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  1. Yes - It will be fine. I had an HC250, with about 10 Puk Lights, Locks, Motion Sensors, Alarm integration & Keypad (No Touchpanels). It worked a charm!
  2. Great! Do you know if Office 365 supports this by default? I did read the link; but was confused with the tile referencing "Hybrid Deployments", and this sentence: "released in September 2016 for Exchange on-premises servers, adds support for REST API integration with Office 365". Reading this makes it look as though it does: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/office/office-365-api/ But can you confirm it integrated with Office 365 natively?
  3. Alans driver is the business - period!
  4. That's a real bummer - as I really like the UniFi Protect Ecosystem, by far the best consumer grade CCTV available at it's price point currently.
  5. Sent - Will the new driver include the Snapshot Driver, or will we need to install that separate.
  6. @msgreenf Let me know when this is ready, as I would like to add my Unifi Protect Cameras to Control4, and also implement a Generic Image URL driver for OS 3 Push Notifications
  7. Not a month goes by when I don't see a new player trying to enter the smart home space..... New one I've seen today: https://wondrwall.co.uk/ Suppose it's good to see that there is obviously a real requirement out there.... But I think it get's more difficult for people to understand the real benefit of a mature product like Control4.
  8. I'm hearing good things about the new Panasonic OLED - Anyone got one here in the UK? I don't want to fall into the Samsung trap, where you get no IP support if you have a UK version of their TV.....
  9. There are numerous types of switches / keypads, and can be summarised as: Keypad Only (No Lighting Control on the Device Itself) Single Load Dimmer Keypad Dual Load Dimmer Keypad Single Load Switch Keypad Dual Load Switch Keypad Your dealer is best positioned to recomend the correct device for the correct location (If he's any good). You should take his advice.
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