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  1. Removing the service from Sonos itself and adding it back appears to have resolved the problem.
  2. I have Amazon music added as a service though Sonos in C4. My problem is that I get a pop up message asking for authentication through Amazon every time I try to play music through C4 as a Music Service. I've manually typed in the url in my browser and it will work, however it still requires me to do this every day. This does not happen directly though the Sonos app. Playing Amazon Music directly from Control4 Sonos favorites also works without any issues. Anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas how to fix?
  3. Pretty cool...may have to pick one of these up once they are available.
  4. I think their website is just down. I'm much happier running BlueIris as a stand alone app vs trying to integrate my cameras through C4...
  5. http://www.c4forums.com/viewtopic.php?id=11464
  6. I have a 18TB unRaid server that I store all of my bluray rips, music, etc on and use a Popcorn Hour C300play my movie rips. SlySoft's AnyDVD is the best way to create your rips.
  7. I'm considering switching from Blue Iris to SecuritySpy since there is a EV driver for Security Spy. I just finished rebuilding my unRaid server which I currently run ESXi to host a windows VM to run blue iris. Should I change this to an OSX VM and run SecuritySpy in order to integrate all my cameras with C4? I've been very happy with Blue Iris, however it would be nice to integrate everything with C4. If any of you are running SecuritySpy and have it integrated with C4 using the EV driver, how happy are you with its functionality?
  8. I tried adding a few different camera models to my system and always had a pretty bad lag. I'm currently happy using BlueIris to manage all my cameras.
  9. WHEN home automation has some standardization I'll most definitely be throwing out all of my C4 investment. I do not like how the company is run, but for now it's the best solution for what I want.
  10. Another genius decision made by Control4. I'm about $17,000 deep in C4 components at this time and I get penalized by this new pricing structure! I'm ready to jump ship the second I find something else I like...
  11. I personally find the new Access Agent to be useless as the only reason I could see myself using it would be to put a code on the apps so that the kwikset and yale apps couldn't be accessed. So you contradict yourself immediately. That's the very kind of thing the agent is for. Funny' date=' people were begging to have this sort of "lock" functionality returned in 2.x. It's back with more functionality then before and now it's "useless". Make no mistake I would like to see it go further than it is now, but it certainly has a lot of nice possibilities. -Limit kids' control to their own rooms from their own rooms -Prevent customers or unauthorised personel in bars/restaurants from accessing unwanted portions. -The above mentioned "security" -"lock" users to the custom screen to simplify matters -Prevent unwanted access to easily reached screens by intruders/mischief makers (sunroom TS, portable possibly left outside) No I wouldn't say it's useless.[/quote'] While I don't find it completely useless it is still lacking the functionality I'd prefer for it to have. The only 2 things I'd like to set passwords on my navigators would be the apps and the settings....maybe I'm wrong but I haven't found a way to set a code on the apps so I will continue to just hide them using a custom screen which works but why not go ahead and implement them in the Access Agent?
  12. Any idea if this feature is in the works or if it will be added to the acces agent? I personally find the new Access Agent to be useless as the only reason I could see myself using it would be to put a code on the apps so that the kwikset and yale apps couldn't be accessed.
  13. I just got my new C-300 from DD and got it up and running last night. All of my DVD Iso rips play fine, however I'm not having any luck with my BluRay isos. I've searched through the NMT forums and all I discovered was that I need to hope for a firmware update. Does anyone else on here have some experience with bluray iso playback on a C-300?
  14. I have been reading some of the unraid forums. Have you had any issue cleanly shutting down the array and adding new drives? I've never had any issue with mine. I've been surprised how easy it has been to upgrade both the hardware and software side of things. I'm up to 12 1TB drives now and still have plenty of room to expand (can have up to 21 drives with a pro license)
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