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  1. Can we skip ahead a week to when this thread goes back to sleep?
  2. Deleted. Realized after the fact I was responding to the OP on a topic that has long since moved to other things.
  3. If actual, real, home automation was easy, there would be more than the 3 or 4 companies that do it at the volume and quality of Control4.
  4. Th core benefit is near-instant hot water to every faucet. A properly designed and insulated recirculating on system can also double or triple the amount of hot water available because the plumbing acts as a holder of the hot water. Unfortunately most systems are not designed well combined with home owners not liking the added cost of the electricity to run the system. So they opt to add timers so the system is only recirculating when the homeowner might actually need hot water. It’s not noisy. Controlling with a switch completely defeats the system (especially if it’s well designed) and can lead to unintended consequences (like having less hot water available).
  5. Why not just throw a C4 outlet switch on it and remove the timer? https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/outlets
  6. I for one am glad they’re taking the time to do it right. A year from now when they’re able to rapidly expand on top of the foundations they’re building now, we’ll all be feeling bight and shiny.
  7. I’m using IP Control with no problems on the current gen Sony 700 UHD player.
  8. A new generation of HDBASET devices have come to market in the last few months that really move the ball forward on UHD + HDR + ARC support over long distances using new tech from Valens. Specifically, check out the latest NEO devices from Pulse Eight who is a top-ten chip purchaser from Valens. Also, any non-active HDMI cable over 25-feet isn’t going to support full UHD specs and chroma and HDR. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Legally speaking, marketing materials don’t necessarily constitute a binding contract. I’d be willing to bet that C4 has a merger clause in their EULA.
  10. Consider that there are 3 large pieces to a Door Station solution: * The Hardware * The App * The back end platform for making the app work Given that The Hardware was OEM’d and is already in production and use, we can largely rule it out as any part of the delay in the solution. While there is a 2N app that works with the 2N hardware and apparently mostly works with the C4 version of the hardware, that 2N App is leveraging the 2N Back End. In order to be self-reliant and support expansion beyond simple door station support, C4 would have to write its own back end. This would also mean writing it’s own app. My speculation is that what was shown at CES last year was an alpha of the app that was either using the 2N Back End or a very early POC (proof of concept) of the C4 Back End that was little more than a “hello world” example with very basic door station functionality. So what the delay has been (more speculation on my part) is that C4 has been working on their back end to not only support the door station but also provide a framework for supporting future devices (garage, irrigation, thermostat, etc). Designing a Back End for a single function is relatively easy, making it flexible and future-ready is much more difficult and takes a lot more time and testing. Because the C4 App will rely on the Back End, it’s Development and completion must trail that of the Back End. So while the delay is frustrating, my view of it is that C4 is taking the time to prepare for the future big picture and not rush something out right now that will have to be scrapped later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. What’s good for the goose... this was on Apple’s watch page for a year: http://fortune.com/2015/09/22/apple-rick-roll/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Definitely on the same page there. And I agree with #4 to a point - I think Control4 needs to be better than MeToo to remain relevant. But even MeToo (as long as it’s rock solid) is still a win.
  13. What? Does it behoove them to have an API so others can integrate with Ring - yes. Is it Ring’s job to seek out every potential product that might integrate with them and force that integration to happen - no.
  14. It’s not Ring’s job to integrate with others. It is, however, Control4’s job to integrate with others. Ring exists in a DIY market where first and foremost the core functionality must work well - that’s the door station being used as a door station. As long as that works well, 99% of their user base is happy. Control4 bringing a door station to market has not only the core door station functionality to get right but also the integration functionality (with Control4) to get right as well. As the door station is OEM’d by another vendor who already apparently has all the core functionality of a door station in place, this should have been an easy win for Control4 to only have to focus on the integration side. If there is truly that much work for Control4 to do to make basic door station functionality work then clearly OEMing was not the right direction and C4 should have either fully acquired a product line they could control, or they should have created their own from the ground up.
  15. As someone who runs large public platform-as-a-Service software/product development operations —— the answer is yes. If what you come to market with doesn’t distinguish you or is even behind what everyone else is doing, then your product is a failure.
  16. Sorry for asking a basic question but you didn’t have you first tried replacing the GFCI receptacle? Older units get overly sensitive about faults and trip. A newer unit might not fault as frequently (or at all). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  17. Yes, actually. It’s all part of proper network management.
  18. If it's a completely new setup, and it's using Jandy equipment, you can add the iaqualink as a DIY for 350. Through the Iaqualink app (and webpage) you have full control over everything the Jandy brain can control. There is a newer free driver written by control4 to work with Iaqualink and the new pool UI/proxy that provides toggles for controlling the auxiliaries, colored lights, pool vs spa and heat and temperature setting (with display of current status for everything). I've had the older and newer Iaqualink systems, both on wireless, and both worked great without issue both through the app and control4.
  19. Do you have a problem with lights not just dimming in rooms but occasionally getting brighter? If so it's possible you could have a bad neutral in your house. I had to have my neutral redone (heavily corroded due to water pooling in my meter box outside). 14 gauge wire is fine as long as the circuit load is appropriate. Also "huge" is relative. Around here, "huge" is at least 9000 square feet...
  20. I went through a lot of trial and error in getting mine to work, including disabling the Internet communication because of some ambiguous wording in the docs that made it sound like you could either RIS or network but not both. I never went back and re-enabled the network so I can't confirm whether that was what solved my issue or not. I have a vista21ip that I setup and configured myself almost 4 years ago now and it's worked great with control4 and is very fast (I use alarm motion sensors to trigger lights to dim up slightly for pathway lighting at night)
  21. Sounds like he/she may not have mapped the auxiliaries properly...
  22. Been using the iaqualink driver against a v1 iaqualink system for a few months and everything works fine. Great alternative to the handy serial interface and all the problems and cost that go with it.
  23. Do you have any specific questions or concerns? I have a mixture of Nest and C4 thermostats and also use IFTTT with triggers from my NetAtmo device.
  24. Led speed will only change when a virtual key pad in control4 is forced to Reconnect (assuming all other vars are correct. The LED speed will never change by just fiddling with the 4232 and panel by themselves.
  25. How fast is the power light blinking? Fast = Proper handshaking not made, so no connection. Slow = Successful handshaking and connection is good. The 4232CBM requires a proper "handshaking" from the controller (or your laptop in this case) before you'll get much out of it. You can turn debug on in the driver in Director and then tell the virtual touchpad to "reconnect" and see what information is being passed if you'd like to replicate the same from your test bench. The best way I've found (once you've verified that the Control4 controller is definitely sending commands -- I had a problem with this as mentioned earlier) is to just test using Director and the Virtual Keypad -- You know you have the settings "right" when the power light changes to a slow blink (very obvious difference in speed of blink) and you're able to pull the zone descriptors.
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