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  1. Anyone else have this issue? They updated the app the other day to include better camera experience with faster load times. Now they won’t load at all...
  2. Please let me know who can help. Need 2-3.
  3. I too have my refrigerator on the system and it is in fact useless. It's neat watching the door open and close on the touchscreen, but that's it. My oven is the wolf with the rotating panel, it too is not able to integrate. It would be nice preheating it on my way home, but I think only one oven in there lineup is able to use the module.
  4. Swipe right on the Dot item in the Amazon store. Add to cart, check out. I did it that way, don't have an echo yet but it worked. Jeff
  5. Scooter, I use an HRV in my house as my outside ventilation but more importantly as my bathroom fans. I have my HRV kick on high whenever the bathroom light is on. So if level is greater than 20%, HRV is toggled via a relay on my hc800. (The relay from 800 goes to one of the humidity contacts on the HRV.) In a few bathrooms I turn the lights to 15% during movies as a nightlight of sorts so I don't want it turning on then, so I changed the toggle level to 20. I never have a humidity problem with showering etc, also if someone uses the bathroom it expels nicely. Oh and with turning the HRV on with the light I don't have to remind my 6 year old each day to turn on the bathroom fan. Has worked perfectly for 2 years.
  6. I've been happy with mine. Battery died quickly on the first unit. They sent me another. Has worked very well. Although battery's lastingly 8-12 months and must be purchased through them. Mine used to be white. It's now yellow which looks horrible. I'm unhappy with a yellow unit against white trim. It's also under a covered porch not in direct sun so it's turned with even just a bit of uv exposure.
  7. I turn on ceiling fan to distribute the heat within the room. I also turn the hvac fan to 'on' if it happens to be in 'auto' to draw the heat from that room into the other rooms on that zone. Keeps the room very comfortable, while still getting nice warmth from the radiant heat and keeps it very efficient. I use the red button on my sr250 for the fireplace. I also created a custom button on the rooms 7" touchscreen so it's really quick to turn it on/off. If I leave the house the "away" button turns the fireplace off. If the fireplace runs more that 1 hour I get a text/email just in case.
  8. I did a while back and they never got back to me. I assumed it wasn't possible. Maybe I'll ask again.
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