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  1. JAP is not superior to the AV Pro Edge 4x4. They are different beasts. JAP is more flexible. So if one day you needed a 5th or a 6th TV / Source it is much easier to do so. It can expand to have much more than 4 sources and 4 displays. AV Pro Edge has better video capabilities, 4K60 4:4:4. And its less compressed. There is also much less latency if doing gaming or something like that. In a small residential setting I would probably take the AV Pro Edge if it was my call. But realistically they are both great products and its really a win/win situation.
  2. Yep make sure with essential gear that you have essetial aux keypads as well. You cannot mix and match aux keypads between the two products.
  3. Most of my projects use Driver Central drivers and I love that their "driver central cloud driver" has a reboot director command in it. I use it all the time.
  4. Use a Pico or use an Axxess Doorbell https://www.axxind.com/smarthome/doorbells/ The axxess doorbell probably doesnt have the aesthetic your looking for. But I do believe it has a contact input that you could wire a big button too. Or even a Z2IO and wire a generic button to the contact sensor.
  5. Also make sure the panel is on the latest firmware. It has to be updated by vivint.
  6. Definitely use the trigger from the Triad Matrix to the Triad Amp. Its basically essential.
  7. I'm pretty sure you will need to set the sub sampling to 4:2:0. Don't think it can do 4k60 @ 4:4:4
  8. That is true. But if you just want your smart light to turn on at 5 and shut off at 8 when then is perfect. Or if you want a push notification when something happens. It works fairly good. Its no composer pro by any means but it gets the job done.
  9. Also you can buy 4sight @ customer.control4.com and then immediately start making programming changes to the system using When / Then. But yea adding new devices like caseta dimmers and such require a dealer. Once they're in there you can customize and edit the programming as you wish.
  10. Then absolutely get Unifi. The cameras are expensive but worth it. Summary of why it kicks so much ass -App is amazing, best ive ever used. This can't be understated enough. Compared to any other app the Unifi protect app is better -You can just go to unifi.ubnt.com and view cams on any PC using any browser without compatibility issues -Cameras have a ton of smart features, Line detection, person/object recognition, smart events, list goes on -Records audio as well -No monthly fees -Push Notifications without C4 or 4sight. Ability to customize the push notifi
  11. Basically further troubleshooting steps would be like this Does the C4 App work? What app are are using? OS2 or OS3? Do any other zigbee devices work? Remotes? Locks? Sensors? If the system is just lighting and nothing else and you dont even use the app then the main controller might have a fault. But check to see how the rest of the system is working. It would be very odd if your SR-260 remotes worked but your lights 3-ways didnt for example.
  12. You just sell the house with the electronics "as is". Tell the potential buyer he will need to link up with a dealer (or reccomend yours) to take over the system and make it work for the new owner. As long as you mention this and they are aware of it, it shouldnt be an issue Don't say "Oh yeah the C4 system is absolutely perfect and everything is mint. Couldn't be any better" just be honest with the potential buyers.
  13. What im getting out of this is that he is using first generation Control4 lighting products, the zigbee server is down and the 2 button keypad isn't working. On the newer generation gear (Aux Keypad) with the yellow communication wire the 3 way will always work when wired back to the main dimmer. If every 3 way in the house is down then I would guess zigbee is completely down and thats why its not working.
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