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  1. yeah i understand that, in spots where we wanted art, we bought art, the tv was a purchase because of the aesthetic of the frame and the location its in, i regret the purchase haha
  2. not a different opinion, its just that i'm an installer so i can't like willingly break code there... if its in your own house, i don't thinkt here is a massive risk there. art mode just isn't for us, maybe because the tv is in a bedroom, so it doesn't have a lot of foot traffic, or maybe we just aren't into it.
  3. a few things, versabox is fine, but any flushmount box would work. i have a samsung frame, for the money, i do not think it was worth it, its a clean look, i never use the art mode. one thing you should consider is that the samsung frame (atleast the one i have) is a one connect single cable device, which means you need a giant box connected to the tv, this cable is not wall rated, so you need to hide that giant one connect box behind the tv, and it DOES NOT fit in a standard versabox, snapav have released an extra large versabox specifically to fit this device in it (i do not have this, and endeed up cutting a giant hole in my box) hope this helps
  4. yes, correct, this is handled on the control4 end. as long as the sonos device is available to every room in control4, it will be intelligently routed when the command goes through josh.
  5. I haven't gotten my core/nano yet, so i cannot speak on any of that stuff. What i can confirm is that i have a Sonos Port hooked up to a c4 matrix and that works fine. "Hey Josh, play metallica" uses the sonos port to the room i'm in. If i'm somewhere else i use my c4 touchpanels to use c4 music services.
  6. as far as i'm aware this is not possible today. you can force josh to say things, but he isn't going to be aware of the differences with responses.
  7. I think thats the only advantage, It's just cleaner for the end user to understand what source they are in by looking at the remote. It makes programming a bit easier if you want to fire commands when certain devices are selected i.e Red button when Room Media Device = Netflix etc. This should still be possible either way, but a bit more work the other way.
  8. The pulled driver is unreliable anyway, Amazon released a new FireOS shortly after the driver was written.
  9. Apologies. Wrote passive. Meant pass through.
  10. Thank you, some great options in here. I'm setting up my overlay stuff and I'm a bit confused where I define the video OSD Overlay templates, I have the option for "Video OSD Formats Config" in the Video Matrix Options but this looks like the legacy stuff. Is there something else I should be looking at to define the new formats?
  11. I have an IRUSB somewhere else and it works great, I'm a huge fan of this device. That being said, the one thing that makes me want to use the native Amazon/Shield drivers, is the ability to run apps in passive mode (where the mini driver displays as the source instead of the IRUSB device) i think its a much cleaner end user experience. Is there any ability to enable passive for IRUSB or future plans?
  12. This works perfectly, is there a full list of all these API commands in one of the docs?
  13. Sweet, I tested this via NVMM and it worked great, is there a way to pass QRESTART via control4 driver?
  14. This sounds great, I'll give it a test later on. I did have a request from a client to have the android device reboot nightly, this is more of an issue with the stability of the firestick and not a netplay thing. I had to look up some workaround solutions and ultimately set it up a clunky way, but was wondering if it is or would be possible for your netplaytv app to remotely reboot the android device on request (potentially from the c4 driver) or if this is outside of what android will let you do from an app. Others may find this feature helpful as there wasn't a great way to get the device to scheduled reboot or controlled reboot from C4 command.
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