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  1. Did you play with changing the repeats? Are you sure the codes did learn in correct? I typically learn IR in with other software that shows the encoding format and other info. Or use IR scrutinizer to see one good code to generate the others.
  2. There is a beta app available if you can't wait for the update in the apple app store. You can ask your dealer for the link.
  3. that one is designed for the 4232cbm. Its been a while but If i remember the 128bpt has a direct rs232 connection and you can also try to hook up the 4232cbm and it almost works with the driver. The job I tried it on last year, waited for another button push after arming/disarming and I think you could work around it by jumping back a page and hitting the enter, but for the homeowner it wasn't smooth. The old ademco driver works, but you don't get the new gui and now 3.0
  4. If I remember correctly using this driver shows proper state, but doesn't arm/disarm properly using the c4 interface.
  5. hahaha, seriously. I gave contextual background in my first post we have been a dealer for pretty much the entire life cycle of control4. We have lots of systems out in the wild as I know you and many other dealers do, and we have seen many systems on take over jobs over the years. The take over jobs over time along with ours have changed in system design and moved away from the on screen GUI, and by giving background and amounts I was giving my prospective of the changing landscape. You ignored that, scoffed at it, then went on to mention why your few use cases invalidated it because you talk to other dealers and had to mention it wasn't on the forums. Cool you go to cedia etc, so do most dealers. After you said your data collection was wide and unchangeable I included the market to let you know It is a large area with many levels of wealth, to further show its not as small as a sample size as you think it is. I said I didn't care about your talking with international dealers/users as it was a ridiculous comment you made to make your personal view more important. I think your personal view is a valid view, for you the GUI is needed on your installs. I never said I knew better than anyone, I posted my opinion on an opinion forum as a response your claim that had no backing facts/opinion or any context at all. I was asking for what you used to come to your conclusion, while giving my own opinion as that's what one does on a forum. So now I can't ask you where you get you unverified info from, but you can freely state it? Ugh, I think i'll just go back to ignoring your posts on here and the other forum as I used to.
  6. Not sure why you would not be a client of ours, we sell plenty of systems with non c4 gear and are probably 50% of our lighting systems are lutron via requests of homeowners/architects/builders. Most of our clients in situations like your's show them how to use the remote, a touchscreen in the kitchen, or they leave an Ipad out in the main living area.
  7. Thank you for a detailed response, even though you framed your whole post off of one comment I made and ignored many others (gasp, I also talk with other dealers, see many others quotes, and talk with my rep etc as I put in my post). Yes my frame of mind is based on you guessed it my own experiences, just like yours is. I appreciate your detailed response, but they all were use cases for your clients and nothing else as most of them can be done without the GUI. I know, you threw in at the end you talk to many dealers/users from around the whole wide world and just to let me know its outside of this forum. Not sure why the chest puffing was needed as it added nothing to your argument, but it did give me a good chuckle. First I did say it's not just my systems, its the systems of most all the dealers in my area (3rd largest market in the United States). We often bid against other dealers, and you know we see their quotes/designs and they don't include the TV GUI. You are correct, there are many ways to design a system, and I personally think it's a bad system design to rely on the TV GUI for control and the money spent on it is better used elsewhere. Is it wrong to design a system with it, no you are correct it is not. Are there times its nice, sure the current music feedback is the only example I will concede to you, but it is 100% not needed as I can just look at another interface to see the song. We install cameras on probably 75% of our jobs, the NVR video still gets to the TV without the GUI, and with obviously better picture quality (since GUI cam feed is only 720p). The movies are fine to browse on a touchscreen or tablet, never had a complaint. Sorry don't understand the word salad on your other example. I'm not saying it should be dropped, but the time and effort that went into designing the new GUI could have been better spent in my mind on the app/touchscreen GUI. Adding wakeup/goodnight to the app, the actual customizing we all want (different room GUI for each user, locking out rooms from users etc). Also it's now focused on listen/watch only as comfort/lighting/security were left off as they know those are better controlled elsewhere. I was actually asking you if you had some info from Control4 due to the absolute confidence your comment was made with. Your response though kinda proved my point, you like it and don't want it gone and have no real idea of how many people use it.(i'm sorry I don't care about you talking with dealers/users world wide I just don't) You are correct though Control4 probably does have a better idea of how much use it's actually getting, and based on their focusing it to the listen/watch plus favorites i'm guessing it's not getting anywhere near the daily/hourly/by the minute use the app/touchscreens get.
  8. Where are you getting this info? Is this based on your customers, talking with other dealers, systems you've seen in the wild on take over jobs? We have 100's of installs dating back to 1.3 or so and maybe have 5 jobs where the client uses the OSD. We used to setup the OSD in large component matrices, but through talking with our clients no one ever used it. We haven't setup the OSD for a client in close to 5+ years i'd guess on new installs except for maybe once or twice for a client who previously had C4. We don't design our systems with wasted processors at all tv's nor do we waste a spot on a HDMI matrix for it. The OSD is beyond a waste of time to pull up, when clients have the remote in their hand already, their phone in the pocket, and a touch screen close by on larger installs. We take over a few jobs a year, and as time has past I think we are down to one competitor who still designs systems with a small processor behind each TV for the OSD, when it was common place 5-10 years ago. None of our competitors we are friendly with currently design there systems with the OSD, the quotes we see on jobs we are bidding against, and when talking with our rep it seams others do the same as well. While this could just be our market, I think this has been the trend for years as the App has improved to include features once only on C4 interfaces. While you might still do it and have a large client base, I think the overall trend is less and less people think they need to teach someone to hit the red button, then go to watch on their tv and select cable, when its far easier to just hit watch, then cable on the remote and be done with it.
  9. Make sure you turn the dial back to the 1 position for the commands to go through it properly as the commands are set for unit 1. If that's not it, I have seen channels stop working on those units, but it's usually at the multiple year mark.
  10. No, that becomes the max. What you want to do is set the default level. Set the default level to 80, when you turn that load on it will go to 80, but you will be able to press and hold to go above 80 to 100.
  11. The easiest way would be to go into your Denon menu and change the HDMI input number associated with cbl/sat and make it the input number you currently have it plugged into that is assigned to Media Player. No change in programming required.
  12. you can do it in a few less steps, but its how spotify works not control4. step 1 turn on playlist in said room step 2 use digital media driver to turn on shuffle in said room step 3 delay (800ms but you might try playing with this*) step 4 skip track * If you have too short of a delay it won't skip track as it hasn't fully loaded, if you have too long of a delay you hear a blip of the first track you don't want to hear.
  13. Try running them on POE, I have had to do this on a few HC-250's.
  14. Have either of you actually contacted your dealer? My company has 100's of control4 systems out there, and 7 (just checked the dashboard) of them have purchased CHE. I know three that actively use it as they email me questions about programming from time to time. I was contacted by one of them today about the issue. I logged into his system and made his programming changes he requested as it was the right thing to do. I would imagine your dealer would also do this. For Zuhair, I know you mentioned you want to run some schedules and some other things that only you can do from CHE, but as pointed out these can be tied to experience buttons, keypad buttons, remote buttons, and on and on. Is there a reason why you dismissed him so bluntly? As a dealer with access to the software, I programmed my personal system in a way that would eliminate reasons to use composer as much as possible I would think as an end user you would want the same.
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