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  1. That's caught me out too - Was just about to suggest this! If a button is missing from a room, check that it hasn't been "Un-Favorited" first!!!!!
  2. Do you mind me asking what you use the 4 IO extenders for?
  3. Yes - It will be fine. I had an HC250, with about 10 Puk Lights, Locks, Motion Sensors, Alarm integration & Keypad (No Touchpanels). It worked a charm!
  4. Great! Do you know if Office 365 supports this by default? I did read the link; but was confused with the tile referencing "Hybrid Deployments", and this sentence: "released in September 2016 for Exchange on-premises servers, adds support for REST API integration with Office 365". Reading this makes it look as though it does: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/office/office-365-api/ But can you confirm it integrated with Office 365 natively?
  5. Alans driver is the business - period!
  6. That's a real bummer - as I really like the UniFi Protect Ecosystem, by far the best consumer grade CCTV available at it's price point currently.
  7. Sent - Will the new driver include the Snapshot Driver, or will we need to install that separate.
  8. @msgreenf Let me know when this is ready, as I would like to add my Unifi Protect Cameras to Control4, and also implement a Generic Image URL driver for OS 3 Push Notifications
  9. Not a month goes by when I don't see a new player trying to enter the smart home space..... New one I've seen today: https://wondrwall.co.uk/ Suppose it's good to see that there is obviously a real requirement out there.... But I think it get's more difficult for people to understand the real benefit of a mature product like Control4.
  10. I'm hearing good things about the new Panasonic OLED - Anyone got one here in the UK? I don't want to fall into the Samsung trap, where you get no IP support if you have a UK version of their TV.....
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