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  1. ok, np , was eager to help as i've spent forever trying to fix that on a few occasions. must be a new bug.
  2. this is a known bug that requires you to mark your network as private, if your network is public this doesnt work, its been in composer for like 6 years..
  3. thats great info, Who did you speak with @ snap? i've been having a different camera related issue, and i've been having a really tough time getting anyone that knows what they are talking about.
  4. I have a bigger install today but if I have time later this afternoon I’ll remote in and double check that customers configuration. I’ll get you the resolutions we are using on sub stream for navigator.
  5. Oh man. Now I’ll need to check with that client to see if the new firmware got pushed and if cameras are now delayed.
  6. i had a similar problem on a client site, posted here. there might be some information there. we had to update the NVR from a 501 to a 510 for some other reasons, and this has fixed the problem for this customer, but i see you're already on a 510, so i'm not sure. one thing to note was that cameras through control4 app on android tablet were loading instantly even when having problems on t3, so i wasn't sure if the t3 was just underpowered.
  7. You can do this on the shield itself. Download “button mapper” from the android store.
  8. Is it possible to pass "Smart Motion" events to control4? (line crossing, zone intrusion) The Luma IP Camera driver, has contact sensors you can bind to each smart motion event, but i can't see to get any of these contacts to fire on event when testing. (What hardware is required here?) The Luma NVR driver, only has regular motion detection, not smart events, but this does seem to work fine for me. my configuration is a Luma 510 NVR and a Luma 510 Dome Camera
  9. no problem, in the home i set this up, they didn't have alexa, but they used google home, and the driver worked out of the box for c4 and could control shades incremental. not sure if its different for amazon
  10. it is called 'mi casa verde zwave set level blind (2.9+)' and the actual file is blind_zwave_2_9+.c4i
  11. i have deployed a similar configuration and there is an updated vera shade driver that lets you get % control from within control4, doesn't do anything for alexa due to the problems mentioned above, but you atleast have that level of control from within control4.
  12. i don't want to hijack this, but is there a way to set blinds with lighting scenes? or any type of scene? in situations where you have multiple blinds and you want them to open and close in sync?
  13. I second the above, on getting a device specifically designed around monitoring cars (there is magentic sensor ones that you bury, and IR "Birdhouses" that can create a tripline) a Camera is not a very effective way to do this, and i wouldn't replace the camera they already have. I have a very similar setup with Luma cameras, and while i can trigger an event in C4 when something crosses, a TON of false positives happening. Cameras detect motion by contract change. This means that if you have a shadow of a tree on your driveway, thats motion. if the wind blows that tree, thats moti
  14. according to ovrc all of this equipment is on latest firmware, i'll call support today if i can get back out there, if not i'll do it next week, don't think its feasible to try to debug remotely for me. i'd like to be on site.
  15. ok, i appreciate that, i think the point of this post was to understand whether the issue was configuration related, or whether it was director power, etc so i think it helps to know people with similar configs are not having the same issues, appreciate all the feedback. some stuff thats come to light since i posted this. because all of my cameras are wired directly into the dvr, and my dvr is only connected by 1 gigabit link to my network, i'm essentially funneling all of the camera bandwidth through a single gigabit line to control4 (even though every camera has its own dedicated
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