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  1. Firstly - I’m enjoying the Neeo, it’s a great step forward. I’m just wondering if this is just me, but is anyone else Think that the interface is very slow when browsing streaming services (I’m using Amazon Prime Music), and have an EA5? i can post a video, but need to find out where I can host one first....
  2. It’s extremely buggy - my phone was ringing today, but the app didn’t pop up, I could just hear the ringing, but no notification / pop up.
  3. What a great initiative - lots of very knowledgeable & passionate C4 people here. You’ll definitely here the truth!
  4. I also have a bunch of these - I'd be interested if you've managed to find a solution?
  5. I’ve been playing with the remote for the past two evenings, and I must say, I’m pretty happy..... It could do with more hard buttons, but hey, my wife loves it !
  6. This works great!!!! Thank you! It does baffle me how this isn't standard functionality as part of Intercom Anywhere though...
  7. Wanting the same! I could put in a compatible CCTV solution, but the native UX on the App and Online with Unifi Protect is too good to pass up.....
  8. The network will be fine (If configured correctly), but the Camera's from ther Gen2 Plus don't integrate into C4
  9. That's caught me out too - Was just about to suggest this! If a button is missing from a room, check that it hasn't been "Un-Favorited" first!!!!!
  10. Do you mind me asking what you use the 4 IO extenders for?
  11. Yes - It will be fine. I had an HC250, with about 10 Puk Lights, Locks, Motion Sensors, Alarm integration & Keypad (No Touchpanels). It worked a charm!
  12. Great! Do you know if Office 365 supports this by default? I did read the link; but was confused with the tile referencing "Hybrid Deployments", and this sentence: "released in September 2016 for Exchange on-premises servers, adds support for REST API integration with Office 365". Reading this makes it look as though it does: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/office/office-365-api/ But can you confirm it integrated with Office 365 natively?
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