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  1. The new driver will leave you disapointed. You will lose music-services, library-search, audio-matrix, announcement and some other things.
  2. How do you know that volume out is fine? I’ve experienced that volume out from my EA5 changed to 0 after a poweroutage. Could be a longshot, but worth checking. Your dealer is able to do a quick check, and could also see if your amp got the right connections.
  3. Volume out, did yo check that its not at 0?
  4. Looking for a 8-channel I/O-module to complement my old DIN Rail-system. Original Mode Lighting-module is also welcome. Needs to be shipped to sweden, europe. Regards, Daniel
  5. Spent this afternoon with Win10 and tried to create a share for composer. I`m out of ideas, Will probably go for two machines. Pity.
  6. I’m about to leave WHS2011 for Win10Pro. Is it still not possible to share my media from Win10? I could complement my upcoming Win10 with a freeNas-setup, but would prefer to use just 1 machine.
  7. I have the same issue, follow the thread with interest. God, I´m stupid! Had the wrong input in connections. Dreyfus, did you try the Prioritize Coax over HDMI-checkbox?
  8. It works, but there is no connection to any streaming-services. If you dont update your Sonos-system past 8.1, it all works.
  9. I havent looked for myself, but if you say there is no such option in composer, then there is no way to program ”clear queue”. However, you could set sonos to clear queue when room turns off, and have a button that turns of the room. But that will turn off everything, and that may not be what you want. If you just want to clear the queue, you probably want to play something else instead. In that case you could just choose something else and tap on ”replace queue”.
  10. MP3tag will help you fix your files and metadata.
  11. They work, but no music services. You are able to use your own music library, tune-in and line in. If you set upp favourites and playlists in sonos you are able to use those mini-drivers as well.
  12. All these things by the way, including playlist, is done in composer mediaedition.
  13. Sounds like you need to check your id3-tags. Did you do the ripping your self or did you get help from someone?
  14. Decide if you want to use Sonos or control4 for audio. I’m using sonos, but thats because i started out with one room and a HC250 and then have grown in to a HC-800 and now a EA5. I wouldnt recomend sonos today, because they seem to make it hard for integrators. Bluesound have a very costeffective solution for centralization, but so does C4. So it ends up with if you want to put all yor equpment in one place or not. If so, i would go with C4 and start with a EA-5 for the multiple audio outputs. But Im sure both the EA3 and EA5 could handle that list of equipment. But if tou want to centralize its more costeffective to start with a EA-5 and maybe add a EA-3 and a EA-1. That way you also get three GUi.
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