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  1. might be overthinking this here, but stay tuned for the josh core product that comes out in a few months, you'll want this product on the same switch as your micros, and will likely be okay keeping things completely seperate.
  2. Even that’s challenging unless you are willing to dedicate your shield to Kodi exclusively. Once you close Kodi or focus on another app on the shield. You will lose that query access for the driver to pull the movie list into navigator.
  3. will this feature exist natively for netplaytv customers at some point?
  4. The privacy issue is a really big part of their sales pitch and its highlighted very well in their material, i'll be completely honest though, myself and most people that opt for this system, already had either a google or amazon microphone in their house prior, and with the types of devices we're integrating into these systems, privacy is already kind of out the window., while it is nice peace of mind, a microphone in your house is still a microphone in your house. I do think its clear though that selling your information is not part of Josh.ai's revenue stream.
  5. I think its very reasonable to expect this to work 'out of the box', the control4 driver for Josh.ai is very functional today, and didn't require much setup at all. They have a very solid grasp on audio/video matrix/routing through control4, so i would imagine its as simple as binding the core outputs to your matrix and making sure the systems are aware of these connections. To the comment up above about removing t3s/t4s, i thought about this, but i use them pretty often to display cameras, its pretty nice to tell josh to 'show me the driveway' and have it pop up on the navigators.
  6. I'm also awaiting the nano, as i'd much rather have it broadcast over the in home speakers (all rooms that have josh today with the exception of one, have their own in wall speakers already) keep in mind that core/nano has not shipped yet, and while there is info available, as far as i know, no one has these in their system yet.
  7. the issue is the micro has a speaker on it, and the nano (their new tiny device does not) right now wiht a standard control 4 system, there is no way to broadcast josh replies (and responses) through the c4 in home audio (the system was designed for sonos) the josh core has audio outputs that can go into a c4 matrix and allow the responses from josh to speak/announce over the in room speakers in places where a micro isn't present, and even in places where a micro is present if that is preferred (and it generally is, as the micro speaker fidelity is like the early versions of google mini/echo
  8. Finally got around to getthing this fan installed/programmed. fan connects via ip, and driver works as advertised, no fuss connect ip 2 way control for both fan (6 speed + reverse switch) and led attached light (dimmable) my only complaint would be that the driver doesn't include button link connections so when you try to link them up to the keypad, you need to do this through programming instead of just making the binding in composer.
  9. I will be back at the customer I mentioned aboves next week. Should be able to test the fan then as it should be installed.
  10. First time I've encountered one of these fans, purchased by client off Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Q6HSJFW explicitly says control4, but can't find anything in driver database for it, wondering if its under a different name brand. looking at the hardware, looks like it connects via wifi. anyone have any info?
  11. That’s kind of weak. You still need to be pretty heavily invested to make use of that.
  12. Somewhat related. But why is the android app disabled on android tv devices? Seems like it would be a solid replacement for on screen navigator and all the work is already done there.
  13. ok, np , was eager to help as i've spent forever trying to fix that on a few occasions. must be a new bug.
  14. this is a known bug that requires you to mark your network as private, if your network is public this doesnt work, its been in composer for like 6 years..
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