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  1. I think that they obligate you to have one email/password in my.control4.com .... If you don't have, you can't use ... This is the new way ... They just forget people with old controllers and with no 4Sight licenses...
  2. Ok, so we have a bug in latest version of iPad app ? In my project I have some lights and lights scenes hidden, all respected by Remote Control / My Home for PC/MAC. But iOS version of Myhome does not respect that config. Easy to repro. Any workaround or troubleshoot steps?
  3. Hi all, The latest public version of director 2.2.1 is just running fine with Myhome for Mac and Pc, remote control.... But the version for iPad and iPhone is a little bit newer than latest version of director, that is 2.2.2 Where can I download the version 2.2.1 for my iPad and iPhone, since there are several bugs running different versions? Thanks
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