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  1. I've got C4 Thermostat that has been in a drawer for awhile. I believe it is on C4 version 2.5.3 but might be earlier. If you want it let me know and I will ship it out. Cheers Jason
  2. Hello, I currently have qty-2 Amazon Fire Boxes with Video Storm's IRUSB adapter and each have a 32GB Micro Sd card for app/movies. $60 each shipped. If you have any questions let me know. cheers manutdsoc20-Jason
  3. Sorry, Item was just called for a few minutes ago. sold.
  4. Bought this new off Ebay and have no way to upgrade it to Zigbee pro. For free who ever wants it let me know. cheers manutdsoc20
  5. For free I have 6- white color change kits if anyone wants them. just let me know and I will post them out. cheers manutdsoc20
  6. I'm have a terrible time controlling the Samsung QN65Q6F TV. I'm currently using an IR driver(samsung UN55HU8550FXZA serial/IR) as IP drivers don't work on the 6000 series QLED. Basically when I hit watch- Select DirectV(HDMI 2 Input On TV) the TV does the following: TV Turns On TV goes to Antenna Input TV switches sometime to HDMI Input 2 and sometime stays at the Antenna Input Is there another driver that works better for this model? Is there a setting in the Samsung TV I need to turn off? Thanks for the help. cheers manutdsoc20
  7. Up for sale is a Yale Real Living YRL-220(brushed Nickle) with the C4 Zigbee module(Pink One)-Brand New in Box $150 Shipped for the Yale YRL-220 Lock with the C4 module. Cheers Manutdsoc20
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