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  1. We have q Motion and if they are Battery swap the batteries
  2. Also had issues with our T3 over the weekend - Had to reboot them a couple of times - Not sure if this is related
  3. yes - we have a TV and NVR on Phillip Plugs
  4. All our history gone too ~ looks like it came back on at 17.35 UK time ~ Alarm history showing from this time
  5. HE is back to normal - can play with announcements and can see Media Art Work again The Little things
  6. Just been updated and History Works Again Yipeee
  7. Spot on - You need there driver - Works Great https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers
  8. The Driver Mitch has given you a link too is Brilliant
  9. You just use a light on and off - That's are ours are set up
  10. Patrik We use them to turn off network switches, TV`s, rebooting the NVR and PC, Water Feature and the Big One Christmas Tree Lights
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