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  1. as a really involved end user, I would have to agree, but I am going to place the blame on C4 rather than apple. apple updates, innovates.. all the time. sometimes these standards change in the interest of privacy.. that is a good thing. However, as a manufacturer of control solutions, C4 as a business should realize that there is a HUGE installed base of apple TV, and with the intro of apple TV plus and the integration of streaming services with apple, this number will only grow. just as they have put the effort in to integrate Alexa and amazon, they should be putting equal effort in to bring apple tv users on board. When I had my C4 system installed, I had multiple boxes to provide content: apple tv, roku (used mainly for amazon), Dune box, for stuff that I had stored on a local server, Grace Player for Pandora and Sirius, and finally a mac mini used for itunes streaming. now I am in the process of consolidating. I have gotten rid of the Dune because infuse provided the same functionality on the apple TV (dont see a roku version).. grace is gone cause C4 now streams pandora.. Roku is mostly gone, because appletv now has a amazon app. also, with roku, the box needs frequent restarts because the newer versions of the box are not fully compatible with my SNAP matrix. Apple is not a closed wall, not for many years, developers can write apps for these boxes and for phones, and they can be controlled with gaming remote that duplicate the function of the apple remote. I cannot believe that my 40 dollar aftermarket steel gaming remote controls my apple TV, where my 40k worth of control4 gear cannot, without resorting to IR, which is slow, or upgrading to a new controller, which does not seem that different from the old one. Ideally they would put in the resources to either 1) allow native control of apple TV AND stream itunes or 2) make the whole system fully integrate with homekit. And BTW to veriatas for their awesome homekit solution. I am in process of obtaining an ea5 for testing to see how this will work with the new driver, as I find the new IR really unusable on my system. It does not seem to have the shortcuts that the old IP driver did (home.. please home),and there is always a delay, small, but noticeable enough to be annoying. and yes, I now have a HC box devoted entirely to providing IR connections to the flashers for my 2 apple TV boxes. Hopefully this will get sorted soon.. apple tv is becoming more valuable to me than ever before, and as my household slowly cuts the directv cord, streaming replacement content ON APPLE TV will become more and more important.
  2. I will take the audio matrix switch that you have listed. would you take sell it for the 250plus the shipping? steve
  3. what would the shipping be for the touchscreen and 1 ea? to az 85383
  4. hi so v1 driver is no longer working. V2 driver works but requires os3? but you are coming out with a fix for the v2 ddriver for 2.0 OS?
  5. ddoes the ea3 include the 2.5 to serial adapter?
  6. This is probably the worst time to ask for this with 3.0 coming out today, but is anybody here a dealer, or does anybody here know a dealer that might be able to help with a driver install? I recently updated my pool control to intellicenter, and I have the driver installed in my system but it wont connect to the pool. I have troubleshot as much as I am able, but now need some professional help getting this working.. hopefully in the next few days. thanks Steve
  7. no, never heard anything.
  8. anybody know where to get the intellicenter driver. upgrading my intellitouch next week, and want to keep integration. have heard of the homeation driver, but cannot find it listed anywhere. is there anybody who could point me to this, or send me a copy if it is a free driver? thanks Steve
  9. do the 260's come with charging? steve
  10. So I had some time this morning and I played around with this a bit more. I loaded the IP driver from your website into my project in a hidden room, and I looked at the differences between control. Essentially, when this device is connected, and is part of a pass-through stream from an Apple TV or other device into the rear HDMI input, the system never seems to be able to select the correct input. This results in the issue that I, and roll dog seem to be having, no consistency in selecting the rear HDMI as an input source. On the generic IP driver, there is an actual programming command to select the device input, this can then be paired with a numerical value to select the correct source when using the device in the system. So for example, when my system selects the AppleTV I have a programming statement that says when the source of the room changes, if the source is going to be the AppleTV, then it turns on the Blu-ray player, delays for a few seconds to allow it to boot, and then sends an input command, followed by a two command. This essentially switches the input to the rear HDMI, and allows me to watch the Apple TV which is connected to it. I have tried having the Blu-ray player turn on when the system turns on, to see if it was maybe a boot up delay that was causing the system to miss switching the input, however even with the device on it does not reliably change the input for the Blu-ray to use the rear HDMI input. This also holds true when trying to switch back to watch Blu-ray after watching the device that has been connected to the rear HDMI. Using