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  1. Good call on the LTE, and defo get a UDM Pro if you are thinking Unifi CCTV (Termed UniFi Protect). Note that UniFi Protect via the UDM Pro doesn’t integrate with C4
  2. Yeah - The AP's can be connected to the core switch, makes sense. And yes, putting in the USG Gateway segments your network within your control. Upstream provided equipment is then just "hot Swappable" - As the WAN port / ports are configured for DHCP, and don't care about what is upstream, as long as it gets an IP address. You also end up with full visibility of the network within the UniFi stack: Definitely get a Cloudkey Gen2
  3. This would be the ideal Network Topology. However, dependent on the Physical cabling location, this could change. At the price point - Keep with a flat network, using all UniFi managed switches for visibility. I'm also using 30mb down and 10mb up - It's more than enough for streaming Netflix and browsing simultaneously. Have 4 working adults in my house all been served via this connection. With regards to QOS - I always say, don't create solutions for problems you don't have Unless you are telling me you're experiencing other problems?
  4. What does "I could admin the router" & "(ISP only admin)" mean? How big is your internet connection?
  5. Hi Guys It looks like Lutron is the only option for venetian blinds integrated with Control4. Is that correct? Anyhow - does anyone have these installed, and if so, can they share the screenshots of the Control4 interface with Venetian blind controls, as I'm interested to see what it looks like. Also - those that have them, what do you think? Thanks!!!!
  6. Thanks for the response guys. Here is a Sketchup of the area (Probably should have started with this). Essentially, I have a 6 meter opening into a dining room, which has a set of Triad ceiling speakers, and directly outside of this area, is a deck, and following on from this is an outdoor eating area. Given that the outdoor table is right next to our neighbours, I wanted to use small directional speakers, rather than just crank the volume from the indoor ceiling speakers..... Am I going down the right road?
  7. Hi I'm thinking of adding just one or maybe two pairs of outdoor speakers (No Sub) to an outdoor area for ambient / background music. Has anyone used the Triad Garden Array Satellite Speakers before? Would these be suitable when paired up with a Control 4 PAMP8 100W Amplifier, with no Sub? Thanks in advance!
  8. Have you got it working on the dream machine pro yet?
  9. Wow - bonkers that such a huge bug has been out in the wild for over a year.... thanks for the work around!
  10. Firstly - I’m a long time user of C4, and pretty much love all of it. One thing I’m severely disappointed in is Intercom Anywhere. I have a few issues with it (Namely Speed - although a little quicker after the last update), but one major issue. im not sure if this is a bug, or it’s only me, but even when my phone (iPhone) is set to silent, the app will just ring out load regardless.... pretty annoying / embarrassing when I’m in meetings! is this the same for everyone else?
  11. Didn't even notice the new sessions icon until i read this... lol! Totally stoked it's here now, and making the Neeo a must have
  12. I agree with all the comments; OS2 was alot fast in connecting on iphone (Near instant), now with OS3; it's horrific....... Which is a shame, as I tend not to use my phone app now - Quicker to spend 15 seconds trying to find where my 2 year old hid my remote.
  13. Thanks for the well documented feedback. Is this still the same status with the Heatmiser integration?
  14. Firstly - I’m enjoying the Neeo, it’s a great step forward. I’m just wondering if this is just me, but is anyone else Think that the interface is very slow when browsing streaming services (I’m using Amazon Prime Music), and have an EA5? i can post a video, but need to find out where I can host one first....
  15. It’s extremely buggy - my phone was ringing today, but the app didn’t pop up, I could just hear the ringing, but no notification / pop up.
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