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  1. Thanks Muj...copy all. So if I understand correctly, even adding older generation stats to older drivers still won't work within C4...bottom line is the API refuses to add any new stats regardless of generation. Sounds like I should migrate to Google. Questions: 1) If migrate to the Google account can I still use my current Nest App? 2) If yes to #1, even if nest protect won't work with the new Google C4 driver, will the nest protect devices remain detected/operational within the Nest app?
  2. If I migrate to the Google account I will not be able to use the Nest App on my phone, correct? That is problematic as I've heard Google has not integrated Nest Protect devices into their Google software yet. Therefore, if there is a smoke or C02 warning/alarm, I will not receive push notifications to my phone. What am I missing? I'm still not sure what the issue is with C4. The original Nest App works perfectly with all my stats (all generations) and all nest protects. Seems strange I can add the new stat to my Nest App but not C4. It seems that only C4 integration is what's broke.
  3. Thanks RAV. So the 3rd Gen Nest Thermostat has been out for 5 years (since Sept 2015), and yet has no one integrated this into C4? Hard to believe? Migration to Google only occurred in 2019...what did everyone do prior to that? Surely there's a Nest driver out there that should work, no? Thanks, Mike
  4. Quick question...I have a two zone home with both zones using 2nd Gen Nest Learning TStats. Both TStats have been integrated into my C4 project since 2014. The rotating bezel on one of the TStas failed I just replaced one 2nd Gen Nest TStat with a brand new 3rd Gen Nest Learning TStat. I successfully remove the old TStat from the Nest App and added the new 3rd Gen. I am still using the original Nest App...I have not migrated to a Google Account. Inside the Nest App everything is working great with both 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen TStats working perfectly. In Composer Pro I removed the o
  5. Good to know, thanks! Although how does it support Alexa if it's a closed system as lippavisual highlighted? Closed to C4 but not closed to Amazon? 🤔
  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Moral of the story I gathered is that sometimes "dumb" is the smartest decision. Lol!
  7. Bummer. So no smart shower integration options for C4 at all? Any vendor?
  8. Sounds feasible, although Philips Hue is powered by standard outlet. Presumably this option requires converting a ceiling fan wiring into a standard outlet so there is a place to plug the Hue base into in the cileing, right?
  9. Am planning a master bath renovation and am looking to install a Smart Shower system. The two that stand out are U by Moen and Kohler DTV+. Which of these has C4 integration? If both, which is the better option? Thanks!
  10. A quick search and is seems RGB lightning is way outdated in technology. What solution can I go with that powers an RGB strip from Chandalier wiring in the ceiling so it's activated via a C4 Wireless switch on the wall? A wireless RGB Controller sits in the ceiling cavity and connects to the C4 controller via Zigbee (no different than any other wireless Zigbee device). Everything is powered via 120v using existing chandalier or fan wiring (no fan installed of course). I run the RGB strips out along the ceiling trim to my desired location and control the lighting through my C4 App. What solutio
  11. Not sure why no recommendations for pfSense. Have been using a pfSense router for a couple years and in terms of functionality, performance, and security (i.e. firewall), pfSense is about as good as it gets. Unifi is right up there, but arguably not as customizable as a pfSense router.
  12. Interesting idea. I'll continue to monitor to see what happens. Thanks.
  13. So after 30 minutes of troubleshooting, I finally got it to connect. I learned that channel 25 doesn't seem to work in my house, or perhaps my zigbee mesh isn't strong enough to use that channel. Tried a few different channels and got 14 to identify on the first try. Thanks for the help.
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