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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. cheers manutdsoc20
  2. My bad. I guess I will have to try the updated Amazon Fire TV Driver. Thanks. Will check into the ROKU. Does the 3rd Party Kodi driver function well and what is the cost?
  3. My wife currently uses 2- Amazon Fire TV boxes for the Master Bedroom and Living room. Since C4 can't control them anymore what are guys using for Netflix, Amazon Prime videos and apps like the CW? I just ordered a Vero 4K+ to play back movies from my home server instead of using Windows PC's as a client. Is there a C4 driver for Kodi? Cheers Jason
  4. Mike, So I had 4 out of the 11 working and they were all set to 16 X 9. I had them switched to 4 x 3 and they are all working now. Thank you very much sir for the fix. cheers Jason
  5. Hello, My Wirepath IP cameras won't load the thumbnail view of the camera when using the Iphone and Ipad using the Control4 OS3 app. You can click on the camera and see the live view but the thumbnail won't show once you have selected Cameras in the app. On my wife's Samsung Galaxy S8 the cameras thumbnail view works just fine(Control4 OS3 app). Let me know if anyone else is having this issue. See attached photo. Cheers Jason
  6. For sale: 9 dimmers C4-DIM1-Z 1 Switch C4-SW2-wh with Lutron Claro - White Decora plates All on software 2.4 CCZ-T1-W Thermostat early 2.0 software I believe Make me some reasonable offers. thanks manutdsoc20-Jason
  7. Outaphase- I have 5 of these if your interested for sale or trade. http://www.snapav.com/p-1479-wps-750-bul-ip-gr.aspx Cheers
  8. For sale are two great condition C4 Thermostats. Running 2.5.2 software. $115 shipped per thermostat. Cheers manutdsoc2020
  9. Hello, I'm looking for an HC-300 on 1.7.4. Cheers Jason
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