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  1. Same here, long delay with devise not responding then action is completed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. It will work. He will have a million more titles available to him then when in Canada.
  3. I had a dealer install the XMBC driver with movie scrapper. I am able to see all all movies in IOS C4 app and on PC and MAC but on my 3 touch screens and TV navigator HC800 it is blank. Any ideas how I can fix it, should I restart controller? I restarted the controller and it worked; by restart I mean I unplugged it.
  4. Yes it does. Works great, I do not notice any delay.
  5. They could have bought another unit. they could have bought another unit.
  6. Is it possible to setup one announcement that only plays in one zone and another announcement that plays in all zones or is it a one zone limit?
  7. Finally got time to set it up. Just amazing integration with Blue Iris. For the last year I would skip using the C4 app when looking at cameras, the Blue Iris app was way faster from withing my network and from the outside, now I don't need it. I have 5 non HD Foscams which are not the greatest but do the job. It drives me crazy when Canada Post delivery people wait 2 seconds before they drive off with your package because you didn't make it to the door quick enough to sign. I now set up a touch overlay on the Control4 app, so when I see them knocking I can touch the screen and send an announcement to the front door audio endpoint saying, "someone will be right with you!" I setup the front door with the code overlay so I can open the Yale locks; it works so fast. I also setup a Blue Iris motion sensing on the baby monitor. If a lot of movement is detected in the babies crib, meaning she might be waking up, I get notified. I can see what she is doing and right on the screen I can tap to launch the ocean sleep sound she likes to get back to sleep. I want to have full control of this because it only works 50% of the time and the other times it makes it worst. I can see her reaction in real time and if its not working I can quickly turn it off right on the camera screen; no need for switching back and forth through the C4 app. I will be also using the basement camera to setup an overlay on a crappy humidifier I have that only has IR controls, the IR signal for on and off is the same. I will now be able to send the IR signal through the C4/BI overlay and verify, by looking at the camera, when it is on ON and OFF. It will save me so much time navigating to different screens. I know its a half ass workaround but I don't use it very often. I will keep reading the posts to see if anyone has any other ideas.
  8. I can't wait to try it. I have been looking for a windows solution like this for 2 years. The funny thing is I have been using blue iris for years but it I was not at all able to find a way to integrate. The iphone app for blue iris is very nice.
  9. BEATS for sure; try it, the best of all services in one; and works great in Canada full catalog.
  10. What about the older TS screens?
  11. Is it possible to integrate C4 with Slingbox if you have a HC800 as director and HC300 as a controller on 2.5.3? Did C4 disable any kind of IR input on the HC300? I was just reading an old slingbox / C4 wiki http://wiki.cytexone.com/display/pubdocs/STEP+1+-+Physical+Installation+Instructions
  12. Does the driver identify the WEMO motion sensor?
  13. I just want to stay on topic and say the new driver is AMAZING!! Good work; I can't stop using it! I think I am going to get rid of my C4 amp and add 4 connect:amps.
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