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  1. Updated. Audio matrix switch is gone. I still have the 4-zone amplified (C4-8AMP1-B).
  2. I am upgrading/replacing some equipment in my rack and have the following items for sale: C4-16AMP3-B amplifier with rack mount - SOLD C4-8AMP1-B amplifier with rack mount - SOLD C4-16S2-E-B audio matrix switch without rack mount - SOLD Nothing is under Control4's warranty any longer, but all equipment works as expected. I'll pay for shipping (continental US only).
  3. I think one of those would work. Thanks!
  4. No it’s a standard USB on one end and the other end is round (not mini USB).
  5. I have a ZCA-ZXT30 zigbee extender and in the move apparently managed to lose the USB cable that connects the extender to its power supply. Anybody happen to have one or know where I could find one? It’s got the standard rectangular USB connector on one side and a cylindrical power supply connector on the other end.
  6. Unfortunately, no matter what settings I use for the Parallels networking, none of them let Composer HE connect to my controller. Shared, host-only, and bridged all fail to connect. Tried to install Composer HE in Windows 10 and it worked. So whatever the problem was, it was Windows XP.
  7. Anybody know what might cause this behavior? I have a macbook pro running Parallels and Windows XP/Windows 7. I can install Composer HE, start it up, and it'll see my EA5 controller. But when I tell it to connect to the EA5 controller, it displays an error saying it cannot connect. It clearly sees the controller, but something prevents HE from connecting. If I use my kid's Windows laptop, HE will see the controller and connect to it. I've tried disabling the Windows firewall and making Composer HE an exception to the firewall in my Parallels installation, but neither works.
  8. Thanks to Matt Lowe for taking care of this.
  9. Anybody have rack ears for a C4-16AMP3 and a C4-8AMP1 and a C4-16S2? PM me if you do. Thanks.
  10. I'm looking for four new (uninstalled) C4-WALL7-BL touchscreens. They have to be the 7" black versions. While these do appear from time-to-time on Ebay, they haven't lasted very long, and this is simpler. Please PM me with any offers. Thanks.
  11. I've got a ReadyNAS 516 with 5 3TB WD Red drives (15TB total). Please PM me with an offer if interested. We have had it for a while in our media closet to store movies, but it turns out my family really doesn't use it too often.
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