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  1. I'm not sure - as have only worked with the Bond. It's only one way, but seems pretty reliable!
  2. Added a Bind bridge pro, and the Chowmains Somfy Driver. Incorporating all my blinds into my project along with some basic automation.
  3. Smart move, leverage the physical tech, and cumulated global footprint to create a subscription (recurring revenue) model over time.......... It's inevitable
  4. Protect doesn't integrate with C4 properly. Go with Dahua for CCTV.
  5. I assume the 5 port swiytch is non unifi? If so, you can buy a cheap POE powered 5 port unifi flex switch for $80...... Would resolve this
  6. I agree with the above that unifi is terrific, my hospitality technology business has 100's of clients using it. Always full stack (Gateway / Switch /AP), and it's all good!
  7. Yeah, I pre-ordered the new one. But they cancelled my order, as don’t ship to the U.K. will have to ghost ship it over I suppose:) thanks Alan!
  8. Quick question @alanchow - Do you know of the Somfy Connexoon RTS Controller? Do you have a driver for that?
  9. Wouldn't mind testing the Synology version!
  10. What are the recommendations for Somfy hardware (RTS / Mylink / Bond)? And does anyone know if the U.K. somfy blinds are limited as to what they can connect to, or are they the same globally?
  11. This isn’t mine, came across it on a Facebook group, so thought I’d share here:: I'm programming a project where there's [Scene] buttons on a couple keypad dimmers. I'm making it so that when you press the button, it recalls a scene, but when you press-and-hold the button, it saves current settings as the scene. Wrote instructions for myself, thought I'd share them here: ::::SETUP:::: Add one Snapshot Driver per [scene] button • Select the lights/AV you want saved/recalled Make [scene] button’s... • Button behavior “Keypad” • LED behavior “Push/Release” Create a 3 seconds Timer for each Scene button, named: • Scene - [Room] P&H (For press-and-hold) Create a Macro called “Snapshot Save Flash Delay” ::::PROGRAMMING:::: When [scene] is pressed, start [timer]. When [scene] is released, if [timer] is running, then recall snapshot. When [timer] expires, then • save snapshot • Set [button] LED to white • Macro: Snapshot Save Flash Delay • Set [button] LED to black • Macro: Snapshot Save Flash Delay • Set [button] LED to white • Macro: Snapshot Save Flash Delay • Set [button] LED to black • Macro: Snapshot Save Flash Delay • Set [button] LED to white • Macro: Snapshot Save Flash Delay • Set [button] LED to black When [macro] is executed, then delay 200ms (or so)
  12. If you have a new Mac (M1), and you're not using the Control4 App, you should give it a go. I find myself using it a lot more than I thought I would. Loving it actually!!! Highly recommended.....
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