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  1. sounds like a programming 101 error. thank you for the clarification.
  2. guys, I have a tv with apple tv, and a cable receiver, and also in the same room I have a set of speakers for distributed audio. Any thoughts on how to best set it up so that any TV source plays through the television but music sources play through the ceiling speakers? Right now if I select that room and play sonos or any audio it plays through the TV. Maybe another fake room called living room audio?
  3. ended up doing the google thing...inlaws are visiting this xmas and was trying to make life easy for the channel surfer father in law of mine.
  4. Trying to create favourite channels List. Is there a Zip code that can be put in for Telus optik tv channels? We have postal codes in Canada- alphanumeric
  5. I was just curious if the Kodi full driver shows anything on the Neeo screen. Movie covers etc?
  6. Yes they both are free
  7. Would love some feedback on your thoughts of using a global cache device (already owned) compared to a Z2IO device for IR control of blinds. Any better off to get a Z2IO?
  8. Anybody ever program a HAI HiFi2 8x8 system?
  9. Is it possible to have a keypad button to launch a watch activity? Such as watch Kodi or watch tv?
  10. Just referring to super smooth dimming. Not choppy.
  11. So if you can get a pile of these cheap they won’t become extinct in the near future? Will these still dim smoothly like some of the nicer Leviton switches? appreciate the response.
  12. Hello will these switches still work with the newest OS?
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