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  1. For sale are 12 Wirepath 1080 IP cameras and a 16 channel Wirepath IP NVR with a 2TB hard drive. Professionally installed. Cameras work perfect with C4 4-WPS-750-DOM-IP-WH- 1080P White Dome 2-WPS-750-DOM-IP-BL- 1080P Black Dome 5-WPS-750-BUL-IP-GR- 1080P Grey Bullet 1-WPS-750-BUL-IP-WH- 1080P White Bullet 1-WPS-NVR-16IP - Wirepath NVR with a 2TB hard drive Selling as a set for $600 shipped Cheers Jason
  2. Big thanks and thumbs up to Sitdownman for assisting in me wrapping my head around on setting up the MCE Controller commands file to do everything I wanted in MCE. I even mapped the Menu button on the C4 SR-260 remote to launch Media Center- Additionally I added all of the transport controls. I've attached the Commands file so it will hopefully save the next person some time. Cheers MCEControl.commands
  3. I've got C4 Thermostat that has been in a drawer for awhile. I believe it is on C4 version 2.5.3 but might be earlier. If you want it let me know and I will ship it out. Cheers Jason
  4. Hello, I currently have qty-2 Amazon Fire Boxes with Video Storm's IRUSB adapter and each have a 32GB Micro Sd card for app/movies. $60 each shipped. If you have any questions let me know. cheers manutdsoc20-Jason
  5. Sorry, Item was just called for a few minutes ago. sold.
  6. Bought this new off Ebay and have no way to upgrade it to Zigbee pro. For free who ever wants it let me know. cheers manutdsoc20
  7. For free I have 6- white color change kits if anyone wants them. just let me know and I will post them out. cheers manutdsoc20
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