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  1. I know Amen.... I texted his cell # a bunch of times and finally on April 4th someone responded saying "he has passed". I tried asking what all happend but no response.... sigh
  2. I'm wondering the same thing I heard Vince Yost passed away.... I am truly saddened if this is the case. I was good "virtual" buddies with him and I was hoping to get some answers as to what exactly happened to him back in February. Anyone have any information? thanks
  3. A tad off topic here but is there a way to FF/RW for the Disney+ app using the latest version of the IP Driver for the ATV 4K? Thanks!
  4. I can tell you that it works with my ATV 4K’s running tvOS 13 and my HC800 with OS3.1
  5. Ditto....you can def tell a difference in button response times ğŸ˜ž
  6. Yes, but i have all the ATV's in a rack in one location so i just went back to IR's to each.... I stuck them to the devices... the IR eye goes just left of the power light on front.
  7. I ended up going the IR route .... and I got customized commands that mimic how the IP driver worked on the ATV 4K's (especially Guide/Menu/Cancel) I had my dealer take care of it all for $35... highly recommend him. He can do it remotely in minutes and super nice guy. Here's his info in case anyone here wants to use him as well (Vincent) https://www.facebook.com/VINCELdUB
  8. My apologies... I'm just really frustrated.... I'll see if the gen4 driver works (I heard it does a bit ago).... crossing fingers. Again, sorry about that... (IR is not an option for me)
  9. So I need to spend $800 to get my damn remotes working??? that is a load of bs....
  10. DO NOT tell me I have to pay $800+ now in order to get my Apple TV 4k's to work with my SR260's now.... that would be utterly absurd...my HC800 works perfectly with my small system...
  11. Looking to purchase a Sanus or Middle Atlantic 35/36U (24" depth) rack for my AV/Network/Server equipment. I am consolidating from two separate smaller racks into one larger one. Item must be in great/excellent shape. I use venmo for payments. Thanks in advance!
  12. Looking to buy a Unifi 24 port switch (non PoE). Must be in a excellent working condition. I use venmo for payments. Thanks in advance!
  13. Looking to purchase 1 or 2 Fan Speed Controllers (White) and 1 or 2 KD120-WH Keypad Dimmers.... slightly used is fine...not looking to pay full MSRP. thanks in advance!
  14. Selling 2 Apple TV 3's in great working condition. Includes power cable and original box. Venmo payments only. $90+shipping.
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