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  1. For all the Uk / EU guys ~ please drop Chris a line Has help me a few times at good rates and very knowledgeable Great to a UK based remote dealer
  2. You can do this in HE We have a custom Button that we can press when we go on vacation Simple - Holiday Mode on or off However we trigger everything now by our Alarm - When Alarm is armed start playback from mocupanc´╗┐y when off start recording
  3. Have a feeling that could be BS One of the dealers on here could help you
  4. We use a Puck Switch in our Bathroom - The model number below could be out of date now - it was a few years ago Model: C4-SM201-Z
  5. Forget the above just need to refresh navigators /reboot controller~ this driver rocks
  6. Alan, we have all the camera showing on the c4 GUI - thank you we also have the VWD working too however we have just tried to programme a video jump to the TV (via navigator) and it says video resolution too high, is they something we are missing ? Enjoy New Year
  7. The Neeo remote was half the Price and to be honest this shows how much money C4 make out of the dealer then the dealer makes out of us. We pay Double Bubble for the dealer ONLY product
  8. The remote is lacking and to be honest go for a touchscreen at this price point The updates will still keep coming So hopefully it will become OK - Does lack a mic - so one thinks it will become the next - Music Bridge !!
  9. We had our alarm giving us bleeps - Texecom and have it down to when C4 does a backup if the House Alarm is on we get two bleeps. We now down back up C4 when the Alarm is off.
  10. We had a Doorbell sound saved to favourites for years and worked well
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