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  1. The Old Control4 Power Amps sucked... they dont make those anymore. The New Triad Amps are superb. Totally worth it. Only cheaper matrix option would be the old used 16x16 matrix but thats getting harder to reccomend as well because it doesnt have digital inputs which are becoming a must have item these days.
  2. I could see them buying a shades company. But it would likely be disappointing like when they bought Neeo. I think products are best when engineered fromt he ground up to support the vision, instead of buying something that already exists and trying to bend it to your will. I could see them releasing a minor update to the Controllers. Like EA1 V3, or something like that. But if its something big it could be something no one is asking for like a 20" touchscreen or something like that. If this is true either way I am excited to see what happens on Monday
  3. Or if jumping through all these hoops for audio is too much you could also just get a roku and plug it into the integra and that would to do trick too. Either way whether you want a optical cable or a Roku your looking at less than $50
  4. Regardless of what cable the fact remains that. If you want to backfeed the audio out of your TV to your Integra AVR you must use either the ARC on the HDMI cable or an optical Cable. Period. ARC needs to be set up properly to work right. Get ARC working and you will have your TV audio playing on your Integra. Or if getting ARC to work is too complicated just cut your losses, go get an optical cable, plug it in and be done with it.
  5. I been around the block once or twice but I have never ever heard of an Arial cable... Is that a brand name because its certainly not a cable type? Your probably talking about the HDMI cable
  6. Thats how you enable it on Integra And here is how you use it on a Sony TV https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/00016881 Keep in mind the HDMI cable has to be connected to the ARC port on the TV which is not always HDMI 1. But if you havent changed that then you should be good to go.
  7. I could be wrong about this but I did some googling and im pretty sure this will work for what you want. If you got a new 2020 Sony TV with eARC im pretty sure it would have all the things you asked for. Atmos, HDR, and Mini Apps. I mean replacing your TV probably isn't cheap but you said you wanted your cake and eat it too.
  8. To be clear your are talking about Using the built in Smart Apps on your Sony TV such as Netflix, Youtube and more and backfeeding the audio from the built in TV apps to the AV receiver? In that case your might have been using ARC and an update for the Integra or Denon might have turned that off. Doesn't sound like you dealer used an optical cable. So I really dont think its a C4 update that did this to you. Its a CEC or ARC thing doing this. This is why dealers don't reccomend using this method becuase it can and will just break.
  9. Dude that remote looks like a complete POS no offence. Looks like the old portable C4 touch screens only worse. Ditch that god awful thing and move to C4. I would whole heartedly say that thank god C4 doesn't work on that thing.
  10. On OS3 you can customize your own backgrounds for each room within the app itself. Custom buttons and graphics are almost all there. You would have to have something really niche for C4 to not already have a nice looking icon in place. Like maybe if you wanted a button for your RV Trailer then no that one isn't there and you would need a dealer to get really custom for you. Or just use a generic looking button and be done with it.
  11. Man you sound like a dealer haha! You know enough to be dangerous
  12. 2-3 times a week? what are you changing? 'Master Bed Lights' renamed to 'Master Bet Pot Lights' on Tuesday - then on Friday relabel them "Master Bed Can's" Then once a month we send out for new custom engravings Then Remove a light from a scene, then decide I don't like it and 3 days later put it back in the scene again. Sounds like madness haha
  13. A lot of people seem to think that they will constantly be programming and changing things but I think you will be very surprised that once it is set up, it works great and you will change very little over time on it. Even as a dealer I edit my programming very, very little. Its all set up how I want it and there really isn't that much tweaking to do. You can always use When / Then to customize programming. This is very handy for adding small things like "When the sun sets - turn on the outdoor lights" but that's about as far as people go with it. Maybe things like "when security is armed - lock the door" but 9 times out of 10 the dealer has already taken care of these minor programming requests. You can also get Composer HE which I have sold a few times and I am certain the customers have never really used it. The app is more flexible than ever and allows for a lot more customization than ever. No other pro automation system allows for as much end user customization as Control4 does. But if you do end up getting Control4 and Composer HE please follow up with this thread in a year or so and let us know how much you have actually used it. I bet it is very little. Small projects don't have that much programming to tweak, and large projects rely on their dealers so not many go down that road
  14. I think the excuse would be that it would use too much battery... dunno
  15. Yep I think lippa has the right idea This balun https://muxlab.com/product/stereo-hi-fi-balun-2-pack Hooked to a dumb plain old amp. YOu could use this is you wanna save some bucks use the episode amp (Snap AV) EA-MINI-2D-35 Or if you want to blow the roof off use the Triad Amp TS-PAMP1-200 Either way would be cheaper that a Triad One. Hopefully that location has power provisions otherwise your completely hooped.
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