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  1. I’ve done so. I’m not getting errors like the write-up says, but I’ve change it to what it says. When I go to ‘add’ it goes normal, but never actually adds anything to the available list of files to play.
  2. I tried the write up with using powershell and the link to update my computer (windows 10) but no luck. I am not getting an error like the description says that solves. I simply cannot 'Add' any files to play with the 'annoucement'. This happened after upgrading from 2.10 to 3.2. Very frustrated if someone knows another way of getting those .wav files onto my system. Or a clever way of playing my doorbell sounds. Jeff
  3. Need 2 shipped to WI. Message with price. Used please.
  4. Anyone else have this issue? They updated the app the other day to include better camera experience with faster load times. Now they won’t load at all...
  5. Please let me know who can help. Need 2-3.
  6. I too have my refrigerator on the system and it is in fact useless. It's neat watching the door open and close on the touchscreen, but that's it. My oven is the wolf with the rotating panel, it too is not able to integrate. It would be nice preheating it on my way home, but I think only one oven in there lineup is able to use the module.
  7. Swipe right on the Dot item in the Amazon store. Add to cart, check out. I did it that way, don't have an echo yet but it worked. Jeff
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