the same programming sequence, but changing it slightly I am able to tell the player to select Blu-ray as the input when the room source changes. Looking at your IP driver, there does not seem to be a programming command for input, although you do have commands for other keypad functions. Unless I am missing it, this seems to be the missing link that would allow this driver to work in a system that has a pass-through source going through the Blu-ray player. Without it, control4 does not seem to automatically select the correct input when changing sources. My original question stands, is there a way to get a dedicated input, at least as a programming command, In an updated version of your driver. It doesn't necessarily have to be a command that selects the rear HDMI, anything that sends an input command can be followed by a numerical value which would tell the player which input to use. I have not played around with it, but it seems as if chowmain's driver allows for this input command. It seems as if this is something that is allowed over IP control, but are simply not yet implemented in your version of the driver. As I stated previously, I would much prefer to use the licensed oppo driver over IP then have to pay for a third-party driver, as well as for a dealer to insert this programming into my system. Is there anyway you might be able to advise us if your current plans will allow for this functionality on your IP driver? Alternatively, I am completely open to the fact that I might be missing something in my programming, or in my review of how to use the driver, if this is the case, would you please advise me as to how I should change either the connections, or the selection programming to allow for reliable use when using VIP driver and selecting a pass-through source. This is really only a situation that will probably be bothering me for the next 16 months, as i plan to update my receiver to a 4K version sometime this year, as soon as the new products are out and reliably being manufactured. It would be nice to not have to kludge together a solution until that point though. Steve
  11. would you split the sale, interested in the ea5
  12. hi, I tried using it, but the input seemed to randomly roll based on what the original input is. so for example, I have the ATV connected to the rear HDMI on the oppo, and the oppo has a HDMI run to the projector and the 2nd HDMI out is used for the audio which runs to my current receiver. in composer, I have the binding from the oppo output linked to both the receiver and HDMI2 on the projector, and the out from the ATV is linked to the HDMI in on the oppo inputs. the system defaults on any 'on' command to directv (run from dvr to rec to HDMI1 on proj through rec). when I change the input to OPPO, the video on the proj. changes to HDMI2, but the input on the OPPO will either change to BLURAY (if the last thing watched was ATV) or to ATV (if the last thing watched was BLURAY). the same thing will happen when I select ATV, it will roll to the nect input, and does not seem to be able to select the correct one. using the IR driver I am able to send a 'input' then '2' when selecting ATV, and this seems to work fine every time. I am also selecting input 'bluray" on the ir driver for OPPO selection,a d this seems to change it to the correct input. I didnt see these control options available on the IP driver, unless there is a newer version of which I am unaware. Steve
  13. I would like to second the request for a discrete input control. I just put in a 203, and I'm in a similar situation where for the time being I have to run the input from Apple TV through the oppo in order to get a 4K signal to my projector. As it is, I cannot get the IP driver to work as I cannot select that as a discrete input. I note that these requests were put in November of last year, and there seems to have been very little work done on the driver in the interim. Are you planning on updating the driver anytime soon? Steve
  14. Hi I went through this a few years ago. First off, as much as I like C4, I would not trust it to be the sole control for my pool. Too many bugs that could cause problems, generally a pool is fantastically sensitive to chemistry and care. As well, if you do something like a salt cell, you will need the automation to control this, and get the feedback from the pumps and cell. I have had pretty good luck with pentair. You will need an intellitouch system, model depends on what you are trying to control. You will also need the screenlogic component and the home automation serial adapter. the screenlogic is what allows you to log onto the system and program it from a PC, much easier than using the wired controller, and the HA module is what allows it to talk to C4. there are other control companies, but I dont know how well they integrate.. On the C4 end, there is a pool driver.. this used to be a pain, but with the new software version it allows you to see and adjust temp and pumps from the touchscreen, and also hide unused relays to make the interface cleaner. The nice part about having it integrated is being able to use scenes to control light and music in the backyard, and being able to control features from iphone while outside.
  15. HI. it is on 2.7.1 already. it actually got worse after the upgrade. I have also tried a clean install of the project, which also did nothing to increase the stability.
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