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  1. Panasonic doesn't support universal mini drivers, devices which do are listed in the driver docs. Your pretty much limited to listing the Panasonic App menu under the watch menu. Selecting that will open the smart hub on the tv, from there you can select youtube etc.
  2. F = 2018 G = 2019 If the TV supports SDDP there’s usually a driver. Do you have Control4 SDDP options in your network menu? Try using the GX driver.
  3. Pretty sure 25 is lower due to FCC which is only in the US.
  4. It was removed. Go into the settings of the iPad it’s self and change the auto lock to never.
  5. In Display and Brightness of the iPad set auto lock time to never and set guided access to mirror your settings.
  6. If you’ve got a section of the touch screen that is not responding to touch, even when it’s not connected to a system, then there is a hardware issue with the actual touch screen in the screen. The section is usually horizontal and goes all the way across the screen. Seen it before, including one of my own.
  7. The known issue with more than 6 screens is to do with intercom calls. Sounds like you’ve got hardware issues.
  8. Your dealer will need to do this or if you have Composer HE you can do it. Click on the room in composer, go to the Navigator tab, select shades, modify.
  9. On the app go to settings and press the + icon top right to add another system.
  10. The answer is no it does not support 1080. The EA controllers display cameras at a maximum of 720. The EA controllers can only perform software decoding of H.264 so they are limited to 720.
  11. What image are you talking about? The HDMI video output is up to 1080p
  12. USB won’t do anything. All you need is the Device Image Updater software from the dealer portal to down grade it. Seen it before and all you can do is replace the screen.
  13. Try something else like mute or a direction button and see if it responds.
  14. Thats because i typed it wrong. Managed to read it from two line HDMI 1: $be $ef $10 $00 $05 $3a $3e $11 $11 $01 $00 $50 HDMI 2: $be $ef $10 $00 $05 $23 $be $11 $11 $01 $00 $72 HDMI 3: $be $ef $10 $00 $05 $e3 $7f $11 $11 $01 $00 $73 From those examples you should be easily able to work out the others from the doc. Read each line from left to right and where you have two hex codes together read them from right to left. So 0xffcc put this in the driver as $cc $ff
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