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  1. Hello, I contacted the 3 people who replied first (some were by private message so not all shown here on forum posts). If anyone of the three changes their mind, I will go down the list I received by e-mail (combined private messages and posts) and contact whoever replied next. Thanks, bfmorgan
  2. Hello, I have some C4 items available for free if you pay the shipping costs. All items were in working order when I took them out of service recently. If you live in the Bay Area, I am good to meet somewhere in the middle and you can skip the shipping costs all-together. Items were purchased around 2009-2010: 1) HC-300 2) C4 thermostat 3) 3 Kwikset lock modules See pictures for more details. If you have questions, just ask. First come, first served. Thanks, bfmorgan@hotmail.com
  3. Hello, I have had a very basic C4 system for 2 years with basically only an HC-300 Controller, door locks, and thermostat. I have a problem with 1 Kwikset door lock. For a long time, it worked fine. In recent weeks, whenever I lock the deadbolt from the button, the keypad turns red and a loud warning beep play for about 3 seconds. I see a status message in C4 saying: "ERROR -- Locked via Button, not fully locked" But the lock IS fully locked as far as I can tell. Just in case this was describing any shift in my door and deadbolt from the door frame that might have been jamming the lock half open/half closed, I tried locking the deadbolt with the door open (so I can see the deadbolt when I lock). I still get the same warning beep and red keypad color and the same "not fully locked" status when the deadbolt is coming out into thin air (instead of the door frame). I have this type of lock on both my front and back door. The back door works fine when locking from the button. The problem is only with the front door lock. I looked through forums and did not see this issue mentioned anywhere that I could find. I have also replaced batteries to see if the problem may be battery related. With fresh batteries, the same action occurs with no change. I am not sure where to look next to see if there is anything I can do about this problem. Any ideas about the cause and solution are much appreciated? In case anyone understand the meaning of the log messages, I attached a snippet of what I see in logs. Thanks, Brian
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