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  1. Does anyone actually know how to wire up this doorbell? I had it working by taking the Relay1 output of the doorstation, to a single relay (generic driver). Then, I had it set that when the relay was opened, it would close after .7s. This worked great. The traditional two wire doorbell chimed. Then, randomly, about a week ago the doorbell started to just stay open. I rebooted everything, and it still wasn't working. So I added in programming to wait another .5s and then again close the relay. Then all of a sudden it would about 30% of the time. Otherwise it would stay open and my doorbell was getting HOT. Now, I can't get it to work at all. I have even logged into the web portal for the Ds2 and made sure the button was set up. I have tried both single and dual. I have tried using pulse and toggle in C4 programming also. No matter what I do, the doorbell just stays stuck open, and buzzing.
  2. How would they upset customers on their own system?? I am confused why two people now have read "own system" as freelancing. We are talking about only working on your own system, you bought as a demo, when you used to be a dealer. Plain and simple. Not helping other customers, not purchasing new gear at cost, none of that. Just using your own system. No remote, no giving yourself 4sight, none of that. Just a login for composer.
  3. You could not be taking words more literal. The fact is, in most cases when someone leaves and is looking for just their own personal system, they aren't helping customers. Rent is a loose term. The point is, pay a dealer to access an account for just your system. Obviously some level of trust is required but that is also only because of how pathetic it is that c4 doesnt allow an option for ex-dealers for their own personal systems. I am not talking about giving out 10 licenses. I am talking a pretty unique scenario. And I know that a lot of dealers are not even close to maxed. Look, if I upgrade, buy hardware, etc I will go to a dealer. Fine. That's the cost of having c4, cool. But for the existing equipment, I shouldn't have to pay someone to make some changes that are out of the scope of the home composer. C4 has the ability to heavily limit what you can do with your account. To allow for an "ex-dealers" usertype with a small annual fee, 1 computer composer and no access to pricing or tech, why is that a big deal that actual requires discussion? No one talked about freelancing so I am not sure where that is coming from. I found 5 people that are willing to do what I am asking do that is good. They know I will only ever use it for personal. I will never remote in, I will never give myself a license, or do anything to harm them. It is just one more email on file. This is all pretty simple and I think anyone arguing it is just trying to elevate boredom.
  4. Yeah, since posting this I now have 3 different options at least so I won't lose my system if I leave. It is really too bad that C4 isn't set up to handle this.
  5. What does this have to do with C4 hating? lol This is a legit question for any dealer that may have a career change and is heavily invested. This isn't the normal customer dealer model discussion. The circumstances are very different. I am certified, I am a dealer, I just may not be in the future and I have heard of people signing up former dealers. It also doesn't really break C4 regulations either. If they list me as a dealer, I am certified. It doesn't state they have to have me on payroll. I could "freelance" and only touch my own system. It is a bit of a grey area. I can tell you right now, if I was the owner of a dealer, and someone in my city came to me I would for sure, 100%, allow them a deal login to work on their own system free of charge. I think it is only the fair thing to do, and it is a bit ridiculous that C4 doesn't do this when so many other dealer based model companies DO offer this.
  6. Hey guys, right now I have an active dealer login. I work for a dealer. I am curious what would happen if I leave the company in regards to my own system. C4 has told me to go pound sand to be able to retain my login. Has anyone had any luck reaching out to a dealer to possibly rent a license/dealer login to Composer? It is a very tough thing to wrap your head around, having a system for years and being so heavily invested in C4 (doing the entire thing yourself) to then be stuck in a situation when you have to hire a dealer for retail. Especially, when I am a person that has certified C4 techs in my city come to me for help. It is hard to hire someone, that you know will understand the systems less than you do.
  7. Has anyone set up the bluetooth access with their phones? To auto unlock the door when they arrive at the house with the DS2? It would be cool if the DS2 could sense my phone, and then send the unlock to my Kwikset.
  8. Thanks for this! It worked great. I set up function 2 under automation to 1. Event.keypress key=%1 2. Action.SetOutPut event=1; output=relay1 It works like a charm. Something that was interesting though, is that I have video on my T3 touchscreen ,but on the other touchscreens it says "audio only" I have to figure out what that is all about. Does video not work between the older camera intercoms and the Ds2?
  9. Wow, that is super unfortunate. When I had the driver I loved it.
  10. oh awesome! I didn't even know this was a thing! Thanks!
  11. Yeah, this is basically what I have. This all works, I was just hoping there was a better way. It doesn't seem to be flawless with the programming. I am assuming it is network related issues right now while we try and get everything set up. It would just be awesome if the unit by default had a way of triggering the doorbell where you didn't have to do programming controller side to do it.
  12. It was there not to long ago, I am not sure where it went. If I remember correctly, it was not a third party driver. Have you reached out to Houselogix? I had the driver in my last house and it worked great. I am hoping they didn't deprecate it and now we are left without that option for C4. I just spent a bit searching to see if I could track it down on some of the other reseller sites but I found nothing. I would definitely call or email houselogix.
  13. While I think you will lose most people on here because they will instantly just take an offense to an attack on their livelyhood, the premise of what you are saying is super accurate. C4 will continue to exist until the IOT devices catch up. Which, if we look at the growth over the last 3 years alone, doesn't appear like it is that far away. I am blown away by the setup I just saw that was lutron caseta with google homes and broadlink blasters, as well as tablets and harmony. It was A HELL of a lot cheaper than my C4 setup but wow, was it close in features and userability at a 100th the cost. While it isn't quite the same user experience, and it is a bit more involved, he can almost do everything that I can do with my system. He has video and audio distribution, lights, full media control (plex on shield, bluray, amps, tv), he has thermostat control, phillips Hue, Sonos. He has security and camera integration as well. His house unlocks and locks automatically based on geo with IFTTT. He has arrays set up so that "if I do this, then to this, this this this and that." He has scenes, and tonnes of automation. On top of ALL of that, some of the things are even MORE responsive than my C4. I was BLOWN AWAY by Lutron on Google Home with voice commands. Now, he just bought the SmartThings adapter for like $19 for his Shield to get even MORE automation and expansion. The gap is closing. C4's business model over the next few years will prove to be less and less effective. The business model will need to be sustained by sales guys selling it as a "Stable and secure" solution above the other devices. When in reality, it is only secure as the network and password. Mostly, just like all the other devices. (mostly)
  14. Sorry guys, I had made a post in technical as well, but I think because of the title it was a bit misleading. Is there anyone out there that has a lot of experience using a standard doorbell with this thing? The only door station, you just simply connected and the call button would press and release the relay automatically without programming. It seems in this door station, that does not occur. So right now, I have it as programming that when the call button is pressed, it will open the relay, and then wait 500 milliseconds and then close it. This gives the most accurate "Ding..... Dong" spacing. However; I am finding that it is very intermittent. Have the time the call button is pressed, nothing happens. I am thinking eventually we will go to an announcement, I have Chow's driver, but while we finish the basement and theater I don't have all sound running. It would be nice to just have a normal door bell for the time being. Does anyone have any ideas? If I am not explaining the programming well, let me know I can post a photo.
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