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  1. Cool story bro.... I think we have exhausted this convo. Enjoy the rest of your weekend bud.
  2. smart move as am I..... sorry to break any forum etiquette . Definitely not my intention, I love using chat servers as a resource on top of forums and I thought others may want too as well.
  3. Yessir! Edited OP.... better?
  4. My apologies if that’s what it seems like to you... not what it is but ok. People can use whatever communication method they want. Choice is great.... yeah, you can use an app with this forum... still not the same experience. Either way... got your point. Thanks
  5. its not a competition... just helpful to have another avenue that has a mobile app and real time responses ON TOP of online forums...
  6. I just figured it would be nice to have another area for more real time chatting between control4 enthusiasts and automators out there
  7. Whoops! Link added to OP, sorry about that!
  8. Hey everyone, I would like to invite you all to our new (Unofficial) Control4 discord server we have up and running now. If you’re interested, Just use the following invite link to join... enjoy and happy automating! 😃 https://discord.gg/zUjGxqw (link shouldn’t expire, let me know if it does for ya)
  9. I know Amen.... I texted his cell # a bunch of times and finally on April 4th someone responded saying "he has passed". I tried asking what all happend but no response.... sigh
  10. I'm wondering the same thing I heard Vince Yost passed away.... I am truly saddened if this is the case. I was good "virtual" buddies with him and I was hoping to get some answers as to what exactly happened to him back in February. Anyone have any information? thanks
  11. A tad off topic here but is there a way to FF/RW for the Disney+ app using the latest version of the IP Driver for the ATV 4K? Thanks!
  12. I can tell you that it works with my ATV 4K’s running tvOS 13 and my HC800 with OS3.1
  13. Ditto....you can def tell a difference in button response times 😞
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