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  1. Go for HE ~ it allows you programme your system ~ only thing you can not do is add new products also get the rename driver which allows you to change the name of your devices both are very useful
  2. I would go for Hikvision and Alan Driver https://www.hikvision.com/en/products/IP-Products/Network-Cameras/Pro-Series-EasyIP-/DS-2CD2443G0-I-W-/ No need for NVR and Photos within Push Notifications
  3. No Problems with Back Ups or Push Notifications -HC800 3.2 However issues with announcements over T3`s
  4. https://www.ips-security.co.uk/brighton-intruder-alarms.html Worth a Try You will need the Elite Panel - Check with your C4 dealer for the spec
  5. Do a search on Texecom Alarms - That's I we found our - Need dealer to add drivers
  6. We have this issue with our Yale Living Lock Had no joy from Yale-Got the local Locksmith and he could not get it to work.
  7. If you have HE go into each T3 and Reboot them Touchscreen seem to need reboots these days If you do not have HE press the button on the top right to re start
  8. Cheers CY - Refreshed Navs - No Luck - Rebooted Controller - No Luck - Rebooted TS - No Luck Did work on my Sonos Speaker then stopped again OK - Looks like something just to our house
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