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  1. So are we supposed to use the intercom app or the C4 app now?
  2. Does the Control4 Rackmount for the AMP104 or AMP108 fit the C4-8amp1-b? cheers manutdsoc20
  3. I have the following for sale: 1-HC-800-BL-1 $120 1-HC-800-BL- $100 If you have any questions let me know. Both are on 3.2.1 cheers manutdsoc20
  4. I got a HC-800 if your interested. Cheers Jason
  5. Got Quantity 2- Control4 EA3's Version 2 I bought from my local dealer. Both Still in the box sealed. Some unforeseen bills came in and I need to sell. My upgrade from HC-800's to EA'3 will have to wait. PM me if interested. cheers Jason
  6. Maybe my price is a bit high. Reduced to $175 shipped.
  7. Up for sale is my C4 AMP108-$200 shipped Reduced $175 shipped. All channels work perfectly. One speaker connector is missing. Price includes shipping in the US. Cheers manutdsoc20
  8. Is anyone else having issue logging back into the Intercom anywhere app? When I try to log in the app states connecting and the wheel just spins continuously.
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