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  1. yea you are right, I sure like my 800 though, it runs great
  2. might as well wait for the F5's to come out at this rate the EA's will be obsolete in a couple years..
  3. I Have the apple 4K boxes and I have a HC800 that runs light out without a hiccup. Great controller, but has a technical issue with the new Apple4K drivers. so what to do
  4. that's the whole idea, apple bridge is not supported with the 800, so everyone lets go out and buy an EA
  5. Alan, will this driver work with the Encore line which is the Strato, Alto, and the Terra Movie Server? thanks,,
  6. Well its good to hear that the video works well with this product. It may be just that I have a cheap android box. thanks guys.
  7. I have a Videostorm question to all of you Videostorm owners. The Kodi plugin on the decoders (VRX020). Is the play back of DVD and Bluray ISO's smooth? No video skipping and jumping. I have some Android boxes running Kodi, and my Video jerks and skips. My playback is either from High end NAS boxes across my network, or Hard drive connected to the Android box. FYI, I don't have that problem with my Dune boxes. Just curious thanks...
  8. I would use the Serial Driver for that receiver. That is the best way to go, much more reliable.
  9. They always ran great sales especially around the holidays. Too bad, great software. So now I guess everybody has to go buy a Kaleidescape solution<<<<<<
  10. Thanks sally, I just know they are older switches and wasn't sure.
  11. Will the LSZ-102-W White Wireless Switches work with Zigbee Pro?
  12. I think I was using the first left. thank you , give that a try when I get home.
  13. Forgive me for asking, cause I'm sure its been asked before. My Control4 Thermostat decided to quit communicating Zigbee to my controller. What is the button sequence to release from the mesh. thanks.. Also, do any of you have the new Control4 Thermostat, and if so how do you like it?
  14. or do you have to have all movies on the PC where zappiti is installed?
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