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  1. What can I do with the thing?
  2. Just received a Suite Controller - SC-200 for free from a friend. Can I use it for the IR ports on the back instead of actually using it for controlling a suite?
  3. I am interested in this too.
  4. Our phones and tablets. All iOS products. Secondarily, we use voice commands through Amazon Echos throughout the house. My wife really didn't start using any of the automation I did with C4 until about a year ago. My project started in 2012. Like you, we don't have multi-zone audio or IP distribution in the house. We never did. Those seemed like a good idea on paper when my installer suggested them many years ago, but I've never missed out on it. We have seen the benefit and fun of having multi-room audio through our 9 Echos in the house. That solution was significantly cheaper than what I would have paid in 2012 or 2013 when I was seriously considering it. Given how much integration I've done with other HA products like Wemo and my security system, not to mention the additional controls I get with the Amazon platform, my investment in C4 has drastically dropped over the years. That said, there are some things C4 still does much better than anyone else -- and some solutions that were in play back 10 years ago -- are still better than any current providers. The question for me is, what level of control do I want to have over my system. I decided I wanted a basic rock solid lighting and security based system -- not an entertainment focused system. It might be a Frankenstein system to some, but it works very well for my family's needs. I've recently been offered an small C4 system for a ridiculously low price and I am tempted to take it. A lot of Sr-250s in that. I am considering reintegrating them into my project given all the issues with the Apple TV lately, but even then, my kids will likely still default to their phones and voice to control everything.
  5. Mitch -- what did you do to get them added beyond the steps above? What is the magic you used?
  6. I had the exact same problem with the same steps about a year ago when I purchased a used one.
  7. I've been disappointed in the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries for the door locks maybe getting an extra three months. For my other devices in my project, I am much happier. Not sure if they are worth the price premium.
  8. I haven't used my remotes in years. Just sitting in the closet. I should sell them.
  9. First, you need Composer.... if you don't have it, you can't build it. Find a switch or other device in your system that you aren't using or you can trigger inside of Alexa today. Create a condition that if that device is triggered, or turned on, it will trigger the Card Access devices at the same time. Turn it on, it opens the doors because of the conditions. Turn it off, and it triggers to close the doors. The solution is shockingly simple, but elusive -- and requires Composer. In the Alexa app, make sure primary device is enabled and can have commands voiced to it. C4 does everything else behind the scenes on the controller. Hope that helps!
  10. Thanks guys. I found a way in Composer to utilize an Alexa identified, but unused device elsewhere in my system and then put in some conditional statements to control the garage doors when that unused device is triggered by C4. Works like a charm! It gives me the stealth I need as well, so someone can't come up to Alexa and easily figure out what to say.
  11. haha, I bought my Apple watch just for C4 functionality as others did, too. I vote for fixing issues and upgrading. My watch has become more useful to me in other ways, so I am hopeful C4 can also.
  12. My garage doors are wired up and control through CardAccess Contact Sensors. Is there any way I can use Alexa to control these doors? They don't even show up in a scan. I noticed I can not use them for programming inside of When/If inside of Customer.control4.com -- so i am guessing it can't be done? Maybe through a scene in composer?
  13. Thanks everyone! I didn't realize the power of the Push Notifications until you guys mentioned it. I got exactly what I wanted. I am still having text messages sent as a back up for a few events, like door jams or windows that shouldn't be opening, but they are the exception now. Very happy with the solution! Thank you!!!
  14. No driver, just out of the box 4sight email notifications that are being sent to SMS.
  15. I am looking to organize my text notifications. Each time I get one, it is from a different number or "hex code" of some sort. Changing the email address to text from @txt.* to @mms.* makes no difference. Anyone have any best practices for managing all those texts? I am getting about 20 a day.
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