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  1. Yea I am BIG panasonic guy myself and have a new OLED too. I really wish I could directly launch mini apps but it can't be done. At least the IP integration is rock solid. In two years of having it I've only ever had to hard power cycle the TV once, and I've never messed with Composer or C4 becuase the TV lost connection. It is solid. But yea every time you want to use Netflix you need to open the Panasonic app launcher first then open netflix. You could always get a Roku and have all the Mini Apps your heart desires. They're Only $50, and a Panasonic OLED+Roku is way better than a Samsung QLED with mini apps could ever hope to be. And if your adamant on using built in Panasonic apps then this should be an option. I've never used it - but its there. It'll do Netflix Mini App https://annex4.link/drivers/netflix-viera https://annex4.link/drivers/vieratelevision-v2 But that driver probably costs more than a Roku and it only has the one Netflix Mini App. So your prob still better off getting a Roku and using free drivers than paying for the Panasonic Driver.
  2. They changed the firmware for the z2io quite some time ago. It does in fact extend these days.
  3. I will confirm the old driver did not have scheduling functionality
  4. If I open the app and its already on the SXM favorites it will usually load a blank list. Then I just switch to channels and back to favorites and they are all there. Is this what your seeing?
  5. Sounds like you want custom. James Loudspeaker has exactly what you want. Whether it fits into your budget is a different story. https://www.jamesloudspeaker.com/categories/33
  6. Most service calls are not due to the programming magically breaking or no longer working. The Apple TV thing sucked and that was Apple's fault. There was ALOT of service calls when apple broke the IP integration. This affected everyone. Chances are something needed to be rebooted to get it working again. You should be able to take care of things like that.
  7. ON the Aux KP just bond the neutral and the ground. Then your left with just the yellow wire. Tie that to the yellow wire on the dimmer's Yellow wire. Thats as simple as I could explain it. Really its just 1 conductor.
  8. Menu button is on the top left when using the app Select Watch Select Denon AVR Select the Menu button on the top left to bring up the menu Use the arrow keys to navigate around
  9. Well I mean if you already have the gear give it a go - it sometimes works. C4 programming looks like this - Take the optical out out of the TV and bind it to the TV input on the Denon. Then set your Denon AVR settings so that the TV input on the Denon uses the ARC and not optical. Then as far as C4 knows its got a good audio connection and in the C4 world it knows nothing about the ARC. Once again you may experience issues from time to time, it won't be bulletproof, but it should work 95+% of the time. Full Send
  10. In all honestly then your best bet is going to be something like this https://www.xantech.com/product/audio-over-cat-cable-built-dac-XT-CAT-ARC-KIT https://www.blustream.co.uk/cat100au Hopefully you have a spare Cat5e back to the AVR from the TV. This will be your most solid and bulletproof solution within the C4 world.
  11. The triad 24x24 is a great option. The older 16x16 doesn't have digital inputs which is a big drawback today. Its hard to recommend anything other than the 24x24 Triad for what you want. If you really want to keep the budget in check just do 8 zones and get the 8 zone matrix amp. That's the most cost effective way of doing things. The new Triad power amps are superb. I would highly recommend. The older Control4 Power Amps were garbage but they have been discontinued. I doubt a dealer would be quoting those things today. The matrix amps have always been and still are awesome I hate when my customers go out and ebay used gear then make me guinea pig the install, but I have done it before. And I'm sure it won't be the last time.
  12. The solution you're looking for is called "Roku" Its a lot cheaper than that balun too
  13. I use denon all the time and this is how its done (On the newer models anyways. For sure on the 4300h) Select Watch Select Denon AVR Press Menu hard button and the denon menu comes up and you can tinker as you wish.
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