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  1. Thanks everyone! I didn't realize the power of the Push Notifications until you guys mentioned it. I got exactly what I wanted. I am still having text messages sent as a back up for a few events, like door jams or windows that shouldn't be opening, but they are the exception now. Very happy with the solution! Thank you!!!
  2. No driver, just out of the box 4sight email notifications that are being sent to SMS.
  3. I am looking to organize my text notifications. Each time I get one, it is from a different number or "hex code" of some sort. Changing the email address to text from @txt.* to @mms.* makes no difference. Anyone have any best practices for managing all those texts? I am getting about 20 a day.
  4. Anyone clearing out or selling their CardAccess stuff? Looking for contact sensors, motion detectors and smart pressure monitors. Thanks, Snip
  5. I am looking for some third party hardware to add into my project. I came across this and am intrigued. Search found nothing. But if you notice in the code for the product, it appears to be a Zigbee Pro product. Anyone know if these will integrate into our system without another hub from SmartThings or otherwise? Thanks, Snip
  6. Probably need two threads for this, but combining for now... First issue, my Yale lock is totally scratched up. I've had it four years now. Any ideas on polishing it back up? It works just fine, just lots of fine scratches. Is the toothpaste method ok on this lock? Second issue, this is a bigger concern for me... there have been occasions where the locks will not lock itself after 60 seconds. Just stays unlocked. No rhyme or reason behind these instances. Is there a way I can find out why in a log somewhere, or get a notification if the door doesn't lock? I have no indications that the batteries are bad. Replaced, and have still seen this happen on a few occasions.
  7. And now I am getting txt/sms messages... I won't look a gift horse in the mouth, but I don't like the idea of my system being compromised either. I'd rather lose the benefit to know what is going on here. I cannot access my system remotely, btw. That still does not work.
  8. Here are some screenshots. I am running version
  9. Yep, I did. Confirmed that I do not have 4Sight -- but under notifications, there they are! Incredible.
  10. I haven't had a 4Sight subscription for over two years now, but overnight I started getting email notifications that I had programmed when I did have a 4Sight subscription a couple years ago. Anyone else notice this as well? I am just getting email notifications, not TXT/SMS ones. Thinking some sort of internal update was pushed to 4Sight servers that caused this?
  11. Thanks for that suggestion to do the reset. It worked! Zero issues now. And there is bonus here, too. I walked the house and reset all the dimmers with LEDs. I had a sneaking suspicion they'd dim better. I was only able to get to 10% before. Now I am hitting 4%. Super happy!
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