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  1. For sale: 1 - Binaryâ„¢ Two Cat 5e/6 HDMI Extender 1080p over long distance HD-2CAT-1080P-130 Basically new. My dealer bought it for one of my TV runs but we went with an HDbase-T extenders instead.
  2. Want to by: * 15+ C4-DIM1 in white. * 5+ C4-TDIM1 in white * 10+ any key pads, outlet switches, and outlet dimmers PM me with what you have and pricing. Thanks, Chad
  3. Any recommendations on alarm monitoring service would be appreciated.
  4. Check out my input on this topic at: http://www.c4forums.com/viewtopic.php?pid=102711#p102711
  5. Just to add to my previous note. I would love to automate anything and tie it into C4 if I could. But some stuff just doesn't make sense if the automation is superior with a native product. Here is the iAqualink site: https://www.iaqualink.com/en/#/overview It is using tech from iobridge to web enable the controller: http://connect.iobridge.com/examples
  6. You may just need the Jandy IQ900 iAquaLink Kit with Rev R Firmware. It depends on the "computer/controller" you have. Older model "computers" can be upgraded with the Jandy IQ900-RS iAquaLink Kit with RS PCB Upgrade. I purchased all of my gear new at the same time. Below is a list of the automation components: - Jandy IQ900 iAquaLink Kit with Rev R Firmware (as listed above) - Jandy RS-PS4 AquaLink RS OneTouch RS4 Pool and Spa Combination (Pump, Heater + 4 Aux) Indoor or Wireless Control Panel (note teh IQ900 has a new chip that upgrades this controller to 8 aux. This will save you some money instead of buying a 8 aux unit which is twice as much as this unit and you still have to buy the IQ900 from my understanding) - YOU may not need this with an existing setup -Jandy 6614-LD AquaLink RS Sub Panel Power Center 12 Breaker Base - you may not need this with an existing setup -Jandy K1100CKA Levolor 110 110/220V with Sensor 50' and 1" Valve Water Leveling System - not necessary but when you live in Texas water evaporates fast especially with water features and pool cooling (evaporative cooling) so this little luxury keeps the pool level constant. No need to run new water if you have a sprinkler system. Just tie in to one of the main feeds that supply water to the zones in your back yard. I hope this helps. I am no expert at this and it took a lot of research so I encourage you to check with a dealer. I had a pool company wire everything and I setup the Aqualink RS controller and the iAqualink kit myself. I don't even have a indoor control panel. The family only used thier iPhones or Ipads and the remote that is built into the spa.
  7. It depends. There are different versions of the interface depending on your pool controller. I actually did all of my integration but did so with the help of a Jandy dealer to make sure I had the compatible interfaces. Also, once you purchase the Aqualink module there is no setup fee or monthly fee. BTW, I used an online pool dealer for the purchase.
  8. I would advise you to use the iPhone app, Android app, or web app to control your Jandy gear and not mess with the C4 integration. That is how I implemented my new pool. http://www.zodiacpoolsystems.com/Products/Controls/iAquaLink.aspx
  9. Hey guys. Did this logging project go anywhere. I would love the ability to log events. Especially the ability to send logs to a remote syslog instance.
  10. So is there a way to do a hard reset. BTW- I am a fan of your Go Remote.
  11. Hey Seth. Thanks for your response. The reason I ask is because I was able to pick up a couple of switches from someone who was moving out and had control 4. One of the C4-TDIM1-Z dimmers works as expected (manual operation) but he can't get it to reset (13-4-13) so we can join it to my network. The owner doesn't recall how old the C4-TDIM1-Z was installed. Just curious if there wer ones made prior to the 3+ years ago that were not Pro.
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