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  1. I am looking to fit the zigbee remote aerial kit to a HC 800, The included sma cord length is to short to get it where i want it to be. Has any one used an extension like the one below to extend and if so did it work ok? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077DYL6XH/ref=asc_df_B077DYL6XH51752337/?tag=googshopuk-21&creative=22146&creativeASIN=B077DYL6XH&linkCode=df0&hvadid=205215094696&hvpos=1o6&hvnetw=g&hvrand=12275398410256810898&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045107&hvtargid=pla-423999576610
  2. I guess the issue is not being able to walk out of said store with a product in hand, however the more i think about it does that really matter if it draws attention to the brand. Example, tesla has/ had a small store in our local shopping mall, with one car on display and brochures. You would not be able to purchase there but given a brochure and advice on purchasing. I know its a different industry but got me thinking as the model would be the same.
  3. Interesting concept, although i have not thought through the ins & outs. In comparison do any of the other big CI companys have flagship stores, what about sonos do they have any stores anywhere! Cant say as i have seen or heard of one.
  4. I am kent, uk and can get both the axxess and doorbird, pm me if interested, we can also install if needed. 👍
  5. Cant wait for this alan, i have a site with 3 phase in & a wind generation plant this would be perfect 👍🏻
  6. Was it sony? May of been some other reciever brand!
  7. I know this has been explored before with a c4 & sony partnership. I would love to see C4 release a new surround processor. Surely this could be more viable now with the aquisitions of triad and leaf. A 5 & 7 channel version with an Ea1 on board, using triads ice power amps. as i understand before it was available through the retail market was only available in the states and did not do very well, (could be wrong). If this exsisted i would use lots of them. Thoughts? Carl
  8. Acctually as an extension to this, i remember not so long ago drivers purchased from a certain developer and probaly others would contain a statement in the notes along the lines of “benchtest this driver in office before deployment in the field”, this should be instilled into dealers more often i think.
  9. I have been watching this thread for a while, and i hate to say it but in my honest opinion, any dealer that has trouble carrying out this simple integration probaly shouldnt be a dealer in the first place. The tools and documentation are there albeit a little dated, there skillset as a dealer should be able to work it out. Thats my thoughts!
  10. No Problems, yes from the top of my head this is possible as the amount of presses detected is done at driver level as opposed to the hardware capability, someone please correct me if i am wrong, some psuedo programming may need to be done in ETS and the original button function may need to be instigated in composer. When i get a chance i will check this out in some of my older projects, i know i have certainly done this with other brands of KNX keypads. Best carl
  11. Hi I have in fact integrated basaltes knx switch plates with control4, it can be done with either control4’s own knx integration suite or the tisco integration suite. Obviously this is not native like what they offer with crestron or lutron, however the end result is the same. Any questions i will try to help. Best carl
  12. Any body know if these fans are available in the uk?, there are a few sellers on amazon that will ship them here however i presume they would be 110v!
  13. Since making these comments i have come across another way of integrating Control4 with KNX, We have not tested this ourselves but seems pretty good. https://technet.genesis-technologies.ch/control4-drivers/knx/interface-and-gateway/
  14. Been testing this out, Great driver Alan, Uk has been awaiting this for a long time. Thumbs Up.
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