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  1. How is it better? What does it do that is actually useful?
  2. Hmm… What is it that Control4 won’t let you do with the DS2 as it is? Let’s see: My DS2 has a Bluetooth module that works super awesome. I just touch it and instantly unlocks my Yale lock. I have custom programming based on who unlocks the door using the Bluetooth module. I mean, entering a code is so 2020. I have customers with on-site PBX and the DS2 is connected to both the PBX and Control4 with no issues. I can do programming in the “Automation” section of the DS2 and integrate that with Control4. I can send HTTP commands from C4 to the DS2 and viceversa for more advanced programming. I can switch to an external camera from my T4 or mobile app while on a call with the DS2. The DS2 will play an announcement telling the UPS/FedEx guy to leave the package at the front door if no one is home and no one answers the DS2 call after 30 seconds. When someone rings the DS2, it will tell my PTZ to point to my front door and it will tell my NVR to bookmark the event with the tag “Doorbell” for stupid easy event search later if I need to check who rang the bell. I can go on and on… but you get the point. If you are not using everything the DS2 has to offer right now, you are missing out.
  3. This is correct. The Home Screen is bound to the basement. OP needs to change the bindings.
  4. Timers don’t put any stress in the system. They are simply markers. I have lots of timers constantly running in my system and never had any issues.
  5. Minor programming? Other than bindings, Composer HE gives you full programming power.
  6. $500 new open box Red. I guess it’s out of your $300 budget.
  7. A new install and you are posting here? Didn't your dealer give you any warranty? Why isn't he/she taking good care of you?
  8. He also told you not to leave your smart phone in your room? (which has higher odds of being hacked than a Control4 panel) Or to turn it off so the microphone doesn't pick up any conversions? How about your Alexa in the bedroom? You really think it's not listening? Even worse, that Alexa thing with a camera in it. Again, T3s and T4s are not surveillance cameras, they are intercom devices. Your installer told you to use wireless cameras instead of Touch Panels? Run away from that installer, he's not very good at what he does. Two completely different devices for two completely different purposes.
  9. Yes, they can, but calls only from Control4 and not from outside the network or through RTSP.
  10. Cameras in the T3 and T4 are for intercom use only. They cannot be used/accessed as surveillance cameras. They are tied to the SIP server which doesn’t use RTSP and can only accept connections from within Control4. With that being said, covering the cameras with a small round sticker is the only way to get piece of mind.
  11. It's not a Control4 issue. The pandemic created an insane worldwide increase on demand of tablets due to remote learning for the kids. This demand on tablets was bigger than what LCD screen manufacturers could produce. I'm sure LCD manufacturers are busy 24/7 producing screens for the big players leaving smaller companies like Control4 struggling to get supply.
  12. 10" won't be available until the 3rd quarter of 2021.
  13. (2) New Triad One 1 Black 1 White
  14. Still available if someone is interested.
  15. Open box, never installed or activated.
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