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  1. Nope, no response... The only response I've EVER gotten from them was from their Social Media rep when I called them out on one of their Facebook posts. She promised me a response, but nothing came from it. I just read something about a buyout, and their executive leadership list on their website is all completely new people. I had thought about sending a blanket email to all of those listed there, giving them a chance as new management to redeem themselves. I assume that my order was put at a lower priority because it wasnt directly through the C4 website store. There are 2 sets of devices on their website, half are 'C4 certified' and the other half generic (They say certified for use with Zonoff, whatever that is.) I can find absolutely nothing different between the devices, so I was going to ask my dealer to try and activate the generic versions on my system, since they're quite a bit cheaper. It was worth the risk, in my mind, of buying a couple devices to test, and flip them on eBay if they didnt identify. The generic devices have gone back to 'coming soon' on the website, so I'm sure my experience isn't unique among non-dealer purchases. It actually irks me even more that they're actually filling orders, because it means they're actively ignoring my emails. jlossett, was your Cedia contact from this year or last? If it was last year, odds are that he's no longer with the company, if there was a major shakeup.
  2. Well then they're selectively filling orders and completely ignoring other customers... See my thread from a couple months back. I'd avoid them if at all possible. http://www.c4forums.com/topic/13294-nyce-control/
  3. No update, no replies (even after I got a response on my FB post from their PR rep within like 6 hours...) That Facebook page was actually a brand new one (the old one was called Nyce Control, the new one is Nyce Controls...) I hadn't noticed that post that you mentioned because I was watching the old one. Twitter feed was also gone last time I checked. Only thing I can still do is send emails to their president (and any other executives listed on their website). Otherwise I'm not especially hopeful. I'm really curious if they're honoring their dealer orders through the C4 dealer website store, and just shafting the end users, or if no orders are being fulfilled... That's why I was asking around here for any dealers that have placed orders.
  4. +1 on only using a CC with PayPal (see my thread about Nyce in the 3rd party section)
  5. Long time lurker, first time poster... I'm hoping somebody with more connections than I have can help me out... I pre-ordered a couple of Nyce's 'generic' version sensors back in May... I got an email about a month later saying that they were slightly delayed in shipping, but it would be shipped soon... Since then, total blackout... No responses to any emails (to any of their addresses). I can't call them because they have a Canadian area code and I don't have an international calling plan. I cant file a PayPal claim since it's been more than 45 days, and I paid with my PayPal balance, so I can't chargeback with my CC. Have any of you who are dealers had any contact with Nyce since June? Their last Twitter post was on July 4th, and I'm beginning to think they might be totally dead. If any dealer has a more direct contact with them, it would be greatly appreciated! I guess if I lost my money, so be it... but let this be a warning to anyone thinking of buying from them...
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