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  1. No longer cutting edge you say? Yet nobody is doing it right. Give Control4 a chance.
  2. Announcements work great, haven’t had problems since 2.10
  3. Don't remove the delays. It's good to have them. They will save you headaches.
  4. LOL! I love how people just use the whole "College student" line thinking that automatically qualifies them to an 80% discount.
  5. If this happened after your dealer upgraded your system, why aren’t you contacting your dealer about this issue? 🤔
  6. Can you post a screenshot of the "Call Button Pressed" programming?
  7. New in box. PM for questions.
  8. PM me your info and I'll send you an invoice.
  9. Fusion Research Solo Server, brand new. $360 shipped. PM for questions.
  10. Stanbas, I can design and program the system for you. PM me if you are interested.
  11. Control4 EA-3, $620 (Used, latest OS) Pakedge RE-2 Router, $260 (Used, excellent condition, rack ears included) Forward Phase Dimmer, C4-FPD120-WH, $90 (I have 3 available, white) Control4 Thermostat, C4-THERM-WH, $220 Fan Controller, C4-4SF120-WH, $120 (I have 2 available, white) Prices are firm Shipping $15 per order Please PM me for questions.
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