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  1. Hello, Nice that you have released the second version of this driver. I tried it out but I'm facing a problem that the driver Switch (only tested this) cannot contact the device. Message: "Timeout contacting device" ALDB: not synchronised. Identify don't work. answer when try to identify: Send buffer empty HandleCommand():02 50 2A 6B BE 02 2A 43 83 01 00IM Command: 50From Address: 2A 6B BETo Address: 02 2A 43Message Flag: 83Command 1: 01Command 2: 00UNKNOWN KEYPAD COMMAND: 02 50 2A 6B BE 02 2A 43 83 01 00 also tris error: Last command sent OKSend buffer emptyRetrying ALDB Sync...Function: SendToNetwork(6001, 02 62 2A 6B BE 35 2F 00 01 00 0F FF 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C1):Last command sent OKSend buffer emptyRetrying ALDB Sync...Function: SendToNetwork(6001, 02 62 2A 6B BE 35 2F 00 01 00 0F FF 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C1):Function: SendToNetwork(6001, 02 62 2A 6B BE 35 2F 00 01 00 0F FF 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C1):Last command sent OKSend buffer empty2A 6B BE ALDB Sync failed
  2. Thats why the APpleTV remote has no cancel button, and then it was programmed to go to main menu on cancel. In order to go back one menu, just press Menu in the SR-250 or MyHome.
  3. nice driver! keep up the good work.. I have tested the driver, but in my opinion it should have some improvement. When you turn on the apple tv, the driver takes around 20s to start controlling the appletv. Sometimes it do not control at all. What can i do to improve? with the driver from control4 it works ok.
  4. I have the same issue, cannot turn volume down. up is fine. I'm not using any kind of receiver or amplifier, the volume is directly on TV via IR. iPhone 5S, iOS 8, Control4 OS 2.6.
  5. You can access the DOM by just plugin it in a USB internal motherboard port on any computer, it will appear as a USB drive. In the HDD there are some kind of serial number hidden in a partition, that the Control4 OS will check before start. So if you change the HD by a blank one, the director wont boot. Unless you patch it.
  6. It contains some sensitive info about the OS. Before any changes, clone the HD.
  7. Now Plex is integrated on PS4. Maybe you should consider that.
  8. FreeNas with the recommended hardware (with ECC support). Also FreeNAS is used on the Diamond Design NAS boxes.
  9. Sorry to came back but I could not let this pass without commenting this. Alan, you have lost your genious (or not so much) in order to increase your driver offering by stealing. Selling other's code and putting messages inside the driver...this is low...its like spit in everybody's face saying that you are SO SMART. You guys from this forum have blamed me to hell. At least I did not make any money on it. All of you CAN decrypt drivers, and you DO! Because that "encryption" is not really an encryption, as I have read in this forum. That story to "purchase the driver to support the coder" is BULLSHIT. Lots of you have contact me private in order to purchase "pirated" drivers. Bunch of hypocrites. All of you! Have nice day. Last message: if you can't rely on this encryption....what about your keylock controlled by Control4? Be smart...never put a keylock in the automation. Bruno
  10. Try to add a notify driver (eg pushover.net) to get warns on your cell phone about the battery percentage. It do not solve the problem but at least you get warned before the battery is low.
  11. All drivers that I have on my website are genuine. Get the ir driver at control4 database or that one that Cyknight mentioned.
  12. Thats why I do not trust home automation for locks and alarm system. Doesnt matter what brand you choose, control4, insteon, etc. Advices; 1) never expose your control4 controller in the router (DMZ) 2) never do portfoward to your controller 3) ask your dealer to change the default password on composer . 4) protect your wired and wireless network Then you may be safe for a while. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I would not underestimate those guys. In my opinion, its a matter of time for control4 being the topic on an article like this. Control4 is not that secure either Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. One thing that really pisses me off: Doesn't matter how many different media storage you add to your project, control4 merge all and show only 1 movie icon on myhome app, messing everything. You cannot have 1 storage for movies, 1 for music videos, 1 for personal videos.
  15. RyanE, I don't know much about ZigBee radio, but is it possible to build a custom hardware that should be compatible with Control4 by just writing a lua driver? If yes, do you know what are the specs of zigbee radio that I should buy? Or any device that will join control4 mesh must be certified by Control4?
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