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  1. We do not Scan our in we add them manually - that way you can control Meta Tagging thing
  2. One thing we have started to notice is that our Phillip Hue Lights are Turning on FASTER than our Control4 lights (We use sensors to turn lights on and off - Axxess) and on the announcements - Sonos is faster than our T3 Touchscreen at playing the announcement We are running a HC800 on 3.1.2 Not saying the Control4 Stuff is slow its not - Everything else is faster
  3. The Whole thing is hit and miss - We have T3`s which answer in a 1 Second and then the next day is 5 Seconds. The App works one Minute and not the next - Just had to re log back in -App saying needs update on controller call dealer - Just login in and its back to normal. When it works its great
  4. Matt whats the away from Home Button Do ?
  5. After the update to OS3 we have a couple of touchscreens that freeze up Normally after been left off the power for a while Played about with the Network and that for the most as stopped them freezing up. All on WiFI and all portable T3 we have 4 running via a HC800 Its like they are not fully charged and need to re connect to the wifi causes the freezing It is strange
  6. On HE you can run 3.1.2 on a 3.1.1 System but can Run 3.1.1 on a 3.1.2 System Great Idea makes life easy and the self updating is even better
  7. Sonos, is the a great winner with a Alexa and allows you to select music just by your voice - We have 4 zones We have a Echo dot in three rooms and you just say play "Bob Dylan" and it plays - Play radio station bla bla and it plays - You need to set this up in the Alexa app We have always stayed away from Audio Matrix's - Due to the flexibility of Sonos and to be honest - I think we made the correct decision Along with Lights and blinds - This does give a Alexa a Job and also its a age thing - My nephews use it al the time when they come round
  8. We use a Phillip Hue out door sensor and bulbs in the lights are Phillip Hue Works a treat
  9. The Control4 Version is Crap - Metadata is terrible
  10. Control4 did not buy houselogix ~ they bought Control4 ~ you yes you are talking rubbish
  11. Sorry you are talking rubbish they have updated the Phillip hue driver a few times and that’s a EV driver
  12. Sorry but it’s a Control4 driver ~ they bought EV just like they bought Neeo
  13. Right click on the driver and press delete
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