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  1. @cannemi I have no experience with programming the security system but based on some Youtube videos and the documention for the NX-8E, here are the steps that I followed to make the changes. From your keypad. 1 Press ' *8 ' 2 "PLEASE ENTER YOUR CODE" - The default installer code is '9713'. If you don't have that, you'll probably need to contact the vendor who installed the system originally. 3 "ENTER THE DEVICE ADDRESS THEN #" - I think the default is '0' (make sure to hit # after that). '0' worked on mine and it sounds like that's pretty standard. 4 "ENTER LOCATION, THEN #" - Here's where you'll confirm/edit the com settings. Enter '207#' "LOC# 207 SEG# 1" - It should be set to '1' as indicated on the settings I provided above. If not, enter '1*'. If it is set to 1, then hit '*' to move on. 5 You'll again be entered location # and you'll move to the next zone 208# Enter '208#' "LOC# 208 SEG#1" - It should be set to '2'. If not, enter '2*'. If it is set to 2, then hit '*' to move on. 6 You'll again be entered location # and you'll move to the next zone 209# Enter '209#' "LOC# 209 SEG#1" - It should show '1-------'. If not, enter the number that shows up to clear it. As an example, if it read '-2-45-78', hit the 1,2,4,5,7,8 keys to toggle the values. If it is set to '1-------', the hit '*' to move on. 7 For location #'s 210 and 211, follow the guide from step 6 above to toggle the required values from my previous post. After you're done, hit the exit key a few times to exit the programming menu. I've never done any programming on my keypad as it was programmed by my security company many years ago. Please be careful with the changes on the keypad ! Hopefully this helps.
  2. In case anyone runs into this issue, I found that the cause of the lack of communication between my security panel and the controller was due to the com settings on my NX-8E. We didn't change anything so I'm assuming that the settings in the previous version (2.9.x) may have been different or some how got goofed up. The serial baud rate was set to 4-38400 while it needed to be 2-9600 as per the driver info. Once I made the change to the NX-8E, it all started working. We're still having an issue where not all sensors are showing up, so I'll keep working with my dealer to work through that. Getting it them to talk to one another was a big hurdle. Here are the settings for the NX-8E and the NX-584. These have to be set from the Interlogix keypads or the CaddX DL900 software. Since I have the NX-8E, I have the instructions on how to make the changes on the keypad. If anyone needs those, let me know. NX-8E – Is programmed on device 0 Locations and settings of the NX8E interface 207 Serial Port Enabled 1 208 Serial Port Baud Rate 2(9600 Baud Rate) 209 Home Automation Protocol On 210 Segment 1 Segment 2 -2--5678 1-3----- 211 Segment 1 Segment 2 -2-45678 1------- Segment 3 Segment 4 12------ -2-45678 NX-584 – Is programmed on device 72 Locations and settings of the NX-584 interface 0 Home Automation Protocol 1 - - - - - - - 1 Serial Port Baud Rate 4(9600 Baud Rate) 2 Segment 1 Segment 2 -2--5678 1-3----- 3 Segment 1 Segment 2 -2-45678 1------- Segment 3 Segment 4 12------ -2-45678 The support by the members on this forum is fantastic and is much appreciated
  3. @cannemi I have the NX-8E which has the com port built into the board. @brente I can't say which driver was being used but the system worked without issue for 8+ years. As soon as the system updated to 3.1, the communication between the NX-8E and my C4 controller stopped. My dealer contacted C4 support and they tried several things including deleting/reinstalling the driver. They had me try different cables. I've sent a request to my dealer to get the com settings and will confirm those. I think my dealer has contacted C4 support 4 times now and they've not been able to get it working (although they say it should work). Thanks both for your responses.
  4. My dealer recently upgrade my system from 2.9.x to 3.1.1 and my NX-8E stopped communicating properly. C4 support has suggested we try several cables without success. My dealer is saying that he is seeing "gibberish" come across on his end. I'm wondering if that might be due to the serial port communications. Is there a suggestions based on the C4 driver as to com settings from the NX-8E panel (i.e. baud rate, binary/ascii, etc)? I looked in the manual for the NX-8E and these can be set. The system has worked for many years without issue and once the upgrade was complete, it broke the com to the panel. I don't think it's a cable issue as C4 support is saying.
  5. @msgreenf I was just upgraded to OS3 and have added C4 to my Google Home. All of the lights, thermostats, and locks have showed up (very cool), but none of my audio and video devices were added. You mentioned that media is a little trickier. Can audio/video be controlled by my Google Home? Is there a process that is documented somewhere?
