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  1. Cheers - But that's a downer - Will see what happens at next update - Before we call in the big guns
  2. It Comes and Goes Its the New Control4 Way - Now you see - Woops is gone
  3. We had issues on 3.2 after updating to 3.2.1 - It was sorted
  4. We programme from wake up on HE different music each morning just use wake up from T3 for the time and then using programming for everything else
  5. You need to get a dealer to set them up - You can not do it in HE at the moment
  6. Mine not working and we have a hc800 - In fact no history all
  7. You can set this up with Composer HE - no dealer required
  8. You leave the Camera on 1090p or 4k and press Auto Config within the Driver and sorts it all out like magic We have 4 1080p and 3 4k Hikvision Cameras external - 4k Stream on the Touchscreen as a small colour band running across the Top - No Issue on iPhone or Ipad We have two Internal Cameras (Hikvison) which only show a Snapshot - Not sure why -These are also 4k All are IP cameras recording to a NVR
  9. However you can get the DS2 to send you emails with Photo on motion/bell press - We do We are all awaiting the update,
  10. Have a feeling its a issue which dealers are aware of and everyone is waiting for a Update
  11. Blinds - Axis Gear - Works for easy Install - Or Q motions for living room etc Alarm - Texecom Elite - Great Alarm and works of IP - You can also us the sensors to lights on and off Phillip Hue Lights and Sensor -- Out side ones is very useful Good dealer to give it that extra lift Biggest thing we enjoy is not turning lights on or off, even the alarm is triggered by a sensor in the bedroom. Axis Gear - works the blinds in the Bedrooms and Hall - Q Motion in the living Room
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