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  1. We have a basic set up ~ isp to netgear switch controller attached to Netgear Switch works fine no issues. have Netgear switches and Eap 115 from tp link (AP’s )around the house and gardens WiFi channels we use 1 ~ 6 and 11 ZIGBEE Channel 25
  2. Need to login into your mycontrol4 account the code is there under software I think
  3. I was told 1080 on T3 and EA controllers but could be wrong
  4. If that is the design ~ it terrible ~ looks like a 8 year did it on a PC if it taken 18mths for that ~ no wonder all the staff have been selling shares. Could look brilliant with a design company sorting out icons hopefully the tech behind it is good
  5. I am in agreement ~ needs some bells and whistles
  6. I`m going for Tuesday or Wednesday next week amazon icon already updated to show 2 https://www.amazon.com/Control4-Control4®-for-Android/dp/B00NGTAF4I/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=Control4&qid=1558118978&s=gateway&sr=8-6 just a guess
  7. control4 and icons - never got this right yet - need to sub contract this to a design company.
  8. Most have missed that one, who confirmed it ? I agree 4K on a GUI could be over the top 1080 on EA controls and GUI sounds like a good idea
  9. You can also buy a driver that does not require 4sight https://www.epic-systems.com/products/amazon-echo-driver-for-control4
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