MAY be able to help me as you have something that works - correct? What do I need to purchase/get and what do I need to get rid of (in addition to the software and computer) to make this work with Control 4? Can I keep my DMX controllers? My enttec DMXIS HW? If I can get this working I would love it. Bill
  14. Rather than hijack a thread already in existence - I would like a little advice: I Currently have my lights controlled by a computer using M-PC Software - it is very complicated and used for live events/DJ's etc. I have Two LUM B34XTS DMX Controllers https://www.lumilum.com/products/dmx-controller-decoder-120v-rgb-led-strip-light?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=24886337289&keyword_session_id=vt~adwords|kt~|mt~|ta~298301939461&_vsrefdom=wordstream&gclid=CjwKCAjw1dzkBRBWEiwAROVDLDVKKPqvRkWyeNS5GklJmlefJbHatZYJ1_FR9wghKeMVcMQIESRzSxoCMO0QAvD_BwE I have a DMXIS HW by ENTTEC connected to the controllers and that is connected to the PC (that is running M-PC software) by USB cable. I would REALLY like to be able to control these lights using Control 4 if at all possible. Can someone help me know: Can I connect my DMXIS-HW to Control 4? If so how? What drivers do I need? or do I need other hardware in between Control 4 and the DMX controllers? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Bill
  15. Help me understand why I would even want this in Control 4. Blue Iris does a great job and I can easily see it quickly on my phone. Putting it into Control 4 will mean that I could see it on my televisions but I would have to leave them on all the time correct? Otherwise I have to wait for the turn on time etc? What do you like about having your cameras in Control 4? Bill
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