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  1. Ok thanks guys. Guess I'm not use to my fans having 4 speeds. That's what ill do though, off, then 1-4 speeds
  2. Was going to get a couple of fan controller switches and get engravings done on them for off, low, med, high. But since there are 5 buttons don't know what else I would put on it. Just curious if any of you guys have them engraved and what they are labeled as. Thanks Mike
  3. Well I have an ea5, but I just don’t feel like upgrading. I’m happy with my system right now, and I don’t have time troubleshooting a new OS anytime soon.
  4. So let me get this straight. If you have generation 2 echos, not only do you need the v2 driver you also have to upgrade to OS3. Really? I have 2.10.6, you can’t make it work with that? I really don’t want OS3.
  5. Yeah, the epic driver uses other commands such as start, run, arm, etc. for the on command. So it must have been an amazon change. I totally forgot about routines. Thanks, it works doing it that way!
  6. Been working fine for awhile. Noticed the other day my "house lockdown" trigger, which locks the doors and arms the security system, is no longer responding to a "start" command. It will work with "turn on" but when you say "start house lockdown", alexa says house lockdown isn't responding. I deleted it and re added but same issue. Anyone else experience this? version 110 driver, OS 2.10.6
  7. What generation touchscreenpanel is it? I have this issue as well. I have a mix of some 2nd and 3rd generation touchscreens. The T2s have this issue not the T3s in my setup. Don’t know if it’s because the T2s use flash and the newer ones dont.
  8. This is similar to problem I have since I upgraded my leaf video matrix. I used to be able to select watch list then Sony TV. But the screen would stay on the previous source like cable or Kodi. This would slow me to adjust tv properties like brightness, etc and see how it affects the picture of the current source. Now if I select the tv source the screen goes blank. Pretty useless to make picture adjustments against a black screen. Anyone know way around this?
  9. Flawlessly since one of the last c4 app updates. Been maybe couple of weeks or so. Up until then if I pulled it up on my iPhone the camera grid would show but if I selected a camera it would just sit there with the loading circle.
  10. I have blue iris and it’s also integrated into C4. I would hate to have to open a separate app to look at cameras. That’s why I have control 4, to have one interface to control things. Now if it’s not working correctly then that’s another issue, but it’s worked fine for me. Navigators on TV or touchscreens have been solid. I did have some issues on my iOS devices but the last c4 app update did fix that.
  11. Ok. Yeah I’ll have to check to see if autoupdate is enabled. Thanks Alan.
  12. Hey Alan, so how exactly does an auto update driver work? Shouldn't my driver automatically update?
  13. Any update to this? I just installed 18.1 and same thing. No control. Edit: Talked to my dealer and he updated it. All is well.
  14. Strange I used to have issues but the update fixed mine. Works great now
  15. Have the yale locks on all doors. Was thinking about making an announcement for when an incorrect code is entered but I don't see how I could do this? I have Composer HE and don't see any programming under the lock control that would do this. Or program after some many unsuccessful attempts something is triggered. Anyone done anything like this?
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