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  1. Hi, I have had a heck of a time getting a good Control4 dealer to set up my system properly. Every time I switch to a new dealer they sell me all new equipment and again... the system is not stable! It is driving me crazy! I am almost ready to take a networking class to learn it myself. I don’t need help with Control4 as much as I need a STABLE internet. so I have had luxul, pakedge, araknis and I have just about had it! the last guys told me to ditch the luxul and they put in the pakedge router and switch in then installed 5 ubiquiti AP lite with cloud key in my 5,500 square foot house that is 2 stories. internet drops constantly! I got so sick of paying $300 for service calls that I just added a few Apple Time capsules that I had. Yes I know Apple is junk but at least I was able to get into the programming and get the system to work a little better. Well it just extends the range but the internet still constantly drops. can someone recommend a good solution to my issue? I am willing to pay someone to design a system for me and program it remotely. I have pretty good knowledge of systems and wiring but I need a lot of help as far as what products will work best for my application. I have an older home so it has CAT5 wired into all rooms. I just upgraded our cable modem to the Motorola Docsis 3.1 and we have the Pakedge RK-1 and the pakedge SE-18 switch we have a Control4 Ea-1 in the family room and a HC-1000 in our theater and an HC-250 in our Master bedroom. Our dealer was supposed to install our old HC-1000 in the master bedroom when we upgraded to the EA-1 but that never happened. My dealer also sold me 2 Hikvision cameras with 8 channel NVR and I asked to add a few more cameras they said they no longer support Hikvision so I need to buy a brand new system and they recommend Luma. I bought this system just a little over a year ago! We have 2 ring video doorbells. 1 for the front door and 1 for the motor court yard door. Is there a way to integrate ring with Control4? Our main issue is the internet constantly drops. We have WAPs in many rooms but it is as if they don’t send signals or something. The last time I called my dealer they said that this is happening to all of their customers that have Pakedge and Uniquiti AP’s so now they want to sell me the new Arakins router, switch and WAPs they said it will be much more stable. I am not willing to spend all of that money again on a new setup right after they sold this one to me 1 year ago. can someone help point me in the right direction? I was looking at getting rid of the pakedge switch and getting the ubiquity Unifi 24 POE 250w switch and the unifi security gateway and upgrade my ubiquiti AC-Lite access points to 6 unifi HD PRO access points.... would you recommend switching the Pakedge router? I can’t even get into my router because my dealer didn’t give me the user name or passwords. I can get in by typing the up address but it doesn’t help me for the user name and passwords. thoughts or suggestions? thank you in advance
  2. Just wondering if anyone has used iports with Control4. I have so many iPads that are old but work great, so I thought I wonder if I can buy the iport for each iPad to use as menu and intercom possibly? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also my Somfy drape track broke. Motor is great but I can’t seem to find anyone that can reorder the track for me. Any advise? I am in San Diego, Ca. Thanks!
  3. Do you know how I can get in to my director to add a remote? I only have composer home edition.Thanks!
  4. I need help getting my Denon 3311-CI online with my control4 system. So I upgraded my reciever and I got this Denon(it was recommended by the salesman) and I have had nothing but problems. It worked great when it was first installed but my home router crashed and I had to replace it. So I assumed that the ip address must have changed and my director can't find it now. Programmer finally came 4 months later and got it up and running. He said that he has it assigned via mac address now so I shouldn't have the ip issues anymore. Well, my remote went out and I bought a new one and when the programmer came out to program it and he must have messed with something because my receiver is NOT on the network again!!!This is nutts! I have composer home edition but you can't add equiptment,drivers,or vchange ip adresses for that matter, which is stupid if you ask me. Does someone know a way for me to go in and change the settings? Help!!!
  5. Hi DanH, Thank you for your response. What would you recommend I do? I have a huge hole in my wall now. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Anyone have one they want to sell? Pm me with price. Thanks!
  7. How much if you sell individually?
  8. Anyone have the older 10 inch in wall touch screen that they want to sell? Mine just went out, and I don't feel like finding a drywaller to patch it up to install the newer 7" screen.
  9. I read the instructions and the control4 guide says to set the Denon receiver to a static IP. Is this not correct?
  10. How do I put it in standby mode? And how do I find what IP address control 4 has for the receiver currently? Thanks!
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