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  1. Our Alarm is a Texecom Elite - IP Driver Just checked our Notification on My Control and it Turns off at 12.14am and turns back on 12.14 am the last two days ( No issues with the Doors over the last two days) Also just released with 3.1 the Alarm now works with Mockupancy Driver (Link with Security Panel)- This did not work under OS2 or OS3.0 - Could be a Red Herring Its a interesting one
  2. You are not alone we have had the same issue on the T3 touch screens - well only one - this got taken back to 3.0 and the upgraded again to 3.1 ~ testing at the moment. losing icon and saying connecting our alarm system at 12.14 am says the back two doors have been open ~ this happens had hoc and it’s hard to trace ~ Alarm company coming round on Monday to check there side dealer confused by this one and we are looking at taking the alarm off c4 and see what's t’s state on the morning if the alarm panel is showing these doors been active doors have been taken off the bedtime alarm set
  3. Same Problem with My Movies (extra veg driver) and Popcorn Hour
  4. I just stopped the Apple TV from Auto Updating !!!
  5. The Remote Hub is for Neeo remote - Which we have yet to see
  6. No issues with Camera on our system We are using Hikvision Drivers and Genic IP Camera Driver (These are static on iPhone App, But OK on T3 Touchscreens)
  7. Just checked our and My Music is working and Amazon Music.
  8. I watched with about 500 others on YouTube it was a car crash for any level even Charlie looked off
  9. We have sensors in the garden and when triggered I would like to see the camera on the tv not T3 have a Hickvision NVR. Which as a great app thats all like my contacted home to be connected and not have to use lots of Apps
  10. Mitch, you having a bad day ? Would settle for 1080p, however it would be great for 4K Did not wish to set the bar to high
  11. Crustyloafer is from UK All are great~ just get a list of your requirements and let them loose
  12. My movies is broken in 3.1 keynote speech was desperate, however. The slides were just hilarious
  13. See why they said this now - Should have said "We have nothing to show you that works - Sorry"
  14. Its only a Guess But looks like I got that one right Also why have the extra 0 - 3.1.0 If you are not having a 3.1.1
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