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  1. I think the bond can do rolling code RF (modern garage door) but only ones publicly available (somfy shades) so I don't think you are going to get it to work.
  2. They did have a problem with the first run of rockers from the first run of the new APD/FPD dimmers. On our first few installs we had to swap them all out when the fixed their manufacturing issues (poor tolerance control on the machinary), but I've also noticed that some of the first run of dimmers cause even the newer plates to pop off and break based on a mixture of them in my own house with minimal pressing as 95% of our control is off of keypads.
  3. haha yeah thats true, but I didn't revive this thread and if others were reading the would think the info was correct.
  4. 1. You can't use a HC-250 to upgrade embernet devices. Only HC-200,300,500's will do the upgrade.
  5. He has a 24 zone triad with only 8 zones used, so he clearly has the ability to run a second set of analog cables to the denon as that's what he asked to do. Just trying to help the guy not get confused by misleading posts. Sure that is pretty simple, but you said However, the two zones fed through the Denon will not be able to play separate sources from the Triad simultaneously.
  6. Mainly the sentence in bold, but more your explanation of it not working. Personally I would never set a system up that way but it does work. Even when the didn't have the ability to make it work, you could use a separate zone 2 driver to alleviate the path issues (lots of our old jobs from the mid 2000's used zone 2's and 3's for entry level condo systems)
  7. This isn't true at all. While I highly recommend against using a zone 2 for anything other than custom programming for an all stereo situation with a room too close to a 5.1/7.1 zone or a small two room setup. He has a 24 zone triad, so he can definitely send two independent zone outs from the triad to the denon. You have to use the AV path-setter driver to delineate which zone uses which zone out from the triad matrix. The main two issues with using a zone 2 in this scenario are turn on time (your triad zone directly to an amp are instantaneous while a denon zone 2 takes about 6-7 seconds before you will hear audio), not being able to use this zone in an announcement due to this delay. Other thing to mention if you are using the denon for video processing, on the analog input you use for the triad zone out for the main 5.1 room use the options button to set the video to your preferred video source, that way you will have that video still up when you choose music as lots of people like to have a ball game on but with music.
  8. You could just modify the room control driver to add an led color per station preset, room off, etc. right?
  9. They make a bracket to directly replace a DS1 with a DS2 mini. same footprint. For the full DS2 it is a different size.
  10. another way you could notify yourself without having to have a light on would be to change a color of a keypad button from green to red or whatever colors you like, or change all the colors on all of your dimmers using the LED wizard driver. This is if you had control4 dimmers/keypads.
  11. Make sure you put the dial back to 1.
  12. Is it the dimmer or switch model? Do you have the correct driver installed?
  13. There's a lot of good info here explaining that yes they do take more time than standard 50 cent light switches. If they are being installed in new home with no switches already, I could see someone making the case they take the same time or roughly a little bit more. Except your discussing a retrofit and leaving out many details that would determine how much extra time. Here's just a few things I can think of off the top of my head on top of as mentioned above the mixture of different wiring schemes. 1. How many 3-5 gang locations do you have? As others have mentioned they are deeper and all wires might need to be trimmed and cleaned up to fit all dimmers inside if really long leads were left and long leads on neutrals and hots tied behind the switches. 2. Are you replacing all the dimmers in said 3-5 gangs? Or just doing 1 or 2 dimmers from a 3-5 gang in each room? The time to do one might be lets say 10 mins from taking off the plate to replacing the plate, but doing two might take 13 mins or 15 mins for 3 as you are sharing the time of the tasks between the dimmers instead of one, multiply all that extra time across a house it adds up. 3. If you are only replacing 1 or 2 from a 4-5 gang and the neutral is over on the left side of the box and you are replacing the far right two, you still are taking all the switches out to get to a wire the new dimmers to the neutral and then placing them all back level and fit even if you aren't changing those. 4. Adding in the mix of 3 ways, keypads the same concepts from 1-3 apply. Are the 3,4,5 way locations he's taking multiple spots off to rewire for one load, but not changing other dimmers in the boxes and so forth. Also with the aux dimmers or keypads where 3 way switches were you might not have a neutral at all, so while not hard as others have mentioned you just jump the other traveler as a neutral, but that's one or 4 more wire in the neutral wire nut, or a second neutral junction might need to be created. Which requires more wire management behind the much deeper dimmers. Your dealer is saying it doesn't take longer, because clearly he is saying what you want to hear to get out of the conversation, he doesn't do electric installation hence hiring an electrician, he's not super versed in non brand new construction installs, or he's an amazingly fast and competent electrician installing c4 for years but doesn't have a license so he can't install yours. Either way him setting a set amount per device is probably going to be cheaper for you than actual time and materiel which most electricians would want to charge in a retrofit.
  14. Did you play with changing the repeats? Are you sure the codes did learn in correct? I typically learn IR in with other software that shows the encoding format and other info. Or use IR scrutinizer to see one good code to generate the others.
  15. There is a beta app available if you can't wait for the update in the apple app store. You can ask your dealer for the link.
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