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  1. On the video change the setting to low on the intercom button ~ we did that for ours and that worked our issue is we duplicated account - so we have 2 Gary’s work ~ check all logins ~ but no joy
  2. Looking at the UK and EU Law - Sorry no - "In the first instance, the rules will only apply to companies producing dishwashers, washing machines, washer-dryers, dryers, fridges, freezers, televisions and “other electronic displays” for home use. Laptops, tablets and smartphones are notably excluded from this latter category. For appliances used by businesses, the rules also cover electric motors, vending machines, retail fridges and freezers, power transformers, welding equipment and light sources. Further products may be added to the requirements in the coming years. Products do not need to be under warranty for customers to access spare parts and repair information. However, in some cases, parts will only be made available to tradespeople who are qualified to give repair services, for health and safety reasons."
  3. We tried a few and then put in Ruckus 550 - Never Looked back amazing bit of kit
  4. We have just set up Wifi Calling - Wow it just works, its brilliant We are in a bad Cell - However now this is all sorted - Its the AP which keeps giving
  5. Are you using the Art Mode App ? If you are you can just turn off the TV that way - We do
  6. Have a look at these Babies https://www.lights.co.uk/philips-hue-white-ambiance-adore-downlight-3x.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwkvWKBhB4EiwA-GHjFldofwtDVqTL538WwsZKZBKyWsw0NySFBfpUPpdDFU4QTYr8b008FBoCIPYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Phillip Hue - Bulbs should be OK for years
  7. We also have Sonos with playbars in 5.1set up in two rooms and other rooms have play5 now, also have a Move which is brilliant. Works great and agree with comments above If you wish to search music and use only the C4 app - have a look at Roon Nucleus - bit pricy but this will give you the search function within C4 and lot more
  8. If you are connected by WiFi ~ lg sometimes lose the wifi ~check Google have the same issue on one of our TV s
  9. Mine is now starting to pick up 802.11ac devices now - Sorry
  10. Just followed the info on Blackwire Web site and we lose all 5ghz connections Had 5 devices connected to 5ghz when we was using the out of box setting
  11. I have just watched it - Wow over the top Does 3..2.3 - Have anything for end users ?
  12. No need for another AP - Wow what a eye opener - Love this bit of kit - Fully understand when people say its a network issues - With this guy nothings a issues
  13. Jeff ~ thank you all the tips ~ firmware is up to date can not believe the difference between to APs we had from TPLink and this beast ~ you can see the WiFi get faster and everything just feels rock solid ~ have Control4 / Sonos / work set up Thank You all
  14. What a brilliant bit of kit amazingly easy to set up and boy does it work well Our T3 which are all WiFi ~never worked so well - intercom is amazing THANK YOU
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