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  1. I moved a while ago and only recently plugged in my HC250 controller and received the message below. So I need to remove this device before I can access my system with Composer HE?
  2. Does anyone know if you can use Kwikset Zigbee module in the newer kwikset 916 lock?
  3. Does anyone know if you can use Kwikset Zigbee module in the newer kwikset 916 lock?
  4. Thanks, I understand the bottom part. However, how do I create the "zone open +1" and "zone closes -1"? Don't I need to create a variables (number) for each zone: Garage Door (number) variable Kitchen Window (number) variable Office Window (number) variable etc.. So, then under my "LED turn red variable" I have the following conditions: If Garage door is open -variable (garage) = +1 If Garage door is closed -variable (garage) = -1 etc.... I haven't done much with variables as numbers. Maybe this is the convoluted way of doing it, I would prefer simple and elegant. Thanks!
  5. I'm looking to set a status of a LED based on all the security zones. I want it to be red if a zone is open. My question is should I create a variable for each zone (basement window, kitchen window, mudroom window, office window, etc..) or create one variable with all of them in it? I'm guessing the answer will be to create a variable for each one so it provides me flexibility in programming other events. Thanks
  6. I have a 6 button keypad dedicated to an audio zone in the kitchen. What is the best way to label this keypad? I thought of "music on/off", " vol up", "vol down", " mute" but I didn't know what other things to do. Also, I'm trying to get my wife to use this.
  7. Is it in good condition? Although if you include a set of blank unused keycaps that should work. I'm interested, just let me know if you can part with it.
  8. For new or used (good/excellent condition) I was thinking $80??? Although I haven't seen many for sale on here so I'm going off of 3 button keypad prices.
  9. I'm looking to buy new/used white 6 button keypads (C4KP6ZWH). I thought people upgrading to the newer style might be interested in selling used ones.
  10. If I use a switch to control bathroom fan, then what is a good practice for programming? I would simply like the fan to run for 30 minutes after turning it on.
  11. I'm looking for a zigbee card for a kwikset deadbolt, anyone have an extra?
  12. Also looking for a zigbee card for a Kiwkset deadbolt, anyone else have one for sale??
  13. I am very interested in this. Currently I have a Honeywell Prestige thermostat with redlink.
  14. Data collecting... Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
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