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  1. There are no issues of this kind with the DS2. I don’t have a single DS2 failing like yours. It does look like you have a password issue. This is that time when you should let a dealer look at your system and fix it. Again, no issues in any of my systems.
  2. Place your audio file in this directory: \\DirectorIP\media\announcements If you can't access that directory, then your network is not set to Private.
  3. The point of the pool guy is that if C4 is down for whatever reason, the pool won't be complaint. I don't understand why safety issues like this are even considered messing with.
  4. Go with Mitsubishi, no doubt about it. You can add the Mitsubishi Thermostat Interface to the head units. It’s a module sold by Mitsubishi. With this module you can connect a Control4 thermostat to the units. Or any thermostat you choose.
  5. Wait, a touch screen remote is better than one with buttons for Home Theaters? That doesn't make any sense. I grab my SR-260 and I can navigate in the darkness with no issues and without having to look down at all, try to do that with a touch screen remote. SR-260 might not be pretty, but it's great for Home Theater applications.
  6. I have one for sale if interested.
  7. OP, use two contacts. One for when the garage is open and one for when it's closed.
  8. In the back of the amp set the switch to 12v and connect the cable that came with the Matrix from the 12v output in the matrix to the 12v input in the amp. In connections bind the matrix 12v output to the amp 12v input.
  9. Use the 12v trigger to turn on the amp. This will fix your issue.
  10. Pakedge 24-port XP-24 switch. Brand new $600 shipped. PM for questions
  11. This is a matrix amp with built in Airplay, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast features. It can be used as a stand alone solution if you like streaming from your phone. This amp doesn’t have built in services. It is used in Control4 like any other matrix/amp.
  12. VSSL A.6, I used it for a week to test in my own home. Brand new condition. $2500 shipped.
  13. No longer cutting edge you say? Yet nobody is doing it right. Give Control4 a chance.
  14. Announcements work great, haven’t had problems since 2.10
  15. Don't remove the delays. It's good to have them. They will save you headaches.
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