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  1. Up for sale is a Yale Real Living YRL-220(brushed Nickle) with the C4 Zigbee module(Pink One)-Brand New in Box $200 Shipped for the Yale YRL-220 Lock with the C4 module. Cheers Manutdsoc20
  2. Called Houselogix and the HSIM is compatible with C4-OS3 Installed a Global Cache Serial to IP device and the Alarm is back up and running talking to C4. Guess my serial ports on my HC-800 are bad. cheers Jason
  3. The transformer just has a standard AC plug on it. So just plug the Tansformer's AC plug into your standard AC receptacle(wall outlet). In the video he stated to plug into a GFI Outlet with a weather tight box, that's if your mounting the transformer outside. I personally didn't want the Transformer mounted on the side of the house. I mounted it near my AV racks and just ran the 12 V(low voltage) wiring outside out to the lights. Plug your transformer into the C4 Outlet Switch which is plugged into the standard AC receptacle. Cheers Jason
  4. I installed the transformer indoors and ran( under ground) the 12V low voltage wiring out to the lights. I used one of the following C4 Outlet Dimmer/Switch and programmed it to turn the transformer on at Sunset with all my exterior lights and off at sunrise. This way no Transformer timer is needed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Control4-Wireless-Outlet-Dimmer-LOZ-5D1-WH-White-120V-NEW-in-box/254339944209?hash=item3b37d78f11:g:~2AAAOSw4e1dWGgf Works perfect. I do this with two 300W transformers for all of my front garden lights, pergola lights and pool lights. cheers Jason
  5. So should I switch to the 4232CBM until they figure it out?
  6. Is the 4232CBM my only option for the Vista 21IP panel with C4 OS3?
  7. For what ever reason I'm struggling to understand the solution. So wire up the KC120 at the actual Fireplace Switch location to the Line, Neutral and Ground and wire up the Control4 Z to IO for the low voltage load of the fireplace? Thanks for the assistance. cheers Jason
  8. What is everyone doing to replace the low voltage fireplace switch? Friend of mine has black Adaptive Phase Dimmers and Switches with Stainless Steel Lutron Claro Plates. They would like a solution that matches these aesthetics. cheers Jason
  9. How much for the 4232CBM? thanks
  10. So, The Honeywell HSIM module worked perfectly with the Honeywell VISTA 21IP and C4 version 2.10.6. It has not been working since my upgrade to OS3. Can other confirm that is correct that the HSIM and OS3 are not compatiable/functioning properly? If that is the case, is my only option is to purchase the 4243CBM module and have it programmed? Cheers Jason
  11. Wondering if the HSIM module has gone bad? Highly doubt the serial port on my HC-800 has gone bad.
  12. Can someone tell me the driver number of the HSIM driver which uses the new proxy? I currently have driver version 1.8 dated 4/19/2016 for the Houselogix Security Integration Module(HSIM) Communication from C4 to the alarm panel stopped on 6/23/19 which is possibly when my system was updated to OS 3 I've rebooted the alarm panel, the HSIM and the C4 boxes but still no luck. Any thoughts? Cheers
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