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  1. Do you have programming that uses the “While” function? Delete that
  2. WTB - USED Previous Gen Control4 TStats I need multiple Thanks
  3. interested in HC800 power supply does this come with the power cord?
  4. I got both an SR260 and a few choices of Kwikset and Yale locks to choose from
  5. Does it come with the stove? 🙂 mine just broke
  6. Sorry to hear about your divorce
  7. I got three more available
  8. I have both Google Home and Alexa Alexa's C4 support while not "perfect" is easy and usable. C4's Google support however... Well is Non-Existent. Chowmain's IFTTT workaround is too time consuming to be called a "solution" I'm also disappointed. Not pointing any fingers. What I'm saying is that when a business' (C4) business is integration and as MAJOR as Google Home. Things NEED to get DONE. Excuses does not work I do not CARE to UNDERSTAND who is playing or not playing hardball. With the length of time that there have been no solutions. It is UNACCEPTABLE Note: Google - Android - Closed is usually not used in the same sentence. Again I'm not saying it is open or easy. Just saying that historically Google has been OPEN to integration
  9. I got a couple. What is Fair market price?
  10. Still Shocked. This site is what kept me with C4 Best Wishes, CytexOne
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