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  1. We also do that using Sonos Play List and Favourites - However have Sensors trigger at certain times of the days Nightime - Waves or Whales sounds etc
  2. Sonos - All the time - Voice control is brilliant
  3. Can say no on the listening bit - We just lost one with the same issue which is also out of warranty Dealer says I need to buy a new one - Will give me a good rate. Still should last longer than 3 years
  4. Just got mine up and running what a great bit of Kit - Thank you all for the input Just need C4 to do a driver for them
  5. Strarted working straight away you can use all the sensors as triggers for programming ~ lot cheaper using Texacom senors than C4 need to get your dealer to do all the bits and bats. Our alarm guys think I’m a bit wired buying extra senors for £55 fitted and programmed into the alarm 🕺🏻🕺🏻
  6. Cheers 👌~ just order from amazon the full set up
  7. Sorry been away on work. Are we sorted or do you wish to give me a call ? Can confirm I can not use the Texecom App while we are using Control4. It will not generate a number for the Texecon App login
  8. We use just the Control4 side, but did use the App when we first had it installed while our dealer sorted out installing the driver
  9. We use Smartcom on our alarm and it works great
  10. Just buy the driver at Drivercentral https://www.drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/audio-video/skyhd-skyq-uk-control4-driver-chowmain/ its worth every penny
  11. ilovecontrol4 - Need some advise please, Our Weather station did not get delivered (!!!) so we are looking at the Netamo products - Is it a good Product ?
  12. Simple Just add in the IP ADDRESS and UDL Number and you will see if it connects That's what we did
  13. Our Says Texecom (Network) - Texecom Security Panel If the Alarn is new it should be the right IP module - Does the customer have the texecom App to turn the Alarm on and off ?
  14. Your customer also require a Texecom Connect smartcom which is connected to his/her network. You drop in the driver add IP address and UDL number and you are connected. Works great and simple to connect to control4
  15. Jim, App is already on 2.10.7 Good thing is App no longer crashes when going to view Cameras. Just all bit hit and miss when off the WiFi
  16. just checked again - Wifi works Ok - Have the odd camera not streaming then its starts after I switch to another Camera On the 4G Mobile Network Snapshots load after 10 secs and viewing live cameras is hit and miss with streaming not been smooth. Called my dealer and looks like we have another update coming. However do like the new look - Shame they tested like they test everything else - Badly
  17. Share price and a engineering department falling out with each other ~ could be a reason EA controllers are 3 years old now its a company in transition could be good could be bad
  18. I was told it would work on HC800 - Bugger
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