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  1. WTB: HC800 - Preferably BL1 Just looking to use the HC800 as inputs. I could use one or two HC800's if you have them available. Cheers,
  2. This is a brilliant idea. Now I just need to find a reasonably priced HC800 BL1. Anybody have a couple lying around?
  3. This should be pretty simple. I have an EA1 and a Legacy 4-Zone matrix. What would be the cheapest way to connect this controller with the audio matrix. I miss the HC300's, Sigh
  4. What are the prices. I'm interested in most items
  5. A video showing the features and benefits to demonstrate the wow factor. Is my suggestion
  6. Can that issue not be easily cir-compassed by having a separate C4 and separate Moen account?
  7. But thanks Stacy, that puts me back to the Moen Flo camp. Just hope that the API for the driver gets released soon.
  8. You could do that with Control4 in the middle. A water bug or alarm or something trips a relay in Control4 telling flo to shut off. That would work great. Well except for the fact that the Control4 driver for Moen Flo is still ...SOL
  9. Although there is certainly an argument to be made made that. LeakSmart style system Is less effective with a burst pipe in the wall or anywhere without a sensor Water path missed the sensor completely Faulty sensors/offline sensors Essentially the water shut off valve is only as good as it’s sensors. Making LeakSmart a less reliable a system. I like the fact that Moen Flo style of prevention is self-contained detects continuous and suspicious flow and Stops it tested nightly I actually would prefer a hybrid of the two styles one that has
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but Moen Flo does not use or need any external sensors to shut off the water. I surmised that the LeakSmart can work the same way but just offers sensors for quicker alerts and locating leaks. But as you just confirmed LeakSmart sensors are a necessary part of their system not an optional one.
  11. Can the Shut of valve be used independently? Without their hubs and sensors? AND I see three valves 1. With Flow 2. Shut off Valve 3. Snap Are all three shut off valves or you could get all three to work in one system Then there is the matter of sensors Okay this what I’m understanding. Since I already have sensors = I do not need the Hub or the LeakSmart sensors. I see them more for alerts and locating the leak as oppose to actually shutting off the water. Is that assumption correct. I do have other houses that I plan to install a shu
  12. I need some guidance on LeakSmart. Their site has multiple products that seem to do the same thing. As a Control4 user what LeakSmart products Would i require? Note I already have water sensors tied in with my alarm panel. Can i tie them in with the shut off valve via Control4? Will this eliminate the need for the LeakSmart hub and sensors? Thank you
  13. I believe i saw one from Yale integrated to Control4 but yes mostly used and available in UK and by UK C4 dealers
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