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  1. Next or Previous track should work within the C4 UI But unfortunately C4 does not support a slider to scroll to a precise point in a podcast 36 minutes in. You would need to use the native app for that.
  2. The engravings and plates hold up very well. IMO the best finish is a Matte White or Matte Black (Snow White / Midnight Black) with the stainless steel Control4 plate. But damn the plates are expensive. I would personally just stick with Matte stuff, except maybe in the kitchen if you have stanless appliances and such maybe get the stainless plates on the backsplash there or something
  3. You will be fine with some nice 14/2 speaker wire. 12/2 would be overkill and i have never needed 10/2 speaker wire for any application before. Landscape speakers are usually 70v and aren't as prone to volt drop as an 8 ohm speaker would be. If your landscape speakers are 70v you could prob even get away with 16/2. Long story short use 14/2
  4. The edge series is basically dead compared to Unifi. Definitely don't get Edge and get Unifi. https://store.ui.com/collections/unifi-network-routing-switching/products/unifi-dream-machine This thing is the cats meow and there isn't a better all in one router for the price on the market. If you really wanna big d*ck it then get the Dream Machine Pro. That's basically the best residential router I know of (I am also a Pakedge/Luxul dealer, the Unifi product is just superior in nearly every regard)
  5. Your current programming might work if you put a STOP after each if statement. Pounces way would work well too.
  6. For a controller swap your going to need a dealer. What area are you in?
  7. Stoked the access agent is hopefullly up to standards these days. Now we just need a way for a customer to have multiple homes under 1 account and I think most of the access/account issues will be gone.
  8. I actually think static IPs can cause alot of issues over time as gear gets swapped out and routers change. DHCP reservation all the way in my opinion. I have basically never used a static IP in my life. DHCP reservations are much easier and very good from my experience. Also make sure your controllers DNS is manually set to for best performance.
  9. IK notice old CA devices are very picky about the mesh and alot of the time dont work right;. I just threw 2 brand new in box CA untis in the garbage last week because they wouldnt join.
  10. Roku helps with the streaming service anxiety. It can search across multiple services at once so you can see where it is cheapest if multiple places are streaming the same content. Roku is the only video streaming device you need right now.
  11. Best right now is Luma 510 series NVRs. Still a lot of features missing if compared to ring or nest. They finally got the update out so it works on any browser (not just IE) so it now works on safari, chrome, firefox. Its about time. Awesome update. But there are alot of drawbacks. For example - Luma systemd that costs thousands still can't simple send push notifications without using Control4 and jumping through hoops. Setting up alerts and notifications and such is way easier in nest / ring. It should be a standard by now. These cheap consumer products are even doing analytics like face detection and line crossing and you won't see those features in the pro world until you jump up to the visualint series which is so expensive it immediately won't work for 9/10 jobs. I hate where the surveillance industry is at as a whole. We have two options and both aren't great. 1 - Professional gear with half the features. But is very reliable and great picture quality. 2 - Consumer gear that is cheap, crappy to install, worse picture quality, monthly fees, made of plastic, no margins, can't withstand -30C temperatures ect..., But super easy to use, awesome app, tons of features and amazing price point, It really makes me look like a dumbass when I put in a quality Luma system for several thousand dollars and someone pulls out their Ring app that can do so much more. Even something as simple as pulling your footage off sucks on Luma. You have to convert the footage to a playable file format so people can share it on facebook and stuff. It shouldnt be so hard to just share a clip to facebook and have it play. Nearly every time my customers have a break in they call me and I have to pull the footage off. convert it, uploadto drop box for them, it sucks big time. With nest or ring pulling footage off and showing the world couldnt be any easier. What would make me happy is if Luma added push notifications, analytics, customizable notification schedules (so you only get notifications from 11 PM to 5 AM if you want for example.) Sensitivity adjustment right there on the app, saving footage without having to convert it, all that stuff is considered standard, but really the only gear with all those features is ring/nest/alarm.com and its not standard at all. None of the big players have these features that nest/ring have at their super cheap price point. Its getting harder and harder to justify pro surveillance in the small-to-medium sizes homes residential market when Ring and Nest are doing it better for cheaper. (With all that being said I'm currently installing a Luma 510 DVR right now. It is a great product, but leaves lots to be desired.)
  12. The only products that dont integrate are Ring or Nest Cams/Hello. Other than that things integrate pretty good. IP control on TVs has come along way. It works on most brands now. Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG and more. Now just because Ring products dont integrate with C4 doesn't mean you should avoid them. They still have their place in the market. I would avoid cheap lighting systems and stick with what works. The cheapest half decent lighting system thats not C4 would be caseta. It integrates fine. I would AVOID sonos integration at this point. Its terrible. Unless we're talking about a soundbar and IP control which in that case go for it. Don't install products that are old, as support may drop. Don't install products that are bleeding edge as they haven't been tried and tested. For locks just get the Control4 zigbee ones. Do NOT get the z-wave module and jump through hoops. Just get the more expensive zigbee stuff. I dunno anyone else got anything to add?
  13. Sure thing. Canadian Dealer here. WA2200 is $605.00 CAD
  14. Most larger companies operate in UAP (Unilateral Advertised Pricing) meaning it doesn't matter where you buy the equipment from its the same price. So whether you buy an EA3 from dealer A or B its the same cost on hardware and you pick your integrator based on their expertise and track record, not picking an integrator based on who will whore the equipment out for the cheapest price. Apple is the same way. Whether you buy directly from the apple store or go to best buy the product is the same price. Buying directly offers no saving from buying it from a 3rd party retailer.
  15. Well if your already in the Pakedge world then definitely get a Pakedge WA-2200 WAP. Its what I have in my own house and it works great. A bit pricey but worth it. https://www.control4.com/docs/product/pakedge-wa-2200/solutions-guide/english/latest/pakedge-wa-2200-solutions-guide-rev-a.pdf Avoid extenders, and try to use dedicated hardwired WAPs instead.
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