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  1. If its not automatic then put in a line of code "when button is pressed send notification" Also in composer there is a button to manually force send the push notification just as a test.
  2. Also you need 4sight. Also the programming needs to be right.
  3. go to customer.control4.com and make sure notifications are turned on for your specific device. Also make sure they are enabled in the phones settings.
  4. The price between a Configurable Keypad and Keypad dimmer is minimal. And the Keypad dimmer will install quicker because you don't need to retrofit in another electrical box for the keypad, you just replace the switch thats already there. And you get the benefit of lighting control. So I still say your best off getting the keypad dimmers and replace the switch in every room you want audio control in. By that point half the lighting in the house will be automated and it wouldn't be hard to add in a few more lights and really get some awesome functionality.
  5. Rotary Volume knobs are not really compatible with a system like Control4, Those are really meant for old school speaker selector systems. The reason I don't recommend them is because in order for them to work you need to run the Control4 amp 24/7/365 at a high volume and never shut off your stream so your constantly burning power and using bandwidth when your not even listening to the system. Control is meant to be turned on / off properly with the app. Not to be running 24/7/365 then volume turned up/down with a knob on the wall. So long story short your best option is
  6. Chances are the Yamaha is controlled via IP, so you would likely need dealer intervention. If it is controlled by IR than you might be good to go if you put the IR emitter back on correctly.
  7. For video intercom you should be looking at the C4 "Chime" and some Touchscreens. Intercom is a very tricky beast and it even took Control4 years to get it sort of working right, and they're still working on things. I wouldn't expect too much out of a 3rd party system. If you want to use the Hikvision intercom with the Hikvision app than go ahead, but don't bother trying to use the Hik device with C4 intercom unless you really know what your doing. You would likely need to even develop your own driver which will be very complicated for a device like that. And unless I am mist
  8. Yeah I mean by all means go ahead and get one of the most high end, premium lighting systems on the market and pair it with the cheapest controller available. You do you. I will say in the panelized lighting training I am sure I read something along the lines of "If the customer has the budget for panelized lighting, then they have the budget for an EA-5" In training they basically say that as soon as you mention panelized lighting you should be looking at an EA5. Like I say EA3 will do. I wouldn't personally get an EA1 or CA1 and in the scope of a project like this spending the ex
  9. Yea I would definitely want something with 4K 60 4:4:4 18 GBPS capability. Ive uesd the AVProEdge HDBaseT stuff with great success, and I would probably Guinea pig using the AV Pro Edge IP system. Its basically brand new so I doubt many dealers have experience with it, but AVPro has a proven track record and I do have a great deal of faith in their products performing as advertised. https://www.avproedge.com/mxnet.html
  10. Depending how many dimmers you have around the house it might actually be cheaper to just stick with C4 and pay some one to modify as needed. Could be cheaper than replacing every switch with a Caseta. Espcially if your paying an electrician to insall all the new dimmers. And what a downgrade that would be, C4 lighting (at least the latest gen) is better than anything on amazon or home depot.
  11. Also I hope your really not trying to pair panelized lighting with the CA-1. Thats more of an EA3/5 sort of thing most the time.
  12. So it was just people using AWS that have an issue? Any system with a Cloud Key or Dream Machine wasn't affected?
  13. It could be an IP conflict where its set to static but another device already took that IP address. Try changing to DHCP and see if it fixes things.
  14. Swap out the 4 zone amp for an 8 zone. the old C4-16AMP is an amazing product. Then sell your 4 zone. Shouldn't be hard as the 4 zones were incredible value and I know alot of people would still have use for it. Or you could always get 2 x Triad One's. But with that being said i'm sure a used 16 channel matrix amp is less than 2 brand new Triad One's. If your still using Sonos (and plan on using Triad One's) and not just Native C4 streaming services you will need to have the sonos go into one of the Controllers audio inputs. It will add a bit of latency but then your Sonos could be
  15. Control4 can only live view cameras and use PTZ functions. That is a limitation of Control4's camera proxy. There isn't any system out there in which you can rewind and playback saved footage on the Control4 app. The Luma "fully integrates" by allowing things like full control over the OSD using the HDMI output of the NVR. You can control the NVR with an IP driver. So you can hook it to a TV and have full control over things with a Control4 remote. It also allows for push notifications and things like motion sensing detection. If you plan on looking at your cameras on a TV frequently than
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