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  1. What's the deal on these things are the SR150 remotes discontinued along with the battery kits? Can't seem to find them anywhere even special order.
  2. Tried to message you but says you can't receive messages.
  3. Please delete
  4. New or Used or Special order need the battery kit C4-RBATT-150 with the door. Thanks
  5. As simple as can be I used a drywall hand saw after marking the hole with the speaker's (Focal IC) template. It was quite messy but I had everything covered. Bought this house in 2004, remodeled in 2008, started home theater and master bedroom (where the IC are above the bed) didn't finish the IC and Master Bedroom till 2012..... I know I won't live here forever but I am in no rush to go through all of it again and if/when I am having to move the next house will absolutely be the last. Moving is one of the most stressful things I can think of, there are worst but not many.
  6. Oh yeah' date=' went through 4 TrippLite UPS's, now using APC's[/quote'] You learned that Tripplite is pretty much garbage. Best reliability is APC Smart UPS never had any equipment fail due to power issue on one of them. Have a SMT2200 for my home office SUA1500 for home theater with furman elites covering the sub/amp that draws too much power for a normal sized UPS. With what seems to be a lot of power issues in your home you'll find batteries will be exhausted faster but at least you won't have damaged equipment.
  7. Official? What changes anyone have a link to them?
  8. #$% I wish I needed one still damn that's a crazy good price.
  9. Wow awesome price haven't seen them for less than 700-750. Grats you should love it
  10. Keep it you paid too much for it to sell it at those prices. I'd buy it except I'm going to get a stain nickel without the C4 module for $150 new
  11. Curious how much and where?
  12. Yale Touchscreen lock is impressive look for the youtube video on durability, I've had it installed for 7 months. I found someone selling one barely used with C4 module for $275 so I grabbed it. The app is decent but you can do pretty much everything (except for examining the logs) from the lock itself not needing the C4 app. So I did some searching for our back door since that older lock that uses biometric is going to be unusable in a year or so. Found the non-module Yale Touchscreen Satin Nickle for $170-$200 vs the C4 is $350-$400 definitely getting back door without the module. I love ho
  13. I think people can live without it for 3 hrs...... I live without it 24 hours a day.
  14. Thanks for contributing, it is comforting to know that it wasn't my ineptness that resulted in my inability to use IP with the A1HDCI (same as the 5308CI) both of them are on Serial and I can't switch them to IP if I want reliability. Newer receivers don't have this issue though.
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