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  1. You know they have proper nvidia shield and amazon fire stick drivers now. If that's what your trying to control you can probably avoid the IRUSB's
  2. Your sure after the power cycle and the factory restore that the IP address didn't change? Proabably just didnt DHCP reserve it properly, power went out and the IP address changed which is why C4 cant see the camera anymore. Now that you restored it you may have a lot more work to get it going again. Either make sure it has the same IP as before or tell your dealer the updated IP address so C4 can talk to them again. Make sure you set them for DHCP reservation or for Static so the problem does happen again next time the power goes out.
  3. The analog audio output will be just fine. NO issues having multiple audio outputs (IE Both the digital and analog hooked up to different amps at the same time)
  4. Best accomplished by audio out of EA-3 into amp for outdoor speakers. Then probably an IR or IP driver to control the amp. Skip on the AppleTV audio extraction stuff.
  5. I mean I'm assuming you want to use the AppleTV audio so you can AirPlay. If that's the case then why not just use Control4's built in shairbridge and audio out of the EA-3 into the amp that will power your outdoor speakers. Then you would also get TuneIn and the other C4 media services as well.
  6. YES YES YES!!! This is actually probably the most important thing. I can't believe I forgot to mention that. Above all that is my biggest gripe about the current neeo. My girlfriend wont even use it and still uses the sr-260 mainly becuase of the lack of back lighting.
  7. Fair points about the 5 Ghz, but it would still be a nice option. And others might have different opinions but in my experience the neeo battery is plenty good enough. I mean a bigger battery would never hurt but since I bought the neeo it has never died not even when left off the cradle for like a week at a time. I'm pretty good about docking it all the time but the battery has been good in my experience. I definitely think the current battery could handle 5 GHz and the extra power required and I would still have plenty of battery left over.
  8. The response not having digital inputs what one of those "Really.... ??" moments. Like c'mon guys.
  9. Neeo 2.0 needs to have 5 Ghz Wifi, More buttons for transport controls, a built in mic (I actually hate voice control but it is the future and we may as well implement it now) And the capability to view cameras on it. For the price point of this bad boy I should absolutely be able to look at my cameras. Dock should have USB type-C instead of the weird USB to 12v plugin that it currently has. Backgrounds (the plain black background was really the best C4 could do? even the old neeo before C4 bought it had better looking backgrounds. and that would be good enough for me. Keep the size of the remote and the screeen size / weight the same as the current neeo nails those aspects.
  10. super choked I didn't download it myself before they pulled it. 7 months is getting way out of hand though.
  11. optical out of your TV directly into the speakers. Easy peasy.
  12. I dont have the xtra channels either. I'm thinking its not implemented in the driver. Not what your looking for but you should be able to AirPlay the channels using ShairBridge as a work around. Yes its not a permanent solution but it will work.
  13. Nice work. These are a very cool hifi product. I've wanted a pair for years. Stoked the driver is free too.
  14. Also no one mentioned it but there is a new "Zigbee Health" Pop up window which looks pretty great. More of a dealer centric thing. Also it is now WAY easier to get logs on devices without being a putty master. Not very exciting but still much appreciated. Still waiting for better camera proxy and native RGB color wheel, my two biggest requests.
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