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  1. I have found the best way to turn on TV's is to do a custom programming with voice commands. That's what i use at home and works every time, works with on and off voice.
  2. There is a issue with using HDMI for audio, it will cut out while streaming. I never use the stream from the HDMI, I bypass it with path setter.
  3. Maybe my transformer is the wrong one? To much power maybe? I think there are only 2 screws on mine and I don’t think either of them are labeled load.
  4. I got the ELK 930 connected properly, but when I press the doorbell the only thing that rings is the basic chime installed in the house. Now I know its connected right because when I unplug the contact from my 800 it fires the chime and the lights go on. And also when I plug it back in. What could be wrong? Is the transformer to much voltage, to little voltage? The basic chime not pulling enough to trigger?
  5. Well the senors are able to be seen in C4. They are attached to a thermostat, and not a stand alone temp sensor.
  6. Maybe a update or something, but its not a big deal. You should only get it that one time. Maybe you updated C4?
  7. Just hit yes. Must be a different computer then you have used before. Get it every time I connect to a system I never have before.
  8. So I am going now to get the sensor. It should work cause it just uploads to the Nest cloud. So I am hoping to be able to see the temp in C4. If it works I will get one for my Kegerator so I can keep a eye on the temp inside that too. I will report back on what I find.
  9. I get that. But I want to adjust the temp in the basement. My main floor furnace also heats the basement. The nest is on the main floor which may be 67 but the basement is only 62. The sensor can tell what the temp is and turn on the heat to get the basement to 67. Now in return the main floor may go higher then too, which is ok. So I need to get the senor into Control4, but it connects to the main floor therm by Bluetooth. Hope that clears some things up as to why I want to use the sensor.
  10. Yeah, I guess it would be for HVAC. But now I did find out the Nest has a Temp sensor. Does anyone know if I can intergrade that into my project? Want to set up when basement TV is on, set Temp on the sensor to 67.
  11. I have a Nest installed on my main level, works great and I love it. I just recently finished my basement and I want some control over that furnace or A/C. I do have 2 Nest in the house, one for bedrooms and one for the main floor. Can I install a second one in the basement and connect it to the main level one so I can set the basement to a certain temp?
  12. With the new ip driver it works well, expect for the art mode.
  13. I don't want it connected to my alarm, I have a Honeywell Vista. I just want to have the doorbell ring over my amp when it's pushed. Would like to have the porch and foyer light come on at night and play a announcement in the basement over the amp. So I really just want to have my controller sense a button push from my doorbell. I am not able to put a D2S in, no wire for it and no room. Is it possible to do what I want?
  14. I have a ELK 930 connected to my doorbell. The mechanical bell works fine with everything hooked up. I have cat6 running to my 800. I tried the wires to the 12v and Neg, 12v and sig, sig and neg. I have the cat6 into the elk 930 out and neg connection points. I can not get the announcement to activate, i also programmed a light to go to see if it working, nothing happens. I put in a generic doorbell into the project, and connected it to contact 1 on my 800. Am I missing something or do i not have it connected to the right spots?
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