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  1. Try something else like mute or a direction button and see if it responds.
  2. Thats because i typed it wrong. Managed to read it from two line HDMI 1: $be $ef $10 $00 $05 $3a $3e $11 $11 $01 $00 $50 HDMI 2: $be $ef $10 $00 $05 $23 $be $11 $11 $01 $00 $72 HDMI 3: $be $ef $10 $00 $05 $e3 $7f $11 $11 $01 $00 $73 From those examples you should be easily able to work out the others from the doc. Read each line from left to right and where you have two hex codes together read them from right to left. So 0xffcc put this in the driver as $cc $ff
  3. You could create a basic serial driver in less than 30 minutes in the driver wizard of composer. All the codes are listed in the doc. Power on: $be $ef $10 $05 $00 $c6 $ff $11 $11 $01 $00 $01 Power off: $be $ef $10 $05 $00 $0c $3e $11 $11 $01 $00 $18 HDMI 1: $be $ef $10 $05 $00 $e3 $7f $11 $11 $01 $00 $73
  4. You can't use the Texecom connect module with the Connect app and Control4 at the same time. You will need a separate ComIP or RS232 connection for control4 for it to work reliably. Each Comip or Connect module only allows one connection at a time.
  5. It will be the communication agent, as the Intercom agent is not compatible with 2.10 and above.
  6. I'd say its nearly ready as I have a working version at the moment. The driver will auto update.
  7. Same issue here. Missing channels. West country HD is selected in the driver but it only seems to be showing SD and missing the HD out of the list. There is nothing to scan in composer as the list is dynamic from the internet.
  8. Maybe I'm being blind but the PDF that is linked in this thread I can't find on the control4 website. Is it linked anywhere or is this document linked from the dealer site?
  9. ...t/internal/c4z/driverworks_sky_channels/JSON4Lua.lua:380: Unexpected character at Line 1 character 1: F (70) when reading object ({ or [ or ' or " or number or boolean or null expected) Context: Failed to get http://tv.sky.com ^ Similar/same error here too.
  10. What if you right click and restore default list?
  11. Sky released a new update today, which is being rolled out. It seems it has broken IP control. I haven't got a box on the latest firmware yet so haven't been able to test with my driver whats going on. Hopefully Alan is already on it as a few support tickets have already been opened. https://skyepginfo.co.uk/Firmware/SkyQ.php
  12. If you keep watching the log you should see it try to download the data and fail.
  13. Are you sure your running the latest iOS app? It requires iOS 9.3 and above so that might be your issue.
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