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  1. A new install and you are posting here? Didn't your dealer give you any warranty? Why isn't he/she taking good care of you?
  2. He also told you not to leave your smart phone in your room? (which has higher odds of being hacked than a Control4 panel) Or to turn it off so the microphone doesn't pick up any conversions? How about your Alexa in the bedroom? You really think it's not listening? Even worse, that Alexa thing with a camera in it. Again, T3s and T4s are not surveillance cameras, they are intercom devices. Your installer told you to use wireless cameras instead of Touch Panels? Run away from that installer, he's not very good at what he does. Two completely different devices for two completely different pu
  3. Yes, they can, but calls only from Control4 and not from outside the network or through RTSP.
  4. Cameras in the T3 and T4 are for intercom use only. They cannot be used/accessed as surveillance cameras. They are tied to the SIP server which doesn’t use RTSP and can only accept connections from within Control4. With that being said, covering the cameras with a small round sticker is the only way to get piece of mind.
  5. It's not a Control4 issue. The pandemic created an insane worldwide increase on demand of tablets due to remote learning for the kids. This demand on tablets was bigger than what LCD screen manufacturers could produce. I'm sure LCD manufacturers are busy 24/7 producing screens for the big players leaving smaller companies like Control4 struggling to get supply.
  6. 10" won't be available until the 3rd quarter of 2021.
  7. (2) New Triad One 1 Black 1 White
  8. Still available if someone is interested.
  9. Open box, never installed or activated.
  10. It is a drag. There are situations where you want the menu to stay open, but it would be nice to have a choice to close it after a selection.
  11. Can the Zappiti Player read files from a Synology NAS? Does the NAS require to run any software? Anyone using Alan's driver? How's the integration? Two-way feedback with metadata? TIA
  12. Yeah, PiP would not fly on any of my projects. Everybody asks for full screen view. I can understand the need for a decoder, 720p in navigators is not that great, especially with customers who ask for 4K cameras. Full 4K view on 4K TVs is really nice. But, you’re right, using the Navigator agent will accomplish the same thing for Door Stations which are VGA only
  13. Press and hold the power button on the T3. This will reboot the T3 and it should fix your issue.
  14. Both the panel and the hardware 16 require power from a DC source. Connection with Control4 is through Wi-Fi
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