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  1. I purchased the Lifex Chowmain driver. Works a treat - decided to purchase 5 BR30 downlights. The work a treat in the APP. I would like to add them to Control4 but when I drag the light driver over to the left side, Composer indicates that it has issues with the WEMO plugs in my house and disables the driver. The driver says that it automatically configures and adds new lights. But I do not see in the app where it is added or that I can reference the new lights in control composer. Where should I expect to see the new lights in Composer? I would like to add programming for these lights and simply cannot find where that can be done. Bill
  2. I have a number of BR30 (PAR30) light bulbs in my house. They are all white. I would like to find (something other than Philips) that does not require its own "hub" for control and start switching these out for the ability to change colors. The Philips bulbs are expensive, require s separate hub and just not he road I would like to go down at this point. I see several of these on Amazon, but non of them have drivers (that I can tell) that will work with Control 4. They all require that you change things on your phone. Does anyone have a recommendation for a PAR30/BR30 bulb (about 65 watts) that will do colors and be controlled by Control 4? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. Bill
  3. I have always used FloLogic. When I saw that someone here said that they had updated their stuff, I sent in a note. I have Version 3.4 from about 8 years ago. They now have a module that plugs in and 10 minutes later you are up and running on their latest software, on the app, Control 4 still is in charge and works but you can now change settings and turn it back on if it is turned off and do so remotely. This is absolutely wonderful. I love FloLogic and their newest stuff is incredible. Highly recommended! Bill
  4. Sorry - I don't think I am using a driver - I think that I just used alexas native features and told it to look for new capabilities and it found my entire house..You then need to figure out the command to control things but as long as you were logical in assigning names in your house it works a treat. We: turn on an off televisions turn on and off room groups turn on and off lights turn on and off music in entire house or selected rooms My wife (from bed) "Alexa thru off master bed lights" and they all go off and the alarm is set for external protection and all doors are confirmed locked.
  5. I recommend Flo Logic: https://www.flologic.com/ Used it in three houses - love it - it is reliable and never misses. Integrates with Control 4 - mine announces when the water has been shut off.
  6. We had the same issue - we resolved it with Alexa - "Alexa set a washer timer for 23 minutes." "Alexa set a dryer timer for 35 minutes." The ability to name your timers is a wonderful thing as you no longer need a reminder why you set the timer.
  7. The reason the WEMO falls off periodically is that you need to use the WEMO app and log in and do the firmware update - doing that immediately resolves all issues with WEMO. I have 12 WEMO plugs working in my house and they are CHEAP (get them from Costco on sale) and work a LOT better than the Control4 options. The control 4 option would fail by my fireplace regularly - after more than ten warranty failures I simply quit and went with WEMO. Way SMALLER, and works a treat better. (My opinion)
  8. Tagging on to this - I have updated to Version 3.0. My Pandora USED to allow me to Thumbs Down by going to the currently playing on my phone. I cannot find the thumbs down option to never play that song again. It was not initially a big deal - but it has started playing some rap stuff that I don't like with explicit words and I would like to get that stopped. Is the thumbs down capability removed? Or am I just missing it? The Pandora driver was updated in 3.0. Did this change? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Bill
  9. We had 190 on a single mesh. Worked a treat for a number of years. All of a sudden we started having latency using the SR-250's n the house. None of us could figure out what the issue was - tech support walked right to it - we were having a huge number of "failures" or retrys to get back to the server. We created another mesh and move about 70 nodes so far - it is working much better. Still need to move some more nodes. I thought that this might have been your issue - but it sounds not promising. Bill
  10. Do you have more than 70 "nodes" on your mesh? Each mesh supports up to 65 or so nodes (switches etc...) Bill
  11. I have an GE Networx NX-8E system that 3.0 complains is a V1 driver. Where do I get the V2 driver from? I cannot find it anywhere?
  12. I use my phone app when I am not in the house or not near any other controls. MOST of my house does everything automatically. RARELY do I need to use an app or screen - garage doors are an exception to this rule for me.
  13. I have one touchscreen and when it is no longer supported I will not use another one. Voice is the way I control my house. The fewer analog/physical interfaces I have the happier I am. Bill
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