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  1. Hey Chris, Welcome to the forums. It really depends on how much your invested in the Control4 system. For myself, espcially with the release of OS3 I am a huge C4 guy and wouldn't want to use any other app. C4 is the bee's knee's and I know I will still be using C4 for many, many years to come. If you are going to go the Sonos route, chances are its just best to use two seperate apps, You can use C4 for all your automation and Sonos for the music, it definitely won't be as userfriendly or intuitive but thats up to you. In my opinion the C4 audio experience is better than Sonos. The new controllers and amps and high resolution audio sound absolutely superb, you can do announcements and so much more. (Doorbell announcement is crucial for me) Even the C4 app is better in my opinion. At this point in my opinion the only leg up Sonos has on control4 is the variety of music services. Right now Control4 has the ones I want most - Sirius, Spotify, and TuneIn which is all I will ever use. But the C4 streaming services library is getting better and better everyday. Worse case scenario you have to airplay or chromecast the audio to the system which is still intuitive and easy to do with C4. I used to have a Sonos Connect feeding into my matrix amp, but I have since sold it and moved to native C4 services and couldn't be happier. If you plan on using C4 for many years to come, just get the C4 gear. You won't regret it. The Sonos stuff sells really quickly on the 2nd hand market too so its easy to recoop some of your investment
  2. I'm still waiting for updated camera drivers because apparantly is OS3 you can send a push notification with images. Such as when someone pressed the front doorbell send the notification with a picture attached. Thats gunna be awesome
  3. Eggzlot in that first picture you uploaded it looks like the dimmer on the left has the 'old' light sensor bar. Might just be the picture but the bottom bar should be black in the middle and not clear. I still dont think it will rectify the problem completely but if it is the older clear version definitely get that swapped out to the new black sensor bar. It could help a little bit.
  4. Your talking about BakPak which sort of ties everything together. I still don't find it to be an integrated as a unifi system. BakPak seems like a sweet add-on to me, where as with Unifi running the software that ties everything together is essential. For example If you log into a Pakedge WAP locally (192.168.1.XXX) it has no clue if your using a Pakedge router, or if there are other WAPs in the system. You just configure it stand alone then log into the next WAP and repeat the process. Yes with BakPak that may be different, but just logging into the device and configuring seems a bit old school. Same with the router. It would be awesome if when you rogged into the Pakedge Router it said You have 4 other Pakedge devices on the network. Heres an overview of them. Click here to go to those devices. I definitely need to take a better look at BakPak, I will admit that. At my house I am running a RK1 Pakedge router, And 2 x (the brand new) WA-2200 WAPs. Even after PCNA I wasn't head over heels in love with the stuff, but now that I have been running it for 6 months it has grown on me quite a bit. The router has been very solid for me, and has been working great since the start. There are some things I'm not the biggest fan of (the interface, for example the DHCP reservation page and such) but aside from me nitpicking the interface it has been very stable. The new WA-2200 WAPs have been performing very good in my experience. I would say they perform as good (or maybe even better) than a UAP-AC-Pro. They are pretty small and compact. The design and aesthetics of them are much better then the WK1 WAPs. I would say either one is a very good option. Pakedge RK1 with WA2200 WAPs and you will have an awesome network. Unifi USG with UAP-AC-Pro (or better) WAPs and you will also have an awesome network. Just out of curiosity how do you like BakPak? Do you find it to be a game changer and a near essential item to have on any project that has Control4? When I briefly used BakPak through my PCNA course I didn't find much value out of it. I always just log into the device locally to make changes, and if something is wrong with Control4 I just log in with Composer and see whats going on. Curious to hear how you have been using BakPak. Do you just log into the device one time, set it up with BakPak then any time you need to make changes or adjustments you use Bakpak to do so? Is it safe to say you use BakPak more than you just log into the device locally? Cheers
  5. USG here as well. its rock solid. Unifi end-to-end if probably your best bet. The unifi platform is absolutely superb. The pakedge stuff is alright too, I just dont like how every device is stand alone and nothing really works together in an ecosystem. With Unifi everyone is on one great easy to use platform.
  6. Room Control driver has join room functions built into it too
  7. There is a driver called the room control driver. It has a preset source cycler. So it can cycle from spotify, to a specific radio station, to DLNA and such. You could program the skip song to the same button on a double tap. a pause on a triple. It will take some playing with.
  8. use something like a deck or an outdoor speaker. They come with wall mounts.
  9. Or you know what dude. Just switch it to IP and see if the problem persists. The IP driver works great in my opinion
  10. Check your endpoints. Also confirm that the IR isnt being split to multiple apple tvs and each apple tv has its own ir output
  11. and also IP control or IR Control? If there is something glued to the front of the ATV then it will be controlled by IR
  12. Whoops! I meant Ring Pro. In Canada Ring Pro is $250 and a DS2 is $1575. So you could get 6 Ring Pros (which are pretty decent) for the price of 1 DS2 and still have $75 left over.
  13. Yea I'm stuck in the same boat. Ring+Nest all have their drawbacks. The fact that they are cloud based and dont properly integrate. Or that they cannot record to an NVR My issue with the C4 one is, 1. Price is absolutely insane. You could buy 6 Ring pro for the price of 1 DS2 2. The camera quality is mediocre at best. For the price of it it should be damn near 4K 3. The aesthetics aren't really great. 4. The camera angle cannot be modified or changed at all. 5. (not really a big deal because the app is pretty good) but you still need a 2nd app. So its really a lose/lose situation. There is no door solution that I believe is awesome. They all have some serious and major drawbacks. If you have a bunch of C4 touchscreens and such then go with DS2, if not just get a ring. The picture quality is much better.
  14. Sonys have great IP Drivers for free. So do the higher end Panasonic's (my vote) Samsungs are some of my least favorite. I dont link the over saturated picture and the chances of the TV failing or malfunctioning are much higher then say Sony or Panasonic. Once again im giving the nod to Panasonic for the highest reliability.
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