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  1. Sonos is now instant at play back ~ no lag you can tell the difference
  2. Yes all controlled by T3 Touchscreens - We have 4 and Mini Door Station all liked to the Alarm and Intercom App That is very useful
  3. Good Point - Going AP and Pekage Product - Could be a NVR / Audio Dist / Video Dist That would fit with Cameras Something to talk about !!!
  4. After seeing this - They is something coming for sure - However I am Clueless Smiles a lot like CA1 when someone spotted that early doors
  5. On the Alarm we have a Texecom Elite which works great with Control4 We started with just one Room - Living Room (TV - Projector in ceiling speakers, Amp, lights etc) and then started to grow the system. This keeps the cost under control and also you see ways to keep the cost down - We have Phillip Hue Lights in most of the House and Sensors to turn them on and off - Cost £15 a bulb and £30 a sensor Audio we use Sonos - Play 3`s and Subs Control4 is used to bring everything together (Like a posh App) - EA3 OR EA5 Controller Light Switches can be retro fitted and cost about £140 each Looks like your dealer price as got a carried away, however you could also have got carried away !!
  6. Try refresh Nav`s We are on OS3 and have Favourites and Playlist on Sonos. The drivers updated over the last few days and now have SDDP
  7. Control4 already use cloud base tech and were looking at increasing it
  8. Spot the dealer a EA3 ~ give me a smile ~Mitch is spot or a EA1 if you like the GUI
  9. It was like having a ash tray on a motor bike or a chocolate fire guard ~ 😎
  10. We are using battery ~ work out around £700 per blind had one fail , which Qmotion sorted straight away 1.2m long blind in 5mths only used 12% of battery power
  11. I would go faulty product- I asked my dealer to install one for me and he refused - That was 2 years before DS2 Mini came out. Said they was useless and waste of money
  12. May just sell the 4K Apple TV and buy a Amazon Fire 4k
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