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  1. +1 Strange that we needed to restart our controllers at almost the same time.
  2. Are you sure this is a apple update failure? My connection broke yesterday, but im on tvOS 13.2 an iOS 13.3. Controller is EA5. What i did update was my UniFi controller and USG firmware. but dont see how that could have this effect. did try to reconnect apple bridge without any effect.
  3. Any response to this? Is this an issue you heard of before, or does everyone else have search-capability on their iphone with ios13? I cant be the only one that cant go to OS3, Because of to many EA-controllers? Edit: My bad, meant HC-controllers, not EA.
  4. That is correct, im using the latest 2.10.X os. Some of my drivers are up to date, and some are not. But you believe this issue is related to drivers and not iOS? I’ve verified that it works in iOS12 on iphone, works on 8.2 on iPad, works on iPadOS, but not on iOS13 on iPhone.
  5. All of them. Deezer, music library and stations. Thats all I have that should have the ability to search.
  6. Awesome! Heres a first one that I didnt know where to post until I saw this thread. After iOS13 i dont have the choice to search for artist, album, etc... Ive tried iOS13.1 and now iOS13.2, reinstalled C4-app, no difference. Here is what I see:
  7. The new driver will leave you disapointed. You will lose music-services, library-search, audio-matrix, announcement and some other things.
  8. How do you know that volume out is fine? I’ve experienced that volume out from my EA5 changed to 0 after a poweroutage. Could be a longshot, but worth checking. Your dealer is able to do a quick check, and could also see if your amp got the right connections.
  9. Volume out, did yo check that its not at 0?
  10. Looking for a 8-channel I/O-module to complement my old DIN Rail-system. Original Mode Lighting-module is also welcome. Needs to be shipped to sweden, europe. Regards, Daniel
  11. Spent this afternoon with Win10 and tried to create a share for composer. I`m out of ideas, Will probably go for two machines. Pity.
  12. I’m about to leave WHS2011 for Win10Pro. Is it still not possible to share my media from Win10? I could complement my upcoming Win10 with a freeNas-setup, but would prefer to use just 1 machine.
  13. I have the same issue, follow the thread with interest. God, I´m stupid! Had the wrong input in connections. Dreyfus, did you try the Prioritize Coax over HDMI-checkbox?
  14. It works, but there is no connection to any streaming-services. If you dont update your Sonos-system past 8.1, it all works.
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