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  1. It turns out that the issue was because on one amp the Inputs were not locked. Once I checked that box the zones were hot and I could pull music into those rooms with no issues. When might you want to use a trigger versus locking the inputs to activate a zone on an amp? Thanks! Rick
  2. Hi all, I've been seeing an issue on one of my C4 Amp 8 units that when I start a Listen in certain rooms I don't hear any audio. Checking in Composer and double clicking on that amp in System Design, I can see that none of the "pegs" on the amplifier audio matrix are lit up green. If I go down diagonally and click one by one to turn on the amp zones Audio Output 1/Audio Input 1, Audio Output 2/Audio Input 2...then when my target room is reached the audio fires up in the room. On my 2nd amp if I look on that same properties page that entire diagonal of audio zones is already on/green. So my question is what is the best way to either make sure that those zones stay on for that amp or are properly turned on when a Room Listen event is started? Thanks! Rick
  3. I don't recall how bindings are setup. Do you mean the connections mapping between an audio switch output and an amp's inputs under Connections/Control & Audio Video Connections? Thanks, Rick
  4. I've noticed lately that when I go into some Rooms and select a music source, I don't hear any sound. If I go into Composer/System Design and double-click on one of my Control4 Multi Channel Amplifiers, I see in the input/output matrix that nothing is lit up green. If I click on the intersection of my room speakers (in this case #4) along the audio input/audio outputs and click on it to light it up green, then that channel is powered up and room audio is fine. How can I make sure that whenever I turn on an audio source for a room that if it's amp channel is not on, it gets turned on? I never used to have to worry about that. I could just light up the entire diagonal along the audio inputs/audio outputs but that seems like a manual workaround and I'm assuming that those channels should only be on when being used and off when the room is powered down. Any suggestions? Thanks, Rick
  5. Ok thanks, great advice, I'll see if I can get some documentation on the room control driver. I did stumble across a workaround. In the media scene controls per room, in the Track section if I uncheck volume and power then that decouples volume and powering the room off so that I can then do that independently for each room. Thanks for the help, Rick
  6. While Media Scenes are working well for me to fire up number of rooms with a selected audio source, sometimes I'd like to quickly lower the volume in a specific room. If I press the House (with music note) icon on the lower right of a navigator, while volume controls are shown for all of rooms playing, if I tap the - or + to adjust volume, the other rooms also adjust in unison. I haven't spotted anything obvious that is linking the rooms' volume in the media scene. It's fine to fire up all of the rooms at a preselected initial volume but I want to be able to both change their volume independently and also be able to turn off one of the rooms in the scene without turning them all off at the same time. Any suggestions on how to tune the behavior like that so I have independent room control? Thanks, Rick
  7. I noticed that SiriusXM also doesn't show up yet all of these media options show under Digital Media from the Connections tab (TuneIn, SpotifyConnect, SiriusXM...) yet they don't show up as available audio sources while any physical audio device shows up properly on all rooms under Audio Video Devices/Available Audio Sources. How are digital media sources configured to be advertised on the Available Audio Sources list? Thanks.
  8. Meant to add that. The touch screens are all upgraded and I refreshed the navigators a few time. I don't see Spotify on the My Home app or on my InfinityEdge or Portable touchscreens.
  9. One thing I forgot to mention was that on my navigators, they don't show Spotify under Listen which is odd as I thought that was an option to be able to manually start up Spotify play.
  10. Here is the additional info you wanted: Controller: HC800 Spotify Connect driver configuration (example Kitchen room music zone): Driver Version: 50 Debug Mode: Off Auto Room(s) Select: Kitchen (18) Override Room(s) Select : <<empty>> Auto Play: On Power Off Room: After 5 Seconds Allow Spotify App Volume Control: On Default Volume For Preset: 40 Was that everything you needed? Thanks for the help! Rick
  11. Hi, after upgrading to 2.10, I installed the Spotify Connect driver into several zones and setup the driver. I can see it on the same wifi network on my devices and when I cast currently playing music in the Spotify app to a zone, I don't hear anything and when I dbl-click on that driver instance in that zone I don't show anything playing. I have even played Spotify on the same Windows 10 PC I use to connect to my system with Composer 2.10 over the same Wi-Fi network and don't hear anything. Are there any extra configuration steps needed to enable streaming to reach music zones other than adding the Spotify Connect driver to a room in System Design? Thanks, Rick
  12. Hi did anyone have any ideas about this issue? Thanks, Rick
  13. I've noticed that for a while on my touchpanels and apps that when I start music playing in my Media Zones, when I tap the House icon on the lower right of the display, toggling the sound on and off using the speaker icon doesn't change the icon. They all show as being muted even though the sound does mute/unmute. Similarly sometimes on the same screen when I adjust the volume for a zone that's playing the volume does chance but the UI doesn't reflect it. Any idea how to fix that behavior? Thanks, Rick
  14. Hi, I have the Extra Vegetables DirecTV driver controlling my on of my DTVs. I use it for whole house audio for TV events I want to broadcast. We're having a New Years party tonight and I'd love to have a simple button on the start screen of a Navigator to change the channel to a station doing the countdown. I haven't seen a clear way described to add a new custom button that maps to a macro. I'd like something simple like the Watch/Listen/My Apps buttons that I could add and program. Can anyone provide a quick recipe for how to create a button like that? Essentially the button on a tap would: Select the source input Change the channel to the desired one Choose the target zones Thanks and happy new year!! Rick
  15. Hi, I'm using the Video Storm NBX022 NetPlay device to stream music and my music collection through Control4. Its really incredible and leverages a Logitech Media Server (LMS) and Squeezebox for integrated streaming of services like Pandora and SiriumXM. I have it also pointing to my music collection on a NAS drive and accessing and playing My Music works great but whenever I create a playlist and attempt to access it appears blank. I point to my music at /mnt/Samba/Shared Music and playlists at /mnt/samba/Playlists but when I directly browse that drive no playlists are stored there and even though LMS shows the playlists and all of the songs contained in those playlists, whenever those playlists are played from within a Control4 navigator they show up as empty. Does any of this sound familiar as an issue and any idea what's going wrong? Thanks a lot, Rick
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