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  1. Have you played around with-Control or Monitor to see if that helps ?
  2. You can set the DS2 to ONVIF Go into the setting via IP address
  3. No we do not - How Driver version 1078
  4. Hope is was some good - Just watched it again and it looks like I missed bits out
  5. Just done this - Not the greatest Video - Sneeze half way though
  6. We use the temperature agent from drivercentral room gets to 22 degrees air con kicks on when room drops below 19 degrees air con turns off ~ works great
  7. They is a c4 driver ~ so you set them up in the app and then tell the app they are to be controlled by a hub ~ c4 then can connect to them. great for blinds in guest rooms and small windows for the living room with Q Motions
  8. We have 4 in our house and work very well
  9. If you have the ComIP and smartcom means you can use C4and the texecom app -so understand my alarm company told me that
  10. Mat Correct SmartCom connects via IP to control4 - Need to use driver version 18 Texecom (Network) however you will not be able to use the Texecom App -My dealer just put in the Smartcom IP address and bobs your uncle it worked. Our Smartcom connects to the network via WiFi We program Notification etc from the Alarm so need for Text Messages etc
  11. No Good with Pics and posting them-So terrible Video of the ones upstairs https://youtu.be/6FryJX2q5R8
  12. We have a connect and to upgrade we just pulled the power plug on the connect. Updated the Playbars and Plays3 to S2 and then put the power cord back into the connect Connect shows on Sonos S2 App - Saying can not connect (Or something like that) Still works on C4 but can not Group the Room
  13. No Pets - Wil try and up load a Pic or Two when i get back home
  14. We have the senors at Floor level - so they do not spoil the look of the walls Work great and do not every see them All rooms are controlled and can say we have not turned a light on or off for the last 4 years
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