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  1. Within the Driver you need to say - Yes - To switch off at Zero
  2. To be fair - we use C4 to bring all the apps together Sonos Hue Lights Q Motion Shades Axis Gear Alexa House Alarm CCTV We have DS2 and the intercom as become some much better with the new app and T3 Touchscreen upgrades If you keep the C4 bits to a minimum and have the C4 controller and HE you have the best of both worlds - Bit DIY and a system which brings it all together. A Good remote dealer is Key and we have found one (Crustyloafer ) Plus our local AV guys now have trained staff who will log in set up the TV/AVR etc FOC just get the sale of the equipment. Its worth a go - Just take baby steps this time
  3. Did not effect them much ~ but we are a good customer
  4. I`m on Apple - Updated last week - that could be the reason no Android Update
  5. I`m in the UK - need to go into App store and clink on the App and it says Update
  6. I have my money on a Doorbell - Looking at the Intercom App - A Doorbell would work well with it
  7. The Intercom App was updated last week - Its now 1.1 Just downloaded today
  8. Samsung tv only allow -Netflix /YouTube and amazon nothing else so I understand ~ we have a frame tv and this is a bit frustrating
  9. What Control are you using ? The apple TV Driver with the Bridge does on work on HC Controllers
  10. You can rename Devices if you get the - Rename Driver - It is very useful
  11. Lets wait and see - The Good Old T4 Touchscreen came and went - Could be back again ?? its been a few years so hopefully something new could turn up after all - with all this Covid 19 stuff will they be a impact on sales
  12. Quick guess New Software update and some new Hardware Wonder if a updated Neeo is coming - Lots of new ones for sale on Ebay at the moment Lets wait and see
  13. Cheers Mitch - We are updated Settings- System Info - Control4 Software - 320.31.0.16
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