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  1. Possible firewall settings? Run as Admin?
  2. Unifi is not the issue. I have lots of clients with OS3 and Unifi. Close the app completely and open it from scratch - loads quick Put the app in the background for a bit and come back and reopen the app takes 30 seconds to load. Known bug it happens on every system. Solution. Just shut the app down and open from scratch. Or wait a few more weeks untill C4 has it patched. They are aware of the issue.
  3. That is the one. There is no mention of it and their website sucks but I just did the training and they said every DVR has half the capacity in NVR channels. So a 4 channel DVR can record 6 cameras. 4 Analog and 2 IP An 8 Channel DVR can record 12 Cameras 8 Analog and 4 IP Give them a shout. Available at AVAD or WAVE
  4. I know that LUX does this. Havent used them myself but I was just in their training and it seems alright. Price is great http://www.luxcctv.com/products/16-channel-hybrid-hd-tvi-dvr-lux-tri-t16/ They do have C4 drivers. Also i'm pretty sure a LUMA 510 DVR can do this. Luma is our go-to but honestly I have never dont a hybrid setup myself. I am an analog guy all the way! (5MP analog HD-TVI kick ass)
  5. Based on the pictures the Bose 251 would work great for that application. Project looks great.
  6. I mean it sounds like a pretty small room. Whats the application of this room? Why does it need to have big speakers with large woofers? It is a home gym or something? Or more of an office area? I mean I am sure you could use the bose 251 speakers and put in a pair. https://www.bose.ca/en_ca/products/speakers/stereo_speakers/251-environmental-speakers.html It won't be thundering bass that will shake the house down that you can feel in your soul. But, we all have an idea of why Bose speakers are so popular, and its because they typically have more low end than other brands (by design) I just put 14 of these into a small restaurant and it sounded great. No it wasn't as good as a club in Miami but still the Bose 251 speakers dont disappoint. If the room is so small its impossible to put in 2 speakers, then it seems like all you really need is some soft background music and any of the solutions listed above will be fine. Also I would strongly recommend not using zone 2 on the avr. Especially if your going to put in some high-end, great sounding speakers then have the system glitch out and not work properly seems like an oversight. Even things like announcements and such won't work in that zone. You won't be doing anyone a favor using zone 2 thats for sure
  7. https://russound.com/products/speakers/outdoor-speakers/outback-indoor-outdoor/5b65s-b-6-5-2-way-outback-single-point-stereo-speaker-in-black Nothing too fancy about these speakers but they are exactly what your talking about. Surface Mount dual voice coil. If your using a triad matrix and amp just set the audio matrix to mix to mono and use any speaker you want.
  8. I would assume yes. I dont think there was any special firmware for sr-250's on os3.
  9. This should do the trick https://www.currentaudio.com/cs800dtfl.html and put this box on the back of it https://www.currentaudio.com/cs80bc.html
  10. Definitely go for a panelized lighting solution. If you want the best dimming experience around go with 0-10v dimming products. Sounds like you have the budget for it. Right now (In my opinion) there is nothing better than a Control4 0-10v Panelized Lighting Solution with Hardwired RS485 keypads. This is (in my opinion) the Rolls Royce of lighting solutions.
  11. R series is now discontinued. Replaced by the "distributed audio" series. Price and performance on the new series is great. get an IC82 or IC83 and you will be happy.
  12. SCP - Structured Cabling Products. Amazing product and price
  13. James Loudspeaker makes Vases for plants that have subwoofers built in. https://www.jamesloudspeaker.com/products/415 Prob doesn't get better when it comes to a subwoofer to put outdoors on the deck. Will require an external amplifier
  14. Yes you will have to program the lighting in instead of binding it. It still works the same but not quite as elegant as binding all the lighting. Back in OS 2 early days programming it was just the way it was. Dont try rigging your zigbee server, just change from binding to programming and you will be all good.
  15. Yea I have an HC800 so I just dropped the OSD and I dont think i'll be looking back. I dont even hook it up for 70% of my customers.
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