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  1. Do love a Phillip hue motion sensor - have inside and out side sensors
  2. You can order today - It was always the12th November Mitch is just a bit tired today !!
  3. We have working now on HE - Not sure why it wasn't However will not work iPhone Glad I got sorted keep the lady of the House Happy and me in Wine
  4. Love the reply's - NVR is something you look at every now and again Camera Jump to TV from a C4 TRIGGER straight away is useful. Hence why buy a EA when a HC800 works with a 3.1 T3 Shows all video at glance unlike the EA Controllers Just old tech
  5. Video front my CCTV Cameras That's why we have stayed with a HC800 The EA5 is over priced for old Tech We have 4 T3 Touch Screens Which show all our Cameras
  6. The Controllers at the moment are a issue as the EA Controllers are out of date - Just 720p Video out put If you can wait until January/ February we could see new controllers This only a guess I would buy a HC800 ON EBAY until everything is sorted
  7. We are using HE and no joy at all Tried using the ipad and got 3 Rooms done but can not get any more Looking at C4 web site they are now going on about "curated from top interior designers" Which are nothing like what we have to use - Plus can use Camera at the moment
  8. Looking at the web site - I have a feeling they up to something with the wall papers - well I hope they are because I like to customise my touchscreens - the standard ones take me back to OS2
  9. Just changing pictures on the T3 Touchscreens in Agents UI Config and getting the error message "Load image failed - The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found" https://www.control4.com/os3 Web site looks like its changed too - Do we have to wait for the next update - Or do we have a problem ?
  10. Imho everyone should use one before we get so dang critical of it Use It - Played with it and passed on my View of It
  11. The best thing about this remote is we are now aware that we pay 100% more because it has Control4 on it - Neeo Remote £300 C4 Neeo Remote £500/£600 Thought C4 would have do a lot more with this remote Shame
  12. However Have C4 left a little gap at the bottom so it can be repair ? This was Neeo before C4
  13. RyanE It look nice and its something new (Ish) and good to see Control4 Telling us about a product before it launch date. Its Price point is Stupid but understandable - Dealers need to make a cut But Control4 does need to start speaking to Customers about Products not Dealers Hence the frustration
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