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  1. So to finish off this topic, I've tried with both Twonky and MiniDLNA as the DLNA server and on different machines. In all cases, the Control4 EA5 will show a playlist as containing nearly 300 songs, but it only loads a maximum of 200 songs when I try to actually play the playlist. Not sure why, but it appears the Control4 DLNA driver has a hard limit of 200 songs when actually loading a playlist into the queue.
  2. Anyone know what might cause C4 touchscreens to show a spinning wheel and then default back to the prior screen when an Autonomic MMS-2A is selected as a source? The MMS driver is set up, and it shows that it's connected to the Autonomic (it says "connection OK"). The Autonomic config screen shows "other" as an audio system connected to the Autonomic and lists the IP address of the C4 controller. As far as I know, that's everything that's needed for the setup. I know the Autonomic is online since I can use the Mirage app on my phone to select music from the Autonomic. It's only the C4 system that seems unable to access the Autonomic.
  3. So unfortunately I was wrong - I am already using the "DLNA Music" driver, not the iTunes driver (apparently I renamed it iTunes Music at some point). I have a working solution for getting the playlists from iTunes to Twonky, and Twonky is reading the playlists correctly (the Twonky server playlists match the iTunes playlists). I just have no idea why playing a playlist from my Control4 touchscreen or app only pulls 112 songs from the playlist.
  4. I'm running Twonky on a mac that is always on. I've got a little applet that I can run to update the Twonky database whenever someone adds music to iTunes on the mac and updates the playlists. My Control4 system can access the music through the iTunes driver and see the playlists. BUT, no matter how big the playlist is, the Control4 system will only load 112 songs from it. You can look at the playlist and count more than that, but actually selecting the playlist (for shuffle play or regular play) loads only 112 songs. Is that some kind of limit on the iTunes driver? It doesn't seem to be a Twonky issue since I can look at the Twonky playlists and count more than 112 songs in the playlists. It only ever appears when we try to play a playlist that has more than 112 songs.
  5. Does anyone have any insight for the following issue? I've got multiple instances of the Blackwire Amcrest NVR driver installed on my EA5 controller. Each driver is assigned to a different channel of the NVR, which lets me view each individual channel of the NVR from my navigators and phone. However, the Amcrest NVR seems to be using different channel numbers for snapshots and video streams. For example, the NVR actually uses channel 0 for a snapshot of the front door but channel 1 for the video of the front door. The result is that when I select the "security" tab in a navigator or my phone, I see snapshots of most of the channels, but the channel snapshots are one channel off - the channel 2 snapshot is used for channel 1, the channel 3 snapshot is used for channel 2, the channel 4 snapshot is used for channel 3, the channel 5 snapshot is used for channel 4, and the channel 6 snapshot is used for channels 5 and 6. There is no snapshot for channel 1. However, if I select channel 1 (which has the channel 2 snapshot), I see the channel 1 video. If I select channel 2 (which has the channel 3 snapshot), I see the channel 2 video. Selecting any channel from a navigator gives you the correct video, but the wrong snapshots are used for the channels in the navigator "security" tab. Basically, I'm trying to figure out if there is some way to change the channel numbers used for snapshots on the NVR without changing the channel numbers used for video streams on the NVR. They are somehow out of whack. Thanks.
  6. Many thanks to Coolabode for helping to upgrade my system and fix some issues. Everything went smoothly, and they were very responsive. Great service and great price.
  7. Kevin, some of the intercoms did have "echo cancellation" disabled, but none of the intercoms had "echo calibration" turned on. Most of my intercoms have the options for enabling or disabling echo calibration/cancellation greyed out so that I can't pick either one. Not sure what that means. EDIT: I just enabled "echo calibration" in a room that did have the ability to enable it, and I immediately heard the same beeps. So Kevin is right, it's the "echo calibration" feature that's causing the beeping. Most of my intercoms don't have the ability to turn on or turn off that feature, as the "echo calibration" and "disable echo cancellation" options are both greyed out in Composer Home. What I was able to do was pick an intercom that had the "echo calibration" and "disable echo cancellation" options selectable, select the "disable echo cancellation" option, and use the "apply to" button to apply the settings to all intercoms. Even though most intercoms had no ability select the "disable echo cancellation" option, this apparently forced all intercoms to disable that feature. Many thanks.
  8. Unfortunately mine does, and I have no idea where to find the setting to turn it off.
  9. So the sound is actually being played right after the touchscreen connects to the EA5 controller and displays the wallpaper for the room. You can hear the intercom/speaker make two clicking noises (maybe turning on and off for a self-test) and then it plays the sounds. I've attached an audio file where you can hear the two clicks and then the beeps. It does this for every touchscreen I have. When I reboot the entire system, you can hear all the touchscreens coming online at slightly different times by the beeps. T3 Sound.mp3
  10. My C4 system isn’t connected to my alarm system. The touchscreens have always beeped like this. One lower beep, one middle beep, one upper beep whenever the touchscreen reboots. It occurs on the grey screen before the touchscreen connects to the EA5 controller to get the room assignment. Not sure what caused it last night, but it was almost like a rolling update where each touchscreen would go down and reboot.
  11. My system somehow decided to perform a rolling reboot of all touchscreens during the middle of the night. Everyone in the house got woken up by the "beep-beep-beep" tweeting noise that the T3 touchscreens make when rebooting. Is there any way to disable the sound the T3s make when rebooting? I don't think the "play doorbell chime" option in Composer HE is the right option, and I don't see anything else that might let me do this.
  12. Many thanks to Neil for helping to update my system and add some new drivers. Great service.
  13. Updated. Audio matrix switch is gone. I still have the 4-zone amplified (C4-8AMP1-B).
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