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  1. The Driver Mitch has given you a link too is Brilliant
  2. You just use a light on and off - That's are ours are set up
  3. Patrik We use them to turn off network switches, TV`s, rebooting the NVR and PC, Water Feature and the Big One Christmas Tree Lights
  4. We use (Phillip Hue)out door senors on drive and Front door Which are programmed
  5. No its Control4 - Still waiting for a update Need to call the dealer he can see everything in Pro
  6. Yes done it a couple of times When the Batteries start to go you will see them flash Red and get a bit and miss on Programming. When we changed the batteries they were still connected to C4
  7. Had the same issue however found this https://helloaxis.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003328408-Setting-Up-Gear-With-The-On-Device-Controls
  8. https://www.belkin.com/uk/smart-home/wemo/wemo-wifi-smart-plug/p/p-wsp080/ They have changed the design - We have the old ones https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203334471913?hash=item2f57add0e9:g:UqAAAOSwMa9gF8wW May need to check with Alan that these new ones will work We have also starting using the Phillip Hue Plugs - You have to light driver to get them work with C4 - But if you have the Hub it will safe you some CASH
  9. On S2 to updated you need to disconnect the speaker in S1 ( we just pull the power lead out)
  10. Rob, the issue is if you get a bad dealer - You are buggered - however reach out to dealer on this forum and they will fix everything Control4 Pricing at Time is bit on the High Side - Neeo Remote is a classic - £240 to £700 after they bought the company (its the same remote) However they is a lot good to taken from C4 which us end user are more than happy with once you get a good Dealer. We had to get a remote Dealer to sort our Issue out in Early Days and still use one now.
  11. Agree - We use a outdoor Phillip Hue Sensor - makes life a lot easier
  12. No problem we have about 5 working well - Had them for over a year - All work on on C4
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