  6. I've started seeing significant delays in my email alerts being sent to me. Over the last 3 days, my alerts for the previous day have come in after midnight of the next day (usually between 12a and 3a). I've rebooted my system and that hasn't changed anything. calbear, has your problem gone away?
  7. This thread is a couple months old by I thought I'd ask this question. I'm using 2.6.0 and don't have the option for Push Notifications and I've been unable to get the email notifications on my phone via text message. I've spoken with Tmobile support and it looks like they are treating the emails sent to the SMS gateway as spam because the From address doesn't match the actual address that the messages are being sent from. From address: control4_hc800_XXXXXXXXXXXX@alerts.control4.com The actual MAILFROM address in the SMTP header is control4_hc800_XXXXXXXXXXXX@bounce.secureserver.net The messages are being marked as spam because of this. Is there any way to request Control4 to have the actual "from" address match the "MAILFROM" address? It looks like C4 is using a Godaddy account to send the message but the SMTP headers not being formatted properly.
  8. I'm having the same issue. Alerts to my email address arrive in my inbox but SMS messages to the Tmobile gateway address are no longer delivered. This just stopped working over the last couple weeks. Since other messages through the Tmobile SMS gateway are working, I'm guessing Tmobile is refusing the C4 messages for some reason. Out of curiousity, I was checking the MX records and it looks like C4 is using Microsoft's Outlook.com mail service. My company also uses that and messages from my office also don't get delivered either while my personal email (Gmail) doesn't have any issues. It's likely something where Tmobile is blocking it. Whatever the issue, I hope it resolves itself as I like the txt messaging option.
  9. @zaphod - In case you're still looking for this, here are some screenshots from my project. The lock triggers two events: 1) turn LED to RED when unlocked and 2) turn LED to BLACK when locked. The other event is on the 6 button keypad. The Single Tap option locks the front door. Hope this helps and sorry for the late notice. I haven't been on this forum in a while.
  10. I'm not sure how the Rain8 gets added to the project as my dealer handled that. My guess is that if the Rain8 lights are coming on for the individual zones and the water doesn't turn on, it's probably an issue with the connection to the valve. I have the Rain8netPro units that have the buttons on the controller to allow me to turn the zones on and off without any interaction with Control4. Outside of Control4, the Rain8 unit should be able to simply turn the water on and off. If that's not happening, I'd check that wiring from the Rain8 to the valve. FWIW, I had that Rain8net+ and replaced them so that I would have buttons on the controller for the purposes of troubleshooting in case of a connectivity issue to my C4 controllers. The customer service at WGL was great and they had no problem with the replacement. Good luck.
  11. I'm not sure what detail you're looking for but here's how I programmed my Rain8 units. Click on the "Agents" menu on the left and then "Scheduler". Create a new schedule as needed. Move to "Programming" and "Scheduler". Click on the "Scheduler Event" that you created. From the "Actions" menu on the right side, select the sprinklers that you want to turn on and off and drag both the "on" and "off" "Actions" to the center "Script" menu. After you've added the on and off Actions, click on "Programming Control" and add the amount of time you want the sprinklers to run (mine run for 2 minutes) and I've also added a 10 second delay between the different sprinklers to give the previous sprinkler time to shut off.Here's a screen shot of what mine looks like. 5 and 6 don't have to be done in any particular order. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks for all of your feedback and time. I was able to find another way to resolve this issue and wanted to share. I found another "device event" for my front door lock that had 2 radio buttons: When the Front Door is lockedWhen the Front Door is unlockedI simply set the LED for the keypad to black for the first and red for the 2nd event from above. That seems to be working as I had hoped.
  13. My system is running on 2.4 and I'm not sure I know how to check the firmware version. I can't find a model number on the lock but it looks like the one on this link. http://www.amazon.com/Control4-Polished-Kwikset-SmartCode-Technology/dp/B003UBJT7G/ref=sr_1_4?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1382679945&sr=1-4&keywords=control4+kwikset If there is a way to see the firmware version in Composer Home, let me know and I'll look into it. I appreciate the effort!
  14. I'm trying to program a 6 button keypad in my garage to have a red light on a button if the front door lock is unlocked. I have a Kwikset lock and can't seem to find a "lock state" indicator in Composer Home Ed. Is there something that I'm missing? I have some other programming that locks the doors at night which works but it doesn't check the status of the lock, it just locks it. Under the lock in the 'Programming' section, there are certain 'events' listed: - Unlocked Manually - Locked Manually - Unlocked - Locked - Not Locked I've tried adding the following Action to the 6button keypad under the "Unlocked" and "Not Locked" options from above : - Set LED: 6 current color to Red on Garage>Garage 6 Button Